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225 Baker Street Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA

Georgia Aquarium Atlanta Reviews

bensonryan bensonry…
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Massive Aquarium downtown Atlanta Jan 03, 2015
The Georgia Aquarium is a public aquarium that's located downtown Atlanta. This is a highly recommended attraction and a recently developed modern marvel with each fish tank roughly 4 feet thick of glass with guests able to look through many species and subspecies of fish and marine mammal life.

Species the guest can observe include shark, whale, penguin, sea otter, spider crab, urchin, starfish and stingray. There is an encased glass tunnel where visitors can view the species and subspecies interacting above them. There is also a large encased fish tank theater that can seat hundreds of visitors. A large gift shop filled with trinkets and T-shirts are great for visitors who want to acquire souvenirs.

A lot of care and creativity had been put into the recent construction of this aquarium, giving the exhibits a very modern personal feel to it. Both educational and entertaining, these exhibits seem to manage to appeal visitors from all walks of life. I have a better appreciation of marine life after visiting and an understanding of how massive the world underwater is.

Georgia Aquarium is a very popular attraction that has my recommendation. Though I enjoyed it, it tends to suffer from the symptoms like many urban popular attractions, parking and waiting in line. You might want to clear your calendar for that day if you are a driver. There may be some patience required when visiting the six exhibits of the aquarium due to the seemingly overcrowded lobbies and auditoriums. Not exactly a theme park ride type of wait but still a bit of a wait. I don't think the location was the most ideal due to the ongoing traffic situations in the area.
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jdale3568 jdale3568
6 reviews
whale sharks Aug 16, 2014
First I would like to say they are some positive things here. They have whale sharks and Beluga whales. The dolphin show is amazing must get a ticket to see it. Now the bad. The parking in Atlanta is high and the streets are scary. The aquarium is not laid o out well feels crowded. The food is both terrible and expensive. It is a ok place to visit once but wouldn't get another season pass. Atlanta needs to clean up the streets and jail all the thugs and panhandlers. If you go eat first there are some decent places to eat near Phillips which is within walking distance. You can also buy a city pass and do more things the cops cola building is close and is ok just very expensive. I would not go there when the local sports teams are playing because the traffic will be worse.
jdale3568 jdale3568
6 reviews
whale sharks Aug 16, 2014
First I would like to say they are some positive things here. They have whale sharks and Beluga whales. The dolphin show is amazing must get a ticket to see it. Now the bad. The parking in Atlanta is high and the streets are scary. The aquarium is not laid o out well feels crowded. The food is both terrible and expensive. It is a ok place to visit once but wouldn't get another season pass. Atlanta needs to clean up the streets and jail all the thugs and panhandlers. If you go eat first there are some decent places to eat near Phillips which is within walking distance.
Valdene Valdene
2 reviews
Great experience..many tourists...$$$$ Apr 01, 2011
I went to Atlanta during my sophomore year for spring break, and one of the attractions in "Pemberton Place" downtown was this aquarium. It was absolutely beautiful and is said to be one of the largest or the largest (not sure) in the world. What I enjoyed the most was the Ocean Voyager exhibit, it was awe inspiring, I literally just stood there for about 1/2 hr and just admired how beautiful the creatures were in this amazingly sustained ecosystem. Another pro was the proximity of the aquarium to World of Coca Cola and CNN studios which I went to and enjoyed as well. The only downside would be the great amount of people that were there and at times just getting a bite to eat at the food stations became taxing, but I guess that's what I get for choosing to go during spring break. Overall a great experience...

N.B: Be prepared to spend some cash though...its not cheap!
abbybsb902 abbybsb9…
14 reviews
Expensive fun..lacks what other aquarium has and has what other aquariums have Oct 18, 2010
You will see so many different species of sharks that you may have never witness in your life or other oceanic life making it worth the expensive $28 admission fee. I personally thought the special exhibition Shark Planet was horrendous and not worth the additional $5 to see castings of sharks teeth and stuff I could have seen online in the comfort of my home. Unfortunately, the aquarium is lacking some basic oceanic life such as dolphins which a do-cine informed me they were getting next year. This suppose to be the largest aquarium in the world but seems semi small. The penguin exhibition is great with the "tubes" though adults have to go through the painful crawl hallways hurting their backs and knees (please actually crawl it will be easier on your body) Unfortunately, there are no shows at the aquarium but once again you will see fish you won't else where like a albino male and female alligator. Certain oceanic life are allowed to be touch at times and there is a playground for children. This aquarium is completely inside. If you are a shark fan go here. If you are a fan of shows and dolphins don't.
huddleston huddlest…
43 reviews
Lots of people, but lots of fun! Apr 04, 2010
I won't lie. I very much enjoy the overpriced, somewhat touristy, and epitome of cliched attractions. In fact when I travel, I like to spend equal amounts of time exploring the unknown and the other half touring mega attractions. If you're like me, a trip to Atlanta would not be complete without a visit to the amazing Georgia Aquarium. When I was in Atlanta visiting friends last May, the aquarium was at the top of my list. Being a "tourist" and animal lover at heart, the aquarium has been a must see my list for a long time.

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium, and features more animals than any other aquarium. There are more than eight million gallons of water making up over 60 exhibits. Pretty much anything that is "the world's largest," makes my list of must sees.

My friend Danika and I spent most of the afternoon at the Georgia aquarium marveling at the animals and massive amounts of water. I was impressed by the quality of the exhibits, and the "global water story" that is told throughout the building. Each exhibit is majestic in its own right, and has been designed to inspire, entertain and educate. My favorite section was the ocean fish and deep sea creatures called Ocean Voyager. There is a huge tunnel measuring 100 feet in length, which you walk through to enter the exhibit. I felt completely immersed in the underwater environment. The most spectacular part though, was the giant acrylic viewing window. When i say window i mean WALL OF PLEXIGLAS. The window is 23 feet tall and 61 feet wide. There are giant groupers, hammerheads, sting rays, whale sharks, and Nandi the only U.S. residing manta ray! I could have spent all day in the viewing room watching the magnificent fish swim back and forth. Some of the other highlights are the beluga whales, interactive exhibits where i was able to pet rays and anemones, and the jellyfish tanks where i took some amazing photographs!

While I was visiting a special Titanic exhibit was there. I'm not sure how long it will be at the Aquarium, so I apologize if it has already moved on. The exhibit was an additional $8, but I thought it was money well spent! The exhibition brings to life the story of that ill fated, infamous ship. The exhibit includes a vast collection of more than 190 artifacts recovered from Titanic’s debris field, including 40 that have never before been seen. There are also amazing room recreations and an authoritative and complete history of the ship. Some of the intact china and clothing is amazing. I am a big fan of exhibits such as these, and i am a sucker for history trips.

The aquarium is a must see for anyone traveling to Atlanta. Be prepared for massive amounts of people though. The aquarium is a huge draw and on any given day, there are long lines and a copious number of people. The hassle of wading through the crowd is worth it though. Tickets can be expensive, but I purchased a dual "World of Coke/ Aquarium" ticket that saved me quite a bit of money.
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GAJenn GAJenn
4 reviews
Not enough bang for the buck! Nov 12, 2009
This attraction is rather pricey ($26 adult, $19.50 child)and has only 4 exhibit areas included in that price. You pay extra for the 4D theater exhibit ($5.50 for adults, $4.00 for kids), if you wish to see it. Several exhibits were closed/under renovation when I visited (11/09). The large tank was the best exhibit, but was very overcrowded and noisy with 3 student tours so you couldn't get very close. However, lots of beautiful fish swimming, especially loved the manta rays and whale sharks. The poor penguins kept swimming at the glass, I felt like they were trying to escape. The touch pool for the rays was fun, until the student tours caught up to us and made it pointless by being too rough in water. Staff was generally surly and more involved with chatting. Food court is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced ($3.40 for a Simply Lemonade drink!, etc) and slow service. Oneneat thing, there are audio tours available for download to your iPod, not sure of cost - saw signs while at Aquarium and thought it was a neat idea. Overall, took us 2.5 hours to see it all - and that was taking our time. I suggest buying tickets as a bundle if there are other attractions you want to see, get more value for your money. I much prefer the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California and don't expect to return here unless vast improvements are made.
Entrance to GA Aquarium.
Manta Ray swimming overhead (shot …
Sea Dragons
Large tank, long shot
ladywolve ladywolve
10 reviews
Expensive Tourist Trap Aug 23, 2008
Don't go here. You are wasting your money and time. You would get

just as much as going to your local fish store, etc. This place is very

expensive. It is $24.00 per person. They advertise as being the biggest

aquarium in the world. Thats a total rip-off. SeaWorld is much bigger,

and better equipped. The price is better too. I really hate to say

such negative responses, but I also don't like the public always being

taken advantage of, and in this case, I think they do. We like seeing

marine life too, that is why we paid. We are so sorry that we did.
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o_dog o_dog
79 reviews
Sep 15, 2007
I am a sucker for marine life. I visit the Georgia Aquarium at least once every year, and I don’t even have a season pass. The entrance fee can be pretty steep ($24 for adults and there’s no student fee), especially when you have other places to visit in Atlanta. However, here’s the trick. If you go to the aquarium close to their closing time (around 4 PM – they close at 6), they sell the ticket half-price. Naturally, you need to make sure you get there in time and have sufficient time to browse around the exhibit. Plus, going there toward the end of summer when school has started helps a lot as there are not that many visitors.

So I paid $12 and with the aquarium map in hand, I was ready to greet my marine friends. To use the short period of time allotted to see all the great exhibits, try to go reverse. Most people like to start from ‘River Scout’ because it is just across from the entrance hall and go clockwise to other exhibits. I recommend starting from ‘Ocean Voyager’ or ‘Tropical Diver’ and go counter-clockwise. Better yet, never leave the site without experiencing the underwater tunnel and the gigantic viewing window in ‘Ocean Voyager.’

My fave was and has always been the re-creation of tropical coral reef environment in ‘Tropical Diver’ – it’s just so fantastic. For me it’s just a total relaxing gallery. It’s blue and green and tropical water creatures in exceptional colors. What makes this exhibit even perfect is the creation of crashing waves above the viewing gallery that come in every few minutes, complete with the sounds.
Coral Reef
"Tropical Diver"
Underwater Tunnel
chrisbauer chrisbau…
11 reviews
Jun 26, 2007
Newly openned, the Georgia Aquarium is a high volume state of the art aquatic complex in Atlanta, Georgia. The main attraction at the Georgia aquarium is the approximately 6 million gallon Ocean Voyager exhibit which houses the world's largest fish, the whale shark, as well thousands of smaller fish ranging from hammerhead sharks to grouper to stingrays and everything inbetween. All told, around 85,000 animals share this tank (most of them small fish swimming in large schools). The Cold Water Quest was also fantastic, this exhibit houses beluga whales, sea otters, sea lions and giant octopus as well as others. Other exhibits include the Tropical diver, a small coral reef exhibit; the River Scout, featuring freshwater fish and Asian small-clawed otters and the Georgia Explorer, featuring animals native to Georgia. This attraction costs around $20 per person, which is about average for an aquarium, and you should consider booking your reservation ahead of time online. Only a certain number of people are let in per hour, and online reservations ensure that you'll be able to get in when you want.
A whale shark in the main tank in …
pbobenhausen pbobenha…
22 reviews
Sep 02, 2007
The layout of the Georgia Aquarium was a little confusing a first, but once you understand it, it is great. Each section you visit is a different theme. They have a great kids area with slides and pools to pet different aquatic life. We could hardly get our daughter to leave the children's area. One thing I do recommend is that you eat before you go. There is a cafeteria style food area that is very expensive. We spent more than double what it would have cost outside of the aquarium.

I thought that the admission was a little high, especially for the children. Overall, the trip was enjoyable.

A parking garage is attached to the Georgia Aquarium. The cost is $10.

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Georgia Aquarium Map
photo by: vulindlela