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A worldwide phenomenon Jan 18, 2009
Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt that perfectly combines the sense of nature, interest in exploring new and hidden spots and a certain ambition to overcome the own limits in a pretty cool and enticing way.

All you need are the hints and/or coordinates of your preferred cache from the official website, a compass or even better a GPS system, a little feeling for reading more or less obvious tracks and a tiny bit of patience.

If you follow the track in the correct way you’ll (probably) discover a cache filled with small, interesting but not always useful things like small toys, paper-clips or crown caps. Leave a note in the logbook, pick one of these funny items and replace this one with another gift.

Sure, you won’t get rich but travelling around, looking (desperately) for these caches and being successful in the end is quite delightful (especially if you’re working as a team).

There exist five different levels of these highly competitive hiding places. While level one caches are easily found and do not contain the most valuable treasures, level four or five caches are hidden in caves or in the sea but therefore you could also get a laptop or mp3-player.

Since geocaching has become a worldwide hype the places that have to be discovered are definitely worth a visit. Both many well-known, exciting spots and idyllic, untouched places are involved in this creative way of getting to know our own surroundings and foreign regions.

The more fun geocaching is and the more people do like this kind of hobby, the more some nature protectors sound the alarm ‘cause nature reserves and rare animals could be threatened. That’s why everyone, who’s infected by the geocaching virus should be careful and respectful when running around with ants in the pants and trying to find this or that cache! It’s significant that both the urge to spot such a tiny treasure box and the nature’s beauty stay in the centre of attraction!

So, if you’re interested in spending endless hours outdoors including searching for a treasure and being impressed by never seen places, go for geocaching and do not feel uncomfortable because of the surprising looks by so-called muggles (non-geocachers)!
Tricky to find
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alyssa_ob says:
Great review! I love geocaching! Your review is well written. I almost feel like I'm out in nature looking for a cache! Although I'm not sure what geocaches offer laptops or mp3 players. Could you point me in that direction?
Posted on: Oct 03, 2009
Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
Hi Kora, Congrats on your featured review!! :-)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2009
mlynn_hartwell says:
I have been Geocaching for years.... it's a lot of fun when you are away from home to discover places that "locals" find interesting for the rest of us to discover.
Posted on: Sep 27, 2009
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