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Ghinda'e Overview

Ghinda'e lies mid-way (in terms of travel time) between the capital of Asmara and the major port of Massawa. It is pronounced as just ‘Ginda’ and is written in the local Tigrinya language as: ጊንዳዕ. Ghinda’e is a crossroads and microcosm of Eritrean diversity. Located on the strategic P-1 road, it is the route between the capital and the Red Sea. You will often see 3 ethnic groups here. The majority Tigrinya people are 90% Christian and 73% are Eritrean Orthodox. A large Orthodox Church sits on a hill overlooking the flat town. The Bilen people are originally from Sudan and can be either Christian or Muslim. They speak the Bilen language. The Rashaida people live mostly around the coast, but come here for trade. They speak Arabic. You will find signs in both Tigrinya and Arabic.

The town is located 910m/2985ft above sea level and is warm all year round. The nearby terraced hills supply fruit and vegetables to both Asmara and Massawa. You will see farmers and traders carrying produce in anything from old trucks to minibuses and even camels.

Due to its strategic location, the town was fought over repeatedly during the War of Liberation (‎1 September 1961 – 29 May 1991). A nearby cemetery holds the remains of 3500 male and female fighters.

Due to its location below the mountain water runoffs, they also pan for gold here.

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