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Meersburg #101 most popular location
Meersburg is located at the Bodensee, and is one of the oldest places in this area. Walking in Meersburg is going back in time. One of the famous person who lived in Meersburg was writer of …
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Frankfurt #102 most popular location
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Esslingen #103 most popular location
A city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, specifically in the Stuttgart Region, Esllingen am Neckar has a population of 91,239 as of 2002. 'Am Neckar' being on the river of Neckar, it is abo…
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Schluchsee #104 most popular location
Soltau #105 most popular location
Soltau is a mid-sized town in the Lüneburg Heath in the district of Heidekreis, in Lower Saxony, Germany. Soltau lies centrally between Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover. The name Soltau comes f…
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Monschau #106 most popular location
Monschau is situated in Germany, Rijnland, West-falen. It’s a tipical German village with its medieval town center and its typical half-timbered houses, surrounded by hills and woods, in a …
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Erding #107 most popular location
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Sankt Goar #108 most popular location
Sankt Goar is a little town in the center of the Rhine Valley in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The city runs along the Rhine River with mountains on either side. The town has a po…
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Hinterzarten #109 most popular location
Paderborn #110 most popular location
Paderborn's centre and main sight is the Romanesque-gothic cathedral. Paderborn has been the seat of a Bishop since the early middle ages. The diocese was founded by Charlemagne in 799 when t…
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Bremerhaven #111 most popular location
Bremerhaven is a port city in Northern Germany with 108,000 inhabitants. It is famous for its industrial facilities, but it also offers some tourist sights, e.g. the Zoo, the German Shipping …
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Bispingen #112 most popular location
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Oldenburg #113 most popular location
Oldenburg is a scenic city in Lower Saxony, NW Germany, a short distance from Bremen. The town is full of Germany history and architecture, has a few museums and a botanic garden. It is e…
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Garbsen #114 most popular location
Garbsen is a suburb of Hannover with almost 60,000 inhabitants.
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Tubingen #115 most popular location
Tübingen, a traditional university town in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, is situated 30 km (19 miles) southwest of Stuttgart. It is a beautiful mix of restored medieval town centre and bustlin…
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Ludwigsburg #116 most popular location
Ludwigsburg is a german city approximately 12 kilometres north of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Würrtemberg. The city's population is about 90,000 inhabitants. Moreover, is the river Necka…
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Altenberg #117 most popular location
Altenberg / Erzgebirge The small town Altenberg is the "hub" for the Upper parts of the Eastern Erzgebige, located at an elevation of about 750 m above sea level and conveniently accessibl…
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Boblingen #118 most popular location
Papenburg #119 most popular location
Papenburg is a city in the district of Emsland in Lower Saxony, Germany, situated at the river Ems. It is known for its large shipyard, the Meyer-Werft, which specializes in building cruise l…
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Bayreuth #120 most popular location
The city is best known for its association with the composer Richard Wagner, who lived in Bayreuth from 1872 until his death in 1883. Wagner's villa, "Wahnfried", was constructed in Bayreuth …
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Meissen #121 most popular location
Hohenschwangau #122 most popular location
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Bacharach #123 most popular location
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Bad Durkheim #124 most popular location
Konigswinter #125 most popular location
Königswinter is a town and summer resort in the Rhein-Sieg district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated on the right bank of the Rhine at the foot of the Siebengebirge. As…
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Plauen #126 most popular location
Plauen is located in the southwestern tip of Saxony. It is the central town in the Saxon part of Vogtland, a region at the foot of the Ore Mountains that extends over Saxony and Thuringia plu…
Wittenberg #127 most popular location
The quaint town of Wittenberg (officially known as Lutherstadt Wittenberg) in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Easy to get to from Leipzig and Berlin, Wittenberg has a charming Alt…
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Jena #128 most popular location
Jena, originally founded by winegrowers, dates back to 1236. Since the foundation of the university in 1558, the city has acquired European prominence. This delightful city, which enjoys …
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Neuschwanstein #129 most popular location
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Aschaffenburg #130 most popular location
Aschaffenburg - the Bavarian Nice Located on the border to the state Hesse but still lying in Bavaria, Aschaffenburg feels like a more quiet and less crowded town than Frankfurt but cannot…
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Leinfelden-Echterdingen #131 most popular location
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Schwabisch Hall #132 most popular location
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Bad Wildungen #133 most popular location
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Landstuhl #134 most popular location
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Neu-Isenburg #135 most popular location
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Schleswig #136 most popular location
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Landshut #137 most popular location
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Medebach #138 most popular location
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Remscheid #139 most popular location
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Sundern #140 most popular location
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Hamelin #141 most popular location
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Bad Herrenalb #142 most popular location
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Weeze #143 most popular location
Weeze is a small town situated in the Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) region of Germany. It has about 10.000 inhabitants. The town now known as Weeze dates back as far as the early thirteenth c…
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Worms #144 most popular location
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Gelsenkirchen #145 most popular location
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Bad Kreuznach #146 most popular location
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Solingen #147 most popular location
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Bad Nauheim #148 most popular location
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Bad Schandau #149 most popular location
Rosenheim #150 most popular location
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Thale #151 most popular location
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Bad Bentheim #152 most popular location
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Limburg an der Lahn #153 most popular location
Limburg an der Lahn is a lovely little city in the State of Hesse. Lahn is the name of the river that crosses the town. The Old Town is wonderful with all its traditional timber frame Germa…
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Warnemunde #154 most popular location
Greifswald #155 most popular location
City of tradition and tranquility Greifswald is located in the northeastern part of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania between the two largest islands of Rügen and Uznam
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Daun #156 most popular location
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Oberwesel #157 most popular location
Oberwesel is a town on the west back of the Rhine about mid-way between Koblenz and Bingen. It is a walled city with much of the wall still intact. Many of the original 21 towers are intact…
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Norderney #158 most popular location
Norderney is a small island located off the North Sea coast of Germany. It belongs to the 'East Frisian Islands' group. The island is about 15 kilometers long and a maximum 2.5 kilometers wid…
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Aschheim #159 most popular location
Bad Munstereifel #160 most popular location
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Gunzburg #161 most popular location
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Memmingen #162 most popular location
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Kamp-Bornhofen #163 most popular location
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Bayrischzell #164 most popular location
Coburg #165 most popular location
Coburg is a small town in the Bavarian state of Germany about 110 miles east of Frankfurt. Probably Coburg's most notable landmark is Veste Coburg (Coburg Fortress) which sits on a hill ov…
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Bottrop #166 most popular location
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Kelsterbach #167 most popular location
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Emden #168 most popular location
Emden is the center of Ostfriesland (East Frisia), the region in the northwestern corner of Germany by the shores of the North Sea. This region has a great history and amazing historical arch…
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Bad Doberan #169 most popular location
Bad Doberan offers two major attractions: the Münster church, one of the most marvelous examples of brick gothic architecture, and the Molli, a steam train that runs right through the street…
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Russelsheim #170 most popular location
Fellbach #171 most popular location
Wangen im Allgau #172 most popular location
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Iserlohn #173 most popular location
Iserlohn is located at the north end of the Sauerland near the Ruhr river and is the largest city by population and area within the district of the Märkische Kreis in North-Rhine Westphalia,…
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Morfelden-Walldorf #174 most popular location
Morfelden-Walldorf is actually two small villages just west of Frankfurt Airport. Each has a local train station and a few good restaurants. Morfelden has more half-timbered construction ho…
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Siegburg #175 most popular location
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Hagen #176 most popular location
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Salzgitter #177 most popular location
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Villingen-Schwenningen #178 most popular location
Villingen-Schwenningen is a city in the South-West of Baden-Württemberg and has around 81.000 inhabitants. Villingen-Schwenningen is a twin city, formerly the two cities Villingen (Baden) a…
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Stade #179 most popular location
Stade is a popular daytrip destination located in the suburbs of Hamburg. A port city founded during the Middle ages, it became a district capital under Swedish rule in 1666. With the inventi…
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Idar-Oberstein #180 most popular location
In fact, the city is a combination of two cities: Idar and Oberstein connected by the main street. The originally independent cities Idar and Oberstein were united in 1933 along with the vill…
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Marburg #181 most popular location
Marburg is situated in the land Hess by the river Lahn. Marburg is split into the 'upper town' on top of the hill and the 'lower town' in the valley. The historic centre is very quaint with s…
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Seiffen #182 most popular location
Nurburg #183 most popular location
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Detmold #184 most popular location
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Freyburg #185 most popular location
Freyburg is a town in the Burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated on the river Unstrut, 9 km northwest of Hanseatic Naumburg, 63 km from Leipzig and 231 km from Be…
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Fischen #186 most popular location
Olsberg #187 most popular location
Pirna #188 most popular location
Pirna is a city in the Free State of Saxony, Germany in the administrative district of the Sächsische Schweiz. The city's population is over 40,000. Pirna is located near Dresden and is an i…
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Attendorn #189 most popular location
Bad Sackingen #190 most popular location
Bad Säckingen is a very small town in the administrative district of Waldshut in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.
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Bad Saarow #191 most popular location
Zwickau #192 most popular location
Home town of the Trabant, or Trabbi, they now produce more Volkswagen than Trabbies, unfortunatly....I love the Trabbi :) Zwickau is also famous for Robert Schumann and the theatre. There ar…
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Hallbergmoos #193 most popular location
Clausthal-Zellerfeld #194 most popular location
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Mosbach #195 most popular location
Bautzen #196 most popular location
Bautzen is a small city in Saxony, Germany. Near the Spree River, it isn't far from Dresden or the Czech border. Bautzen is also considered to be the center of the Sorb community, something…
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Fehmarn #197 most popular location
Fehmarn is a German island and a popular holiday destination located in the Baltic Sea. Most Scandinavian tourists drive through this island on their way from Denmark to Central Europe.
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Gladbeck #198 most popular location
Troisdorf #199 most popular location
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Eschborn #200 most popular location
Eschborn is a town of about 20.000 inhabitants in the Rhein-Main-Region bordering Frankfurt. Despite of its image as a pure work and sleep town it has a nice old center with the old church …
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