Geysir and Strokkur

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Geysir, Iceland
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Geysir and Strokkur Reviews

davejo davejo
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Get your camera ready for Strokkur Feb 04, 2017
We stopped at Geysir on our Golden Circle Tour and as i had never seen a geyser before i found it quite interesting. There are a few geysers but cross the road from the car park you can easily reach Strokkur an a couple of minutes. Strokkur is the most active of the geysers there and it spouts up to a height of 30 m every few minutes so you have to be ready with your camera to catch the perfect moment. Sometimes it may spout twice more a few seconds after the first time, but not quite so high. There is usually a crowd on onlookers with their camera ready trying to capture the moment when it spouts, and some folks have to wait until it spouts several times before they are satisfied with their photography. From the hot spring the water will bubble and the level will go up and down, but eventually a huge bubble of water will form and then it spouts.

The first time Strokkur spouted was in 1789 after an earthquake, but who knows, it may have spouted in the past but could have been quiet for centuries. Since then the geyser has sometimes stopped spouting for a while or not spouted so high, being affected by earthquakes. But the problem was solved in 1963 when a 40 m hole was drilled from the bottom of its basin and has spouted ever since.

The fifth photo is of a postcard which shows the geyser just before it spouts, as it is almost impossible to capture this moment with a camera
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sarahelaine sarahela…
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Geysir and Strokkur Jan 03, 2010
Geysir is the geyser that all geysers are named after.

The Geyser area is a geothermal hotspot in Iceland. It is one of the most incredible, indescribable (well, I know I'm trying, but still...) places I have ever seen in my life. Driving along the road towards Gulfoss, you suddenly realise that one of the fields is smoking through the ice. This makes the right area hard to miss.

Geysir itself is mostly dormant now, but 100 metres away lies Strokkur or "The Churn." Strokkur erupts every 5-8 minutes, jetting boiling water 30 metres into the air, sometimes twice. There are several smaller ones, although these do not often erupt and mostly just bubble.

The geysers look like very small volcanos, and steam almost constantly. When they start to fill and bubble they are about to blow, and the definitive sign is when a dome of water rises. Boiling water jets up, followed by a cloud; when we were there, it was cold enough for the boiling water to condense into a rain shower that lasted a couple of seconds. The geysers feed boiling streams that flow under the ice as they cool.

There is a visitor centre, shop and cafe. I think it would be easy enough to get a wheelchair here in summer, but the paths are icy and treachorous in the winter. Apparently someone was badly burned last year when they slipped on ice and fel into a boiling stream through the thin ice covering it.
Littli (little) Geysir, bubbling h…
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sarahelaine says:
I think water must just be a lousy conductor of heat - some of the boiling streams flowed under ice, adn were still steaming when they came out the other side!
Posted on: Jan 14, 2010
sarahelaine says:
Thank you all! :)
Posted on: Jan 13, 2010
alyssa_ob says:
Congrats on today's feature! I love the photos! Its hard to believe all the ice considering how warm the water is. But I guess the warm water is below ground for the most part.
Posted on: Jan 13, 2010
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Short video of the Geysir/ Hot spring gushing out. Dec 18, 2010
The word Geysir is the equivalent of the English Geyser, meaning hot spouting springs. The Icelandic word geysir literally translated to gushing. In the 1920s, accounts of hot springs in the Haukadalur valley were recorded. The tremendous amounts of earthquakes are to blame for the significant changes in the region. The earth quakes created huge destruction and hot springs with it. History records that in the year 1630 the geysers erupted so violently that the valley trembled. The geysers were privately owned by farmers up until the late 1890s. It is believed that the geysirs were brought into existence as a result of a devastating eruption of mount Helka which in turn hit the valley of haukadalur.

I took 2 short videos of the smaller Geysir gushing out, while we all waited in anticipation every 10 or so minutes. Quite exciting indeed. The videos are included in my blog entitled, "Golden Circle Tour stop IV: Geysirs", take a look, very exciting.
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Africancrab says:
It is indeed. The whole of Iceland is quite something for the geologist and geographer. I was facinated and will definitely go back.
Posted on: Feb 01, 2011
MrD3071 says:
Being a geography student all the geysirs and glaciers of Iceland fascinate me, its such a Geographers playground :)
Posted on: Feb 01, 2011
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Regular As Clockwork Jun 28, 2008
Next stop on folowing the Golden Circle idea was to head for Geysir. No problem at all finding it, and only a short drive from ├×ingvellir. Parked the car down on the road near the cafe that is there.

The original Geysir, that gives it's name to the rest of the same features around the world, has long since dried up, but is still marked on the site. Also nearby is Little Geysir, but it's definately called that for a reason.

While parking, and walking up, you could already see the main attraction Stokkur shooting into the air. Was where most of the crowd were gathered and that's where we, like sheep, headed.

Great the first time it explodes into the air when you are there, and the second time and the third time..... :D and you really need to drag yourself away from it. There are a series of paths around the site that take you to a variety of different pools.

Fascinating that two pools can sit side by side but one can be tepid while the other is literally boling. Kids played with the water in the bright blue pools, that have silica in them, and I did HAVE to test the teperature of the other pool, despite the obvious signs that it WAS boiling, by quickly dipping my hand in it. Didn't hurt as it was that quick, but I wouldn't let the kids try it. Do as I say, not as I do ;)

There's a path that takes you further up the hill, but to be honest there is nothing much more worth seeing up there,though it does give you a good view for a ''panorama'' type photograph.

Back down and spent another while watching Stokkur erupt, before heading over to the cafe and shop. Got something to eat and drink, and they have an exhibition at the far end of it, that is OK and doesn't take that long.

Another must see, but then I would/will be saying that about almost everything in Iceland.
Stokkur Erupting
Boiling Pool At Geysir
Geysir Landscape
Stokkur At A Distance
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