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223 W. JACKSON BLVD., Chicago, IL, USA - (312) 583-9400

Giordano's Chicago Reviews

efincher0812 efincher…
5 reviews
Best Chicago Deep Dish in the World!! Apr 16, 2011
Fresh ingredients, fresh crust, diced tomatoes, mozzarella, mozzarella, mozzarella, and slices so thick that you'll understand the necessity of a fork AND knife.

This is the absolute best Chicago deep dish pizza in the world! (And trust me, I've tried many different kinds, including the notorious Gino's!) There's just no comparison. There have been many pizza places that claim to make the best Chicago deep dish but Giordano's is the only one that can truly claim that title! (Apparently, I'm not the only one who claims that--The New York Times and many other organizations have also confirmed that Giordano's is the best Chicago deep dish.) I grew up on this pizza. I'll defend its title until I die! :)

But then again, don't just take my word for it...try it for yourself! You're guaranteed to become a believer! :)
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efincher0812 says:
You won't regret your decision! :)
Posted on: Apr 17, 2011
el_wray says:
I never tried deep dish in Chicago and I was wondering about Gino's East v Giordano's =) I think I have an answer now :)
Posted on: Apr 17, 2011
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e_w_richardson e_w_rich…
30 reviews
Pizza, Pizza Jun 14, 2011
Giordano's is really good stuffed, deep dish pizza. I am not a native but to me this is what Chicago pizza is all about. My wife and I split a small pepperoni and spinach pizza and we each had two pieces before deciding to take our third pieces home. Overall the prices aren't outrageous and one of their locations is right off the L Train, so it can be pretty convenient to stop by while out touring the city.

The only bummer, and this kind of makes sense if you think about it beforehand, is that the pizza is hard to reheat the next day because it is so thick. I don't like cold pizza, but if you do it should be fine.
This is the location off the L Tra…
This is a small, which is totally …
vances says:
This is good "stuff"!

Posted on: Jun 14, 2011
gr8guy gr8guy
37 reviews
Giordano's Pizza near Millennium Park Apr 22, 2011
This was my FIRST "Pie" in the windy city and I hear from locals that I picked a "less-than-the-best" place as my first. Great! I squandered my FIRST time! D.oh!

Anywho. The service was nice and the "Zah" was hughmungo... but that's about it. Cost me over 20 bucks and I gave half of it away to a homeless person that took a liking to the bag. It was very... bland. The cheese, sauce, crust, nuthin had shabamah~wamah to it.. just kinda like sat there and stared at me... like a very low hanging fruit type of date yaknow?

Anyway. This place is cozy, service is good, will take you over 25 minutes to get the pizza and then, you'll be sad. Sorry folks, I had to "pan" this pizzah.. get it? Pan? Oh I crack myself up. tehehe

Bon A petite!
Now that's a hung of food!
I had to lift this with my knees.
camillechicago camillec…
4 reviews
The best pizza in the chicagoland Jun 25, 2011
If you visit or even only stop by Chicago, you'll definitely have to taste Giordano's! It is one of the speciality from Chicago. It is not the cheapest food but it really worth it. Allow them time to make it, it usually takes about 30-40 minutes (freshly made) and keep in mind that it fills you up really quickly!

Amazing food, I'll definitely recommend it to anyone!
acgemt acgemt
17 reviews
Mmmmmmm.... :) Sep 12, 2010
I am now a fan of deep-dish pizza! Giordano's is definitely the restaurant to go to if you want true Chicago deep-dish pizza. There was about a 30 minute wait when I arrived for dinner, but they allow you to order your pizza while you wait for a table - which is very helpful. The menu says that the 10" dish serves 1-2 people - please don't be fooled into thinking you can eat a whole one. Make sure you share if with at least one other person. Not to mention doing so will help reduce the cost of your meal.
Giordano's Pizza!!
Giordano's Pizza!
osgoodst osgoodst
124 reviews
delicious Jul 18, 2009
I'm always dubious about chicago style deep dish pizza, coming from a place that is "world famous" always makes me more nervous, but hey I'm in Chicago so I have to try it. It is also always featured on either the travel channel or food network. Also I walk by the place almost every day and there’s always a large line of slick Chicago types looking to kill their cholesterol count and country bumpkins hoping they’ll run into a A list celebrity (um Johnny depp or Jay Cutler anybody?) The pizza is just like a pie, but instead of being filled with blueberry's or whatever its filled with cheese and for some sausages and whatever else. On top is a nice layer of pizza sauce. Is it worth the line to get in? Phone ahead, and you will be pleased.
tmagnani tmagnani
9 reviews
Best Stuffed Pizza in the Windy City Sep 24, 2008
Giordano's is quite simply the best pizza in Chicago. They are known for their "Stuffed" pizza, however their thin crust pizza is phenomenal as well. All in all, Giordano's appetizers are quite disappointing. They mostly have run-of-the-mill cheesesticks and breadsticks that taste as if they were frozen. My personal favorite pizza is the "Special" which comes with Sausage (crumbled), mushroom, green peppers, and onions. An extra large pizza easily feeds three really hungry men. The staff here are usually pretty friendly and will politely warn you that the stuffed pizza takes about 45 minutes to cook, which sucks when you're starving and drooling for it when you finally get seated. Great eats in Chicago.
hvwoolley hvwoolley
3 reviews
IF you love pizza, you've got to try this! Dec 24, 2008
Quite simply amazing...the pizza is made upside down so you get the cheese on the base, topping in the middle and sauce on top. I was really dubious but it tasted fantastic and there's so much of it. We shared a medium size between 3 of us and only paid a few dollars each.
erojas3 erojas3
23 reviews
Chicago style pizza Jun 21, 2008
This place is nice and cozy. Their pizza is fantastic!! With lots of different styles to choose, you will definitely find one of your liking. Great pizza, great service, affordable cost, there might be a wait but it is worth it. Everytime I go to Chicago I make sure to go visit :D
Deep dish Pepperoni, ham, and pine…
Thin crust pineapple, mushrooms an…
bananama says:
Posted on: Mar 07, 2011
pinchora pinchora
162 reviews
Deep dish goodness!!! Mar 20, 2007
So when I went to Chicago I was on the hunt for this Deep Dish Pizza place that I was told by multiple locals to be the best deep dish pizza I'd ever eaten! And let me just say it was amazing and worth the hunt! I got there at dinner time and ate by myself (the joys of traveling alone) but the wait staff was very pleasent and cortious to it's customers.

Earlier that day I went to a deep dish restaurant and the crust was just pulled up and there was a lot of sauce in it with a lot of toppings and the base was so thin that it didn't taste good to eat it. But later in the day, eating the same thing for dinner but at a different place, I found what real deep dish pizza is supposed to taste like! This pizza came out and looked so glorious! The pizza had multiple layers. The bottom layer was the crust...then the toppings...then another layer of crust and finally, my favorite part of pizza, the sauce! The taste made my taste buds come a live and I savored every moment of my well deserved pizza!
mellemel8 says:
hmmmmm i love chicago pizza :)
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
lisak64 says:
I see you got to try our pizza too. Giordanos is excellent. I like Lou Malnati's as well.
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
rachke rachke
3 reviews
Nov 18, 2007
It was the best pizza I ever had, It was huge and it was very tasty.

My friend and I had a vegetarian one with spinanch Yummie!! The people who worked there were very nice and the food was quick on the table because you could order before you even had a table to sit on Perfect system.

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