Gettysburg National Military Park

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1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA, USA - (717) 334-1124

Gettysburg National Military Park Reviews

jamartin39 jamartin…
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Well worth the Wait Apr 17, 2011
I have been to Gettysburg National Military Park once before but due to a lack of time we decided not to explore the whole park.

On this occasion we had allowed ourselves time to explore the whole park. Some of the roads that went through the section of park going through downtown gettysburg were closed for construction but you can park your car and still walk down those closed sections.

The rest of the park or the battle field areas are amazing, there are so many monuments and informational placquards that it really would take more than 3-4 hours to explore the whole park. We split it up a little bit doing half the park one day and doing the other half the next morning.

The park is basically open from dawn to dusk so if you get an early start you the early morning light just adds something to the experience.

We did not opt for the audio tour or the bus tour which will cost you some money but just going into the park is free. There is a lot more to see than just the battlefield too. In downtown gettysburg there are many signs that point out information on battles and troop movements.

Gettysburg is well worth the visit so make sure you allow yourself time to explore the park and all that Gettysburg has to offer like thier shops and restaurants
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Andy99 Andy99
623 reviews
The unforgettable sweep of Gettysburg May 27, 2010
Gettysburg has become almost synonymous with the American Civil War. It is the most well-known battle of the war and is often considered the turning point of the conflict. In his famous Gettysburg Address to dedicate the National Cemetery on the battlefield, Abraham Lincoln spoke to the nation on the purpose of the war and affirmed that through the difficult conflict the United States would find a "new birth of freedom."

Folowing victory at Chancellorsville in Virginia, Robert E. Lee had sought to take the war into the North and draw the Union army away from the South. A victory in the North and capture of Philadelphia or Baltimore might turn the tide of the war in favor of the Confederacy. The invading Confederate and pursuing Union armies met at the crossroads town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, between July 1 and July 3, 1863. The Union Army held against the Confederates through a difficult battle. There were heavy losses on both sides that left both armies exhausted. Though the Civil War would continue for two more years, the Confederacy would fight mostly on the defensive after Gettysburg.

Gettysburg was viewed immedidately as a national memorial. Great care has been taken to preserve the battlefield as it was in 1863. Visitors see the battlefield today much as it apeared to the participants. The best way to see the battlefield is via the 24 mile driving tour with 16 key sites. (Maps are available at the visitor center. The path can also be hiked or biked.) Visitors wil see more than 1600 commemorative monuments erected by states or by individual units.

Visitors will want to stop at the Visitor Center first. There is no charge to tour the battlefield. The Visitor Center also has the restored Battle of Gettysburg cyclorama painting on display, an excellent film, and a msuuem. (There is a $10.50 charge to see the Visitor Center exhibits. They are well worth it!)
Battle of Gettysburg cyclorama pai…
Gettysburg battlefield
Peace Memorial
Confederate artillery on Seminary …
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missandrea81 says:
Well, done.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2010
jennjeff1 says:
Great review for a great national landmark Andy....
Posted on: May 31, 2010
Glynnes says:
Perfectly suited for today - Memorial Day.
Posted on: May 31, 2010
gejah gejah
82 reviews
Battlefield Audio Tour May 01, 2009
When you are taking a tour in america, and you are in the neighbourhood of Gettysburg, and the weather is ok, you really should visit this amazing historical place.

The Battle started Wednesday July 1 1863, and it ended Friday, July 3, 1863. So just a couple of days fighting, but it was the most violent and bloody war ever, in such a short period of time. This was a battle between Confederate forces and Union Forces. The confederate troups(army of northern Virginia) had a strenght of 75,000 troops, and 275 cannons, (Longstreet, Ewell, Hill and Stuart the names of the corps).

For the army of Potomac 93,000 troops and 356 cannons. This was a civil war. And the northen corps won this battle. This battle had in the first place nothing to do about slavery. But eventually it was because they wanted to extend new states, the so called territory. And that is what started the battle.

When you enter Gettysburg, you have to drive to the visitor centre. There you park your car. If you want to visit the museum also, you are not allowed to take a back pack with you. So it has to stay in the car.

If you want a quided bus tour, you can buy the tickets inside the big hall.

Adults pay 25,95 $ and Youth pay 15,50$

A tour in your own car 1-6 people 55$ this is with a private quide.

Audio CD tour is a tour in your own car.

You buy a cd Battlefield Audio Tour, the price is 23$ including a small book. You can buy it at the bookstore in the visitor centre. (we did this one! And i can recommend this one, very clear!)

If you want to visit the Cyclorama/Film/Museum tickets

Adults 19+ pay 7,50$

Youth 6-18 pay 5,50$

You also are able to visit Eisenhouwer National Historic Site

Adults 13+ pay 6,50$

Youth 6-12 pay 4$

Follow the red road, and you will …
If the weather is nice, it is an i…
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gejah says:
This was a very impressive tour!
Posted on: May 27, 2009
bernard69 says:
very informative Gejah:)
Posted on: May 27, 2009
KeikoCreative says:
This is really interesting;)
Posted on: May 11, 2009
tj1777 tj1777
379 reviews
The Battle of Gettysburg Oct 18, 2008
The battlefield of Gettysburg is the sight of the biggest battle ever to take place north of the Rio Grande and it is probably the most well known of all the battle fields in USA. Thousands of people will go to the small city of Gettysburg to visit the old battle field.

The main visitor centre is a huge complex which is capable of servicing the thousands of daily visitors. In the visitor centre there is a huge movie theatre displaying film about the battle and a giant bookstore. But the main attraction is obviously the sight of the battle where the union and confederate troops met during the three day long battle which more than any other battle during the Civil War were the final turning point from where the Confederate troops never again were able to pose any threat to the union.

Along the two lines of the armies is a series of monuments for the different troops who took part in the battle and there is numerous plaques telling you about all of the events during the three days.
Guns at Gettysburg
Guns at Gettysburg
Lee on Traveller
A gruop of people firering a gun
tj1777 says:
well I think they also had the largest contribution of troops by far at the battle.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
arlene0725 says:
Pennsylvania soldiers memorial has the BIGGEST monument because it is their state to start with. We were there end of Jan '09, we were frozen from the wind and cold.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2009
peterbarkley peterbar…
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Sep 24, 2005
Once we arrived we went to the Visitor's Center (a good place to begin the visit, it turns out). We rented an audiotour which gives you directions on where to drive and history about each different part of the battlefield. I highly recommend it. At each stopping point in the tour you can stop the car and get out to take pictures and walk around. Be prepared though - the tour will wear you out. Even with a break in the middle for lunch, we skimmed over the end because the all-too-familiar 'museum fatigue' was setting in, despite the fact that we were sitting down much of the time. Gettysburg is beautiful in the autumn and such beauty makes the battlefield even more sombre. After we ended the audio tour we bought tickets for the "Cyclorama" which, it turns out, was the theatre of the early 20th century. It's a large circular mural which depicts, in this case, Gettysburg during the battle. Each part lights up progressively, giving you a view of a different portion of the battle.

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