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Bangkok, Thailand

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mc_trusty mc_trusty
2 reviews
Thailand Jan 16, 2009
Thailand was fantastic, there is something for everyone. I started my trip in Bangkok, the city is just full of life and there's never a dull moment. Whether you walking round, or on a tuk tuk you'll see something that you either find amazing, funny or just plain wierd.

There's too many temples, so don't try to see them all. The Golden Mountain is definately worth a visit, you get a fantasitic view of the city from the top. There is a great shopping centre there, I think from memory it's called BMK, There is floor with a massive restaurant on, the restaurant does all sorts of cuisine so it caters for all. Khao San Road is obviously a must see, it changes dramatically at night into a massive party where you can meet fellow travellers and the locals. Beware of the Kids they're leathel at thumb wars. The Sangsom Buckets are also a must.

From Bangkok i went down to Ko Samui, I only used this Island as a means as getting across to Ko Tao, and found it a little too "touristic", it does have beatiful beaches and is very lively but only spent the First and last nights in the Islands here so can't really tell you too much, sorry.

Ko Tao is amazing, it's so relaxed, and gives you the chance to just take it in at your own pace. It's really just a Diving Island so you could argue to either Stay on Ko Samui or go to Ko Phanghan, if diving is not your cup of tea. The Beaches, and Scenery is breath taking though so I would advise a look even if it's just for a couple of days.

I stayed with Simple Life Divers, it's very cheap and well run. I would advise you to hire a Bike while there as they're so cheap and really help you get around.

I went over to Ko Phanghan for the full party, it's just incredible, easily the biggest party I've ever seen, though only take money, if you do want to take a camera, make sure it's a cheap disposable one, theft is really high at the full party. We were told to stay at the north of the Island as it's not uncommon to have your bags taken from your rooms while enjoying the Sangsom Buckets. Though if your just there for the one night from one of the other islands, try to stay local and leave your bags. The ferry tickets can be bought from your hotel in advance, so no trouble getting round. I flew into Ko Samui, and found the Flights fairly cheap if you book in advance. I know it's cheating, but the train/bus from Bangkok did'nt seem to appealing.

Other than the above your on your own. Enjoy.
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tntgoeast tntgoeast
5 reviews
Dec 11, 2006
The 'lonely planet' and 'footprint' guidebooks are good at naming the most common, uptodate cons/tips/scams/advice as they get their info primarily from recent travellers that have been to the specific areas.

Common sense prevails! It helps if you are streetwise anyway, ie.,don'thave valuablesbeing flashed about, be aware of where you stick your money and valuables, keep things locked and secured at every opportunity. I say this because it is easy to feel relaxed and at ease so much you think everything is going to be alright, then , pow! You find someone has broken into YOUR room or stolen from YOUR pockets.

You never know what is going to happen , nor when, so always use your brain! Too many people out here geting monged or bladdered they don't know what is going on.

Some learn the hard way!

Do your homework , don't be ignorant.

Local people really appreciate it when you show you have learned local etiquette,customs, phrases and body/hand gestures. It is just like a 'tourist' in our home countries, we are touched and happy when a 'foreigner' has gone to a little trouble to learn these little things that go such a long way to make a memorable meeting our journey.
umbralwalker says:
You can check out the reviews on our site as well. Mostly for general Thailand.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2006
JarDuck says:
I experienced the most safe feeling while in Thailand and was there a month.

Definitely learning some basic cultural norms would be advisable. I have lots of things you should do, places to eat, etc. on and off the beaten tourist trail. Msg. me for details.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2006

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