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A land of progressive cities and delicate, castle-coated countryside, Germany mixes the old and the new into an appetizing touristic blend. From the Lederhosen and ample, aging beer halls to the world capital of techno and roads without speed limits, there are few who won’t find something to love.

If you’re a city type, Berlin’s world class museums, insuppressible techno parties (if you’re a heavy dance fanatic, Berlin’s hedonistic yearly ‘Love Parade’ is probably your idea of heaven) and glance at the narrowing city divide and what’s left of the Berlin Wall. Munich has it’s own agenda, proudly steeped in Bavarian culture and teeming with traditional lederhosen-filled beer halls. Once a year, Oktoberfest comes to town, and seems to bring half the world with it. Welcome to another unstoppable, beer-swilling German party.

If all night parties are not your thing, however, the stunning German countryside will come to the rescue. Drift along the Rhine, eying the vineyards coating the banks, or head for one of the hundreds of historical, castle-clad cities. The town of Hildesheim features squares full of oversized, aging, angular houses, where you can buy spicy wurst from gruff local farmers. Neuschwanstein Castle is a whitewashed mansion complete with Disney towers and turrets atop a forested hill, while the phenomenally bulky castle overlooking the town of Heidelberg is a remarkable hotspot.

If you want to experience Germany’s reputation for speed, hiring a car and heading down the nearest Autobahn will do, though the more ambitious head for the lengthy, classic road circuit at the Nuerburg Ring. Formally the home of German Formula 1, the ring’s now open to the public, and you can test your pace against the well-practiced locals.

A glance at Germany’s more infamous history is on offer at the harrowing Holocaust war memorials at Dachau and Buchenwald, while the Christmas markets – prevalent throughout Germany – give a taste of the friendliness and welcoming ethos of the modern day natives.

Most visitors could happily spend months in Germany, but if you only have time for cuckoo clocks, castles and clubbing, not to worry, it’s still a memorable ancient-meets-modern destination.

Berlin #1 most popular location
Berlin is the capital of Germany, and the largest city by population. It has an international reputation for being an extremely tolerant and liberal hub of modernity, with a wide variety of m…
2,556travelers 590reviews 318blogs
Munich #2 most popular location
It might not be Germany’s capital, but Munich is certainly Bavaria’s, and that comes with its own revered role. Reveling in its place as the heartland of its own traditions, where Lederho…
1,382travelers 287reviews 183blogs
Cologne #3 most popular location
Cologne – Köln or Kölle, depending on how native you’ve gone – is Germany’s oldest city, dating back over two millennia. Dominated by the towers of its rustic, soaring cathedral, Co…
466travelers 108reviews 47blogs
Frankfurt am Main #4 most popular location
Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as Frankfurt, is the fifth-largest city in Germany. Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the large…
603travelers 148reviews 82blogs
Hamburg #5 most popular location
Despite being quite obviously inland, Hamburg has a hefty maritime bent to it, with huge hunks of floating iron drifting in and out daily, and rivers interspersing the city-center streets. It…
696travelers 70reviews 41blogs
Dusseldorf #6 most popular location
It may be a relatively small regional capital, but no one told Dusseldorf’s residents. With an architecture, arts and nightlife scenes that would do much larger cities proud, you’ll get a…
256travelers 71reviews 93blogs
Dresden #7 most popular location
A heartland of industrial Germany, Dresden recently celebrated its 800th birthday, and is full of suitably ancient, crumbling buildings that make for an impressively ornate city centre settin…
158travelers 139reviews 48blogs
Stuttgart #8 most popular location
If Stuttgart has one fixation, it’s cars. Home to huge museums showcasing two of the world’s most well-known sports car brands, Mercedes and Porsche, the city has a deep love of mechanica…
411travelers 41reviews 21blogs
Heidelberg #9 most popular location
A glorious and charming old university town. The striking, red roofed landscape of Heidelberg, with its picture postcard bridges and fabulous green backdrop (on the edge of the legendary Blac…
165travelers 44reviews 32blogs
Nuremberg #10 most popular location
106travelers 21reviews 8blogs
Hannover #11 most popular location
Hannover, the capital of German state Lower Saxony, has gained international reputation as location of industrial fairs (Hannover Fair) and computer expos (CeBIT). With a population of ove…
146travelers 15reviews 4blogs
Bremen #12 most popular location
Belonging to the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, along with Bremerhaven, Bremen is the second most populous city in North Germany and tenth in Germany. In 2006, the city’s population was cal…
116travelers 30reviews 13blogs
Leipzig #13 most popular location
Since the Middle Ages, Leipzig has been a cultural and economic center of Central and Eastern Germany, with a university and many important fairs.
107travelers 11reviews 11blogs
Garmisch Partenkirchen #14 most popular location
Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a market town in Bavaria, southern Germany. Originally two separate towns that were merged for the 1936 Winter Olympic Games. It is the administrative centre of the …
17travelers 29reviews 5blogs
Bonn #15 most popular location
The city of Bonn is located in the Cologne/ Bonn region in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the former capital of West Germany from 1949 - 1990 and the official seat of government …
146travelers 9reviews 1blogs
Essen #16 most popular location
For more than 100 years, Essen has been considered being the industral heart of Germany, because it was the headquarter of steel producer Krupp. Many furnaces have been shut since the 1980s, …
56travelers 31reviews 7blogs
Rust #17 most popular location
6reviews 1blogs
Trier #18 most popular location
Trier is Germany's oldest town, founded in or before 16 BC. Located astride the Mosel River about six miles from the Luxembourg border, Trier is little known to most tourists who vacation in …
64travelers 23reviews 14blogs
Potsdam #19 most popular location
Capital City of Brandenburg/Germany, home of the largest World Heritage site of Germany: palaces of Sanssouci. Attractions: The Sanssouci Palace:(Schloss Sanssouci) a brilliant rococo p…
33travelers 17reviews 13blogs
Winterberg #20 most popular location
5travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Baden-Baden #21 most popular location
The healing powers of the hot springs were already known to the ancient Romans who named the place "Aquae" - waters. In the 19th century Baden-Baden became the summer capital of Europe where …
20travelers 18reviews 4blogs
Karlsruhe #22 most popular location
Karlsruhe was founded in the 18th Century, planned by margrave Karl-Wilhelm. Therefore it has the typical fan-shaped structure of an absolutistic city with a palace in the middle. Behind th…
117travelers 32reviews 8blogs
Freiburg im Breisgau #23 most popular location
Freiburg is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany situated on the western edge of the southern Black Forest. Freiburg im Breisgau is situated in the immediate vincinity of France (3 km distan…
71travelers 6reviews 5blogs
Rothenburg ob der Tauber #24 most popular location
Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a Bavarian town overlooking the Tauber River and an important stop along the Romantic Road. Translating to "Rothenburg above the Tauber", Rothenburg has a long hi…
14travelers 6reviews 6blogs
Lubeck #25 most popular location
UNESCO recognized Lübeck as a city with a great historical heritage. Indeed, the city is full of medieval buildings and edifices. Holstentor is one of the old city gates became one of the …
24travelers 3reviews 5blogs
Dortmund #26 most popular location
Dortmund is one of the largest cities in the Ruhr District. It grew from a small town into a huge industrial city in the wake of the industrial revolution, with coal mining and steel mills. S…
76travelers 10reviews 2blogs
Fussen #27 most popular location
Füssen is a charming town located in southern Bavaria, only 5 km from the Austrian border. Lying amist the Alps, Füssen is mostly visited for its proximity to both Schloß Neuschwanstein a…
6travelers 2reviews 8blogs
Regensburg #28 most popular location
Located on the Danube river in Bavaria, this medieval town contains many buildings of exceptional quality that testify to its history as a trading center and to its influence on the region as…
63travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Cochem #29 most popular location
Cochem is a small town situated in the Moezel area. It's famous for it's Castle. The castle was build in the 12th and 13th century.
2travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Mannheim #30 most popular location
Mannheim is a city in Baden- Württemberg, Germany. It has approximately 328,000 inhabitants, which makes it the second largest city of this Bundesland. Mannheim is located at the confluen…
98travelers 10reviews 4blogs
Rostock #31 most popular location
Located on the southern coast of the baltic sea Rostock remains a popular hub for ferries to all major baltic countries. If you are planning to go to Denmark you can take a ferry from he…
28travelers 15reviews 5blogs
Aachen #32 most popular location
Aachen is one of those cities that cries out beautiful even on a rainy day. The city's main focus is religion, with amazing churches around every corner covered with colored stained-glass wi…
109travelers 10reviews 5blogs
Bamberg #33 most popular location
Bamberg is a reasonable sized town, nearly 70,000, in the northern part of Bavaria. Reputedly the inhabitants of this place drink more beer per head of population than anywhere else in Germa…
49travelers 10reviews 8blogs
Oberstdorf #34 most popular location
Oberstdorf is known as a hiking village, a sunny holiday paradise embedded in the Alps of the Allgau. Oberstdorf is a premium-class climatic health resort and spa resort. The village is loca…
1travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Erfurt #35 most popular location
Erfurt is a city in central Germany. It is the capital of the state of Thuringia or Thüringen with a population of ca. 202,619. Erfurt is located 100 km SW of Leipzig, 113 km SE of Kassel …
24travelers 5reviews 4blogs
koblenz #36 most popular location
Koblenz is one of the greatest Rhine cities. Everything is beautiful here, beginning with the railway station, the river embankment, the city architecture and meeting the affable people. Enj…
33travelers 4reviews 1blogs
Willingen #37 most popular location
Wiesbaden #38 most popular location
Wiesbaden, the current capital of Hessen, is described as the "Nice of the North", the gateway to the Rheingau, or the city of villas. The city has a rich history as a health resort due to it…
59travelers 2blogs
Munster #39 most popular location
Munster is a small town in the district of Heidekreis, in Lower Saxony, Germany almost equidistant from Hamburg and Hanover. The town is home to the German Army's largest garrison and is situ…
8travelers 4reviews 5blogs
Quedlinburg #40 most popular location
Quedlinburg is a historic city in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, which is designated as UNESCO World Heritage site because of it's beautiful Altstadt (Old Town), it's Rathaus (Town Hall) …
2travelers 3reviews 6blogs
Mainz #41 most popular location
Mainz is the regional capital of Rhineland-Pfalz right across the Rhine River from Wiesbaden in Hessen. There is a bit of rivalry between the two cities regarding which is the more beautiful…
66travelers 6reviews 5blogs
Cuxhaven #42 most popular location
2travelers 11reviews 4blogs
Dachau #43 most popular location
Dachau is located at about 10 miles away northwest of Munich. Here, lies the first Nazi Concentration Camp that opened in March 1933. It initially detained all polical prisoners during the re…
4travelers 12reviews 13blogs
Schwangau #44 most popular location
4travelers 13reviews 6blogs
Reit im Winkl #45 most popular location
Weimar #46 most popular location
Weimar, located in the German state Thuringia, almost in the centre of the country and east of Erfurt, is one of Germany’s popular tourist centres and one of its most important cultural cit…
16travelers 3blogs
Konstanz #47 most popular location
Konstanz (in English formerly known as Constance), a university town, is situated on Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) which is in the South-Western part of Baden-Wurttemberg and borders Swit…
26travelers 10reviews 2blogs
Wurzburg #48 most popular location
Würzburg is a city in the region of Franconia which lies in the northern tip of Bavaria, Germany. Located on the Main River, it is the capital of the Unterfranken. The regional dialect is Fr…
25travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Duisburg #49 most popular location
22travelers 8reviews
Kiel #50 most popular location
For the people who are interrested in the sea and famouse habors. Here is the travel advice. Go and visit this beautiful city on the Baltic Sea. Its name is close to the legends and tales of …
55travelers 2reviews 4blogs