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Atlanta #1 most popular location
It might be becoming as noted for its borderline overpopulation, environmental issues and ever spiraling population as its attractions, but plenty are still steaming down the coast to check o…
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Savannah #2 most popular location
Sometimes described as a beautiful lady with a dirty face, and reveling in a sense of adventure and somewhat-sinful and undignified behavior, Savannah is the 4th largest city in Georgia. Whil…
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Augusta #3 most popular location
Augusta is the second largest city in the state of Georgia. It is home to the Masters Golf Tournament and the home of James Brown.Fort Gordon is located in Augusta which serves as the United…
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Macon #4 most popular location
Located just over an hour away from Atlanta, Macon epitomizes a city in the south. It is a city that has history around every corner next to modern day life. Along with being able to explore …
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Columbus #5 most popular location
Columbus, Georgia, once the site of a Creek Indian Village, is one of the few cities in the United States to be planned in advance of its founding. Columbus, which encompasses an area of a…
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Brunswick #6 most popular location
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College Park #7 most popular location
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Norcross #8 most popular location
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Marietta #9 most popular location
Marietta, Georgia is a wealthy suburb of Atlanta, which is located northwest of the city. It’s about a 30 minute drive to Atlanta. Since it’s so close to Atlanta, you get the best of bo…
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Valdosta #10 most popular location
Valdosta is a city of just under 50,000 population and the county seat of Lowndes County. It is called the Azalea City as the plant grows in profusion there; the city hosts an annual Azal…
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Athens #11 most popular location
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Kennesaw #12 most popular location
Kennesaw is located in Cobb County and is a northwestern suburb of Atlanta. It was selected as one of the 10 Best Towns for Families and is also the home of Kennesaw State University. It is a…
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Duluth #13 most popular location
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Kingsland #14 most popular location
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Stone Mountain #15 most popular location
Stone Mountain, GA is located just outside of Atlanta. Over the years Stone Mountain has been one of the largest suppliers of Granite for construction purposes worldwide. There was once a l…
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Tybee Island #16 most popular location
Tybee Island is on the coast of Georgia, located about 15 minutes from Savannah. Most people come to Tybee Island to get away from it all and enjoy the beach. There are rentals homes availa…
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Saint Simons Island #17 most popular location
Part of lower coastal Georgia's Golden Isles, Saint Simons is the third most southern island from the FL/GA state border, latitude 31.21 N and longitude 81.39 W. It is across the marsh, over …
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Warner Robins #18 most popular location
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McDonough #19 most popular location
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East Point #20 most popular location
Rome #21 most popular location
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Helen #22 most popular location
Less than two-hour drive from downtown Atlanta sits the town of Helen. What makes the little town so special and attracts visitors all year around is not only the beautiful mountainous range …
Statesboro #23 most popular location
Statesboro, Georgia is a small community of near 25,000 covering an area of twelve and a half square miles. Its economy is strongly influenced by agriculture and Georgia Southern University …
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Hapeville #24 most popular location
Visit the small, historic Georgia town of Hapeville. It's only a few minutes from the Atlanta airport and is en route to Atlanta itself. http://www.hapeville.org/ History: Once regarded as…
Cordele #25 most popular location
Cordele is a small town in south Georgia that's most famous for a country song from the 90's about the annual Watermelon Festival.
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Decatur #26 most popular location
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Suwanee #27 most popular location
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Covington #28 most popular location
The city of Covington, with a population of around 12,000, has a wonderful historic district as well as well maintained downtown area. A couple of the highlights of town are: • Oxford H…
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Douglasville #29 most popular location
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Jekyll Island #30 most popular location
Jekyll Island is located along the coast of Georgia in an area known as Georgia’s Golden Isles. The island is small and relatively unpopulated, although it is within driving distance of ot…
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Acworth #31 most popular location
Acworth, GA, is about 30 miles northwest of the City of Atlanta in what used to be farmland. Now it is a suburb of the still growing city of Atlanta. The area becomes very family friendly p…
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Richmond Hill #32 most popular location
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Lithia Springs #33 most popular location
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Forsyth #34 most popular location
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Buford #35 most popular location
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Saint Marys #36 most popular location
Escape to a time well before yesterday, and plunge yourself in history, romance and adventure. Historic St. Mary's enchanting storybook setting on the St. Mary’s River calls with white pick…
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Dahlonega #37 most popular location
Dahlonega is a small town north of Atlanta in Lumpkin county. An hour drive up Intersate 400 will send directly into the picturesque mountain town. The town has grown much in the last decad…
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Canton #38 most popular location
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Austell #39 most popular location
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Carrollton #40 most popular location
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Fairburn #41 most popular location
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Americus #42 most popular location
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Dillard #43 most popular location
Locust Grove #44 most popular location
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Pine Mountain #45 most popular location
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Cumming #46 most popular location
Cumming is a northern suburb of Atlanta, approx 30 miles from downtown. In reality, it refers to the entire Forsyth County, of which Cumming is the county seat and only incorporated town. …
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Blairsville #47 most popular location
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Braselton #48 most popular location
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Cleveland #49 most popular location
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Toccoa #50 most popular location
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Suches #51 most popular location
Suches is in the Georgia mountains, about 2 hours north of Atlanta. Located on GA Hwy. 60, 15 miles to Dahlonega for any major stores and banks. Altitude of around 3,000 ft…
Folkston #52 most popular location
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Blakely #53 most popular location
Blakely is a small town of about 6,000 population in Early County, Georgia. Kolomoki Mounds State Park is nearby.
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Buckhead #54 most popular location
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Hampton #55 most popular location
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Chickamauga #56 most popular location
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Sautee #57 most popular location
East Ellijay #58 most popular location
Fort Gaines #59 most popular location
Fort Gaines is on the very westernmost edge of Georgia along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. It has a population of about 1,100. It is the county seat of Clay County. It has a home t…
Sandy Springs #60 most popular location
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Thunderbolt #61 most popular location
Tallulah Falls #62 most popular location
Chattahoochee #63 most popular location
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