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A strange mixture of traditional and modern, Ghana is a tiny little country in West Africa that borders Burkina Faso, Togo, and Cote d’lvoire. It is a coastal country with an extremely laid-back attitude, perfect for first-time visitors to Africa. Here you will a complex mixture of cell-phone-using natives dressed in traditional African garb, to suit-and-tie businessmen making offerings to tribal chiefs. As it used to be a British colony, English is the official language, although there are over 40 different languages spoken in this country, and first-time visitors might find the Pidgin English to be a bit disconcerting, due to the strange euphemisms and accents.

There is a variety of geographical destinations to choose from in Ghana. The country has literally hundreds of kilometers worth of coastline lined with plenty of pristine beaches, old European forts like Cape Coast Castle, or you can travel inland to Kumasi, an area known for its hand-crafted goods made by the Ashanti people. It may not have famous destinations, but there is a plethora of undiscovered country within Ghana just waiting for the adventurer to uncover.

Although it has been called “Africa for beginners”, there are still some things to consider. Bottled water is a given, and while the traditional food is a must, visitors should be aware that the normal rules apply. If in doubt about the street vendor, just walk away. Accommodations in the major areas will include luxury hotels, while there are more rustic places in the countryside where you can rent houses or otherwise. Be sure to bring malaria pills and get a polysaccharide vaccine against Meningitis. Transportation is iffy outside of the major cities, but it is getting better, as tourism is beginning to become the country's secondary source of income, outside of gold.

From the club scene in Accra to the African wildlife of Mole National Park, to the various beaches along the coast, Ghana has a wide variety of destinations available to every range of traveler, and plenty of adventure just waiting for you to stumble into.

Accra #1 most popular location
Accra is the bustling capital city of Ghana. It is located in the southeastern part of the country along the Atlantic coast. It is Ghana's largest city. Points of interest are the Makola Mark…
246travelers 24reviews 51blogs
Cape Coast #2 most popular location
Cape Coast is the capital of the Fante people and Central Region of Ghana. It is home to the University of Cape Coast and several boarding schools that produced many of the leaders of the cou…
20travelers 12reviews 11blogs
Kumasi #3 most popular location
Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region in the southern central part of Ghana. The name Kumasi and the city establishment are much older than the Ashanti people. A Brief History As…
23travelers 4reviews 14blogs
Elmina #4 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Kokrobite #5 most popular location
5reviews 2blogs
Bolgatanga #6 most popular location
Bolgatanga is a quiet, dusty market town situated in the upper east region of Ghana. It is an ideal place to stock up on water, batteries and other indispensable goods for your onward journ…
4travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Mole National Park #7 most popular location
1travelers 5reviews
Ho #8 most popular location
3travelers 3reviews 4blogs
Hohoe #9 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews 8blogs
Sunyani #10 most popular location
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Busua #11 most popular location
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Koforidua #12 most popular location
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Tamale #13 most popular location
Tamale is a bustling city in the north of Ghana. This city is rich in history and the extremely friendly locals will be more than happy to tell you about it. tamale
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Ampenyi #14 most popular location
Aburi #15 most popular location
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Kakum National Park #16 most popular location
Osu #17 most popular location
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Kwahu #18 most popular location
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Boabeng-Fiema #19 most popular location
Adanwomase #20 most popular location
Woe #21 most popular location
Lake Volta #22 most popular location
Lake volta, in southern Ghana, is the largest man made lake in the world covering almost 8,502 km². The weekly cargo ship that passes along it passes through some stunning scenery and is an …
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Kokobrite #23 most popular location
Akplamafu #24 most popular location
Aflao #25 most popular location
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Kpong #26 most popular location
Akosombo #27 most popular location
Akosombo is a small town that lies at the southern most tip of lake Volta in Ghana. With a few hotels and restaurants and is the place to catch the weekly, three day long,cargo ship ride to…
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yeji #28 most popular location
Yeji is a tiny town located along the north of lake volta in Ghana. This is the most popular getting off point for anyone on the weekly cargo ship from Akosombo. There are a few run down ho…
Adenta #29 most popular location