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Just some general tips Aug 05, 2012
Here is some general information that will help you when in Costa Rica:

-Always have someone near your bag on the beach.

-Never book a tour through a hotel. Someone will book with you directly when you're walking around. Same tour just minus commission for the hotel and other fees.

-Water is safe to drink in most areas

-Remember that if you take money out of the ATM you will be hit with a international fee in addition to using a ATM that is not affiliated with your bank.

-Don't forget about the departure fee if is not included in your book.

-Remember to tip your guides. I believe its 10% per person

-I didn't have any stomach aches and I did everything I would do back home. Then again..I was there for only a week.

-Don't be shocked if there are bugs at your hotels unless you're staying at a swanky one. You are in a tropical environment.

-Some Spanish does help

It gets dark very quickly. Try not to be stuck driving on the roads if you're not on the main city. There are few lights and plenty of people who like to ride there bike in the road.

-Remember..speed limit is in Kilometers per hour. The conversion is miles multiplied by 6/10..I believe?
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