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Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY, USA

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Greasy Water!!!! no bueno!!! Oct 25, 2011
I used to love going to Giovannni’s GBar on Grand Concourse in my home city of the Bronx. As a matter of fact, I used to be a regular. I remember a year ago going there every single Monday night and sometimes even the following Tuesday just to simultaneously watch the game of the night on one tv, music videos on another and to be further entertained more by the talent/hilarity of kareoke…good times. But what happened GBar?

I am more than truly disappointed with last night’s visit. After being so excited to go for the first time in such a long time, I got there and took a seat for dinner. The kareoke had just started so I felt like I made it there on time to feel at home. Dinner was great, wine was great…what disappointed me was the GREASY WATER!!! WTF!!! Water is NOT supposed to be greasy!!! I was in the middle of feeling my old flow and washing down my dinner with what I thought was a nice refreshing cold glass of water but after I took a few gulps and looked in the glass all I saw was GIGANTIC GREASE BLOBS floating on and in my water!!!! WTF did I just drink? Was my glass dirty? Was it my grease? NO, I didn’t have fried chicken greasy lips and I damn sure don’t drink like a 2 year old where my food would get in my drink so why was my damn water greasy?!!!!

I immediately felt sick to my stomach and decided right there and then this was the first time in a long and the last time I will visit this place. I wanted throw up all over the waitress’ shoes with her lackluster job performance and her nonchalant ‘you just drank dirty grease water but can I still get a tip’ attitude. She had the nerve to come at me with “oh I’m sorry that should’ve never happened” and brought me fresh water and offered me free dessert and coffee…uhhhhm hello…i don’t want anything else…especially not water, would you want more water after that? She gave me a very dry no and a stupid blank stare. At that point, I was about to start getting loud to spread the news about the grease water when the manager came over. He said ‘Oh, I’m so sorry this happened to you, that’s a fluke, but I know why it happened…we had the water pitcher next to the bread station’…again WTF…are you serious? Where’s the health inspector when you need one…he seemed a lil too calm to me, like this happens all the time.

‘No, I don’t want another glass of water or wine’ I said, ‘I want to not pay for this because that is disgusting. If I get sick from whatever ‘that’ was, you’re not paying my medical bill and why would I want to put my mouth on any other glass in here?”…apology apology apology apology…’well I’ll take something off your bill’….uhhhm duh did he really think I would pay for that now?

Needless to say, the waitress got no tip and had the personality of wet paper, the manager had an equal amount of personality without any sincere compassion because he tried to justify it was okay because it was just ‘near the bread station’ (why would I want buttery water, assuming he isn’t just making it up…I still think it was someone else’s dirty glass smh), and on top of it all I’m pretty sure a HEALTH INSPECTOR needs to pay a visit there to inspect their kitchen for cross contamination…what next? raw chicken “near” the dessert? I will not be there for that to happen but I damn sure would still like to know what dirty sh*t I was really drinking….SMDH.

yeah uhhhhm….don’t eat there.
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