General advic about safety - my personal experience

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

General advic about safety - my personal experience Rio de Janeiro Reviews

Needtogetaway Needtoge…
2 reviews
Rio - many years ago, but a terrible experience Jun 26, 2011
My mother got mugged, in broad daylight, while getting onto a crowded bus, in front of tons of people. She was pulled down to the ground from the highest part of the bus while the mugger was trying to wrestle her purse from her. They mugger ran, my father chased, into a waiting car. They were targeting american tourists, and there was some political hatred for us at that time (we were warned, many times). The people on the bus afterward were laughing at us. Seriously. I cannot make this stuff up.
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alesqi alesqi
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Jun 22, 2007
Ok, so you're about to travel to the City of Wonders, you've been reading everything and its opposite on internet, in travel guides etc., but you're still left with no real advice on "what should *I* do?".

It exactly happenned to me the same way, so read on.

I'll go straight to advices you could use for yourself:

* If you're not comfortable with the idea of running into people who will ask for money and talking them out of your way, and/or if you're traveling there on your own, and/or if you don't have the backpacker/local look, then take a cab wherever you're going to. It's cheap, drivers are very friendly, no problem.

* Any cab will do. Take the yellow ones, chat with the driver, especially if you learnt a couple of portuguese words, and enjoy the ride. Private, shady windows cabs are more expensive and not required for better security (unless you look filthy rich - many cops are also taxi drivers since their first job's wage is not enough)

* If you can meet up with locals via travbuddy and hang out together, do it! Especially when you're travelling alone, being with a group is much better for you. And you'll feel more comfortable.

* When you go outside, don't dress up, wear flip-fops, shorts, a pair of jeans, and off you go!

* Popular areas are safe. People around you will notice if someone is trying to trick/softly mug you. Use this at your advantage.

* Take a taxi wherever you're going at night. Don't go near the beach at night.

* Brazilian people are friendly. Very friendly. People looking like crooks are crooks. Avoid them, go and talk to other people if you feel unsecure.

* Calm down, relax, don't look nervous, try to befriend people and hang out with them, have fun and enjoy Rio, you will probably remember it all your life and want to go back (I do, though I did hand out my money once)
HuBison says:
My friend and I actually walked down a street (we were just wandering around the restaurants) and we probably looked like we knew where we were going until we turned a corner and saw a tunnel heading into a mountain! Needless to say, anyone who was watching us saw us make a nice cool u-turn back the way we came.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2010
sidfresh says:
Good to know, thanks
Posted on: Dec 20, 2007
cneoridium says:
Hey, that's pretty good - thanks!!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2007

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