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1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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trinademattei trinadem…
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Eye Candy in Los Angeles Aug 10, 2014
I love art and architecture in all their forms. I find beauty in many things be it a Pollack painting or a car wash from the 1970’s in the Valley. I have been living in Los Angeles since 2007 and I spent my first year as a starving student. Therefore, anything free to do became a “must see”.

Reason number one I love The Getty Center – it is free! Sure it costs $15.00 to park but normally you have to pay to park and an admission fee.

Reason number two I love the Getty Center – The architecture of the Getty Center is in itself a permanent exhibition. Architect Richard Meier designed the center to highlight the nature and visual aesthetic of Los Angeles. The buildings themselves seem to belong to the Santa Monica hill side they rest atop as much as the natural landscape. After parking, you will ascend to the museum on a free tram. Immediately you will feel the visual pull which keeps me going back for more. Every view is a picture, a snapshot of the enormous grid of Los Angeles, the San Gabriel mountains and the Pacific ocean.

Reason number three I love the Getty Center – The gardens and landscape sculptures. Just like the design of the complex, the grounds were as carefully designed to compliment their environment. The central garden encompasses a 134,000 square foot design that features a tree lined walkway. Take your time here. Sit on one of the many benches or take a break on the grass. Take full use of your five senses and you will find a peace in this hectic city not often found.

Reason number four I love the Getty Center – The galleries. The ultimate compliment to the city of angels? The design of the galleries allows for sun shine to illuminate the buildings and your experience as you take in the art for yourself. You will find collections of art, sculpture and photography from a variety of centuries.

The Getty Center is by far one of my top three favorite locations within the city. Often when people think of Los Angeles they do not think of art or culture. Unfortunately, they come to Los Angeles to visit the beach or amusement parks and then neglect to look deeper. Los Angeles is my home and for all the traffic and congestion it is possible to find art and beauty within this sprawling metropolis.

You just have to know where to look.

The Getty Center Los Angeles

1200 Getty Center Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90049
A day at the Getty Center.
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Besandri says:
I was in LA a few months ago and did not go to the Getty Center, Next time I am there I will take your advice :)
Posted on: Sep 01, 2014
haidgirl says:
congratulations on your feature!! : D
Posted on: Aug 13, 2014
Zagnut66 says:
Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Aug 12, 2014
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mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
The Getty Jun 22, 2011
Its just a great museum.

Even if you're not into arts, or just not a museum going type, you should still check out. The museum itself is free all you have to pay for is the parking downhill around 8-12 dollars.

The meseum is up on a hill so you get a great view from there. It also has great achitecture, the building itself is worth looking at.

Its a beautiful setting with little gardens and fountains. The art inside is great of course.

And if you get hungry, the cafeteria has an unbelievable squash soup!
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blondofborg blondofb…
6 reviews
Must do for culture vultures in LA May 16, 2011
Somewhere along the line, an awful lie escaped into the world that Los Angeles was a cultural wasteland.

Absolutely not true. No trip to LA is complete without at least a half-day at the Getty Center, where visitors can feast their eyes on art, architecture and some of the best views in the city. Depending on your level of appreciation for fine art, you can easily lose an entire day wandering its collections or exploring the museum, a breathtaking work of art in itself. And it's free.

Well, almost. You'll pay a hefty fee for parking. It's also accessible by bus, if you have the time & patience.
Getty Center, Los Angeles
Getty Center, Los Angeles
Getty Center, Los Angeles
jenniescharm jenniesc…
88 reviews
Art in LA Jun 09, 2009
When planning my visit to the LA area, a trip to the Getty was at the top of my list. Perhaps that is why I was a bit disappointed at what I found.

While the art and decorative objects on display are truly beautiful, I found the layout to be a somewhat disruptive. The artwork is divided up into several rooms across multiple buildings. I felt like I was in a maze trying to figure out what time period I was looking at from what country and wasn't I just in this room?

I overheard someone comment that many people come to look at the architecture of the museum itself over the artistic works, and I have to agree that the architecture is stunning and the views are amazing. For my next trip to LA, I would seriously consider heading back to the Getty for an outdoor lunch.

In addition to the great views, I would also recommned a tour of the sculpture garden at the base of the hill next to the tram. The flowers and landscaping are a compliment to the sculpture, and the Getty offers a tour you can access from your cell phone to learn more about each individual piece in case you miss the guided tour like I did.
mathieucalvet mathieuc…
4 reviews
Getty Center Jun 18, 2009
The Best view of greater Los Angeles. The best moment to go there is late afternoon, Just before sunset, you can enjoy a great view of all LA area, and admire the beautiful color of a Californian sunset. Breathtaking ....

By the way the Getty center of LA offer a collection of western Art those who like that, here is your double treat.

The center is free, but the parking cost 1o$ but it worth it. ( parking should be free beginning July 1, parking will be FREE after 5:00 p.m. This will apply to the Getty Center's evening hours on Saturdays )
martinikitty13 martinik…
61 reviews
Getty Center - a highlight of Los Angeles Aug 11, 2008
Visitors and locals alike should take some time to experience the Getty Center (a collection of buildings, including the art museum, the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institution, etc., owned and funded by the J. Paul Getty Trust).

First of all, the views of LA and the surrounding (perfectly manicured) gardens are just spectacular.

Second of all, the art collection (although not immense in size) is wonderfully curated. Here you can stand in awe in front of Van Gogh’s “Irises” and see a variety of artworks ranging from Monet, Manet, Gaugin, Degas, Redon, etc. Currently there is an exhibit on Bernini and other Baroque artists – the exquisite way in which these sculptors breathed life into marble is absolutely unbelievable. The Getty Center is also known for its photography collection, but I find I tend to prefer paintings so I didn’t spend much time studying the photos.

Third, the architecture (designed by Richard Meier) is like a piece of artwork in itself. Very bold and modern, yet also compatible with the natural surroundings.

Fourth, admission is free! The only thing you have to pay for is parking ($8 per vehicle) and food/drinks if you wish to enjoy a meal or snack while enjoying the views or cool breezes in the hills. The tram ride up to the Getty Center from the parking lot is also a cool bonus. I think you can forego the tram and walk up the hill, but I have never felt compelled to do such a silly thing. :) The Getty Center also offers garden, art and museum tours for free.

It’s a lovely way to enjoy a quiet day with family and friends, or even by yourself.
View of part of the gardens.
The cactus garden.
Closer view of the gardens - aren'…
mrkrueger13 says:
I love this place. Great review.
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
mwtlgray mwtlgray
21 reviews
The Getty Center Feb 27, 2008
If you are in to art, then visiting The Getty is a must. It was intersting, I'm really not all that into artwork and all, but I did enjoy it. The place was so big that we didnt even get to see it all. The museum is free and all you have to pay for is parking. Then you get to ride a tram up to the center, which I admit, was my favorite part. The musuem is definatly worth visiting, it was very educational and the story beside the center is pretty cool too. The Getty Center is also listed in the 1000 things to see before you die books. They have a food court there, the food is about averagely priced for a tourist area, but still it was very good. I actually really enjoyed the chicken soup I had. The bathrooms were clean. There were alot of people there. You are able to explore the area on your own, so you can take as much or as little time as you want checking out everything.
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Interesting architecture and a sweeping view of LA Jan 11, 2006
The Getty Museum is worth visiting for the architecture of the space itself. There are sweeping courtyards, impressive buildings, beautiful gardens, and a breathtaking view of Los Angeles at sunset. There are countless open spaces to sit at and enjoy they view around you. I could visit the museum, not step foot inside any of the buildings or galleries, and still enjoy myself.

The artwork itself is not bad, either. The impressionist collection is small but impressive. And, while the 15th-18th century Italian painting collection does not feature any superstar artists of the Renaissance, the works are still pleasing to look at and quite impressive.
A wavy looking building.
Random pool outside the exit of on…
A nice view of the LA smog.
Eric says:
Cool, didn't know that...will have to check out those restaurants. thanks!
Posted on: Mar 03, 2008
sybil says:
i think they have some monets, manets and van gogh in there.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2008
LaceyTyre says:
I like your blog. Sometimes you don't appreciate traveling around your home until you leave.
Posted on: Oct 22, 2007
jeffy jeffy
23 reviews
Jul 02, 2005
The most obvious draw at the Getty is the impressive art. The Getty's collection is world-class and includes one of my very favorite pieces, Van Gogh's Irises. Along with the LACMA, Norton Simon, and Huntington Garden, the Getty proudly displays the wealth of fine art that can be found in Southern California.

Others come to the Getty to admire the architecture. The billion dollar sprawling campus includes several white marble buildings and surrounds a beautifully landscaped group of gardens. It's so massive that the museum can be easily viewed from many miles away. To say that the Getty Center is impressive is an understatement.

Finally, my favorite part is the view. Los Angeles geography includes rolling hills, alpine mountains, and pristine coastline. From the Getty's perch, one can view much of the LA Basin and appreciate both the natural beauty of the region as well as the sheer size of the city. London has it's Eye, Toronto has its CN Tower, we have our Santa Monica Mountains - so enjoy the view!
peterbarkley peterbar…
30 reviews
Dec 22, 2005
Everything but the drive there was wonderful. We saw the Impressionist gallery, including Van Gogh's Irises and several wonderful Monets. The Renaissance art was also outstanding, as were the gardens. The openess of the compound and the gardens and its spectacular view all made the experience quite refreshing (especially when compared to the traffic we descended into to return to Orange County).Although the museum is free, parking is not.

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