Getting pulled over by Belarus Police

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M1 & P7, Fiedzkavicy, Belarus

Getting pulled over by Belarus Police Fiedzkavicy Reviews

Chokk Chokk
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Getting pulled over by Belarus Police Jun 02, 2012
Those who have followed my blogs have recognized that I might speed some while I am visiting the different countries by either my own or rented cars. In Belarus we had rented a small Ford Fusion that absolutely not was a car that inspired anyone to speed way passed the limits.

We had been driving quite calmly along the motorway between Minsk and Brest letting almost every car pass us because we were enjoying the drive and the nature that we were driving in. We were not far from Brest when we had to pass the toll leaving the motorway. I was expecting that I had to pay toll because we had been driving at least 350 km on the road but the girl in the booth just lets us pass.

I was getting ready to move on along the road when a policeman with an impressive hat asked me to drive over to the side of the road. I parked the car and told Mickey that he should get ready to take some pictures if it was becoming interesting. I had expected that he just wanted to check my papers so I gave him the car rental papers and my driver license.

Much to my surprise he talked to me in a rather aggressive and angry tone; after few moments I understood on his Russian that I had to follow him in the small police station that was situated next to the road and the toll station. We entered the small station that was a little bigger than I expected; the angry looking policeman showed me into the first room to the right.

I sat down on a small wooden chair next to the small table in dark wood where the policeman sat down. He kept on talking in Russian and he could or would not speak any English. He started to write to figures 36 and 40 on a piece of paper and then he wrote 60 with two lines under it and then wrote 97. I had no clue on what he was talking about and I had no idea on where I should have done anything wrong since we had been driving quite slowly on the high way; especially compared to the other cars on the road.

After some long discussions where both of us did monologs, I understood that he stated that I had been driving 37 km/h too fast in a 60-km/h zone. If that was correct then it was a serious claim. He then wrote 300.000 rubles ~ 30 euro on the same paper and I relaxed a bit because I understood that I could pay my way out of it. I opened my wallet and took 300.000 rubles out, but I was told to put them away and now the fun really started.

My policeman started to call in the phone a lot and then took a paper out, where he stated to take my contact data, which took some time to get right. Then he called again and started to write a long story in Russian. When he finally was finished I had to sign the paper at least 6 places, and I still wonder what I signed on. I decided to write my signature in a different way that I usually would if I would be confronted with it afterwards.

After the signing of the papers that could have been to a murder I thought that I was finished but not so. He wrote something on the back of the rapport and pointed to the building next door that turned out to be a bank where the truck drivers were paying their road toll for the transit motorway of Belarus.

There were a lot of things written on the small bank but all of it was in Russian. There was a sign stating some opening hours but I misunderstood it because my policeman had pointed on his watch a lot of times during his last monolog. I therefore knocked on the door and an angry woman looked out and just shook her head. When the lady opened the door I was quite clearly not her favorite, so I let two of the truck drivers go in front of me.

I handed the woman my report and she started to write a new chapter in my Belarus book. She received the payment of the 300.000 rubles in dollar and it turned out that 36 dollars was enough. Suddenly I heard a sound that I hadn’t done in about 10 – 15 years and it was a matrix printer that was printing out yet some papers in the corner of the office. The woman took out a stick and then tor the paper in 3 pieces, which she signed and stamped. She gave me one of the copies and I returned with a smile in the small office in the police station, where there now were 3 officers.

I didn’t still receive a single smile but I was given my car papers so I could return to our plan to visit Brest together with Mickey after close to an hours delay.
The little police station next to …
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Chokk says:
It was an experience !
Posted on: May 12, 2017
vicIII says:
Thanks for sharing your strange misfortune with those policemen...Cheer up!:)
Posted on: May 12, 2017
jamartin39 says:
Thats crazy!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2012
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