Gellert Baths & Spa Budapest

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H-1118 Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: (36-1) 466-6166
Gellert Baths & Spa Budapest - The foyer,

Gellert Baths & Spa Budapest Reviews

candyrain candyrain
2 reviews
Set adrift on memory bliss... Jun 17, 2011
Spent 3 lovely hours in Gellert Baths on the last day of my trip to Budapest... It was the icing on the cake for a fantastic city break...

The baths are easy to get to by tram... Have long opening hours and they offer massages as well...

There are separate areas for men and women but is open for everyone on Sundays... There is a big swimming pool, saunas and thermal pools with different temperatures... I loved going from one warm pool to the another one and just relaxing in a world of bliss... Did not want to leave but had to catch a flight...

You can rent a towel if you don't have one and you can buy swimwear if you didn't pack any... You get your own cubicle or locker for your stuff... Make sure you go to one of the baths if you visit Budapest...
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rachrmn rachrmn
27 reviews
Gellert Baths & Spa Budapest rest and relaxation Apr 01, 2008
Went to gellert baths and Spa in 2005 with a friend.. We were on a weeks break in Budapest and had heard all about the spas and thermal baths..

The enterance to the building was large and typical hotel like, quite difficult to negotiate what queue to stand in..A beautiful and grand foyer awaited us.. I remember it was very cheap and a good day out.

Budapest was awarded "Spa City" status in the 1930s. the Gellert and Hotel itself was built in 1918, the outdoor pools added later.. Champagne bubble pool opened in 1934.

We headed through to get changed into bathing gear! The changing room area was like a swimming pool, the female attendants gave us towels and keys for a changing room! All quite civillised.

There were several pools to choose from inside, and they were lovely and warm. Beautiful tiles on walls, some steps in the pools a little grubby and worn but nothing to worry about.. I was suffering from an arthritic knee at the time and I swear i did not feel any pain from it for at least a month after the visit.

The outside pools were also lovely but it was rather cold so we stayed inside.

A lovely place well worth visiting!!
The foyer,
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Northboy says:
maybe this could be intersting
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
lucian_32y says:
you're right. It's a very nice spa.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2008
Forager Forager
3 reviews
A really different afternoon Oct 13, 2008
This place is magical. Don't worry about the price list, just get an entry ticket (it will allow you to access all the areas you need). Allow an afternoon (minimum two hours) and make sure you have planned a good dinner for later, as you will be hungry by the time you leave!

If you are the worrying kind, there are helpful information people at the entrance.

You will need a swimming costume (as far as I can tell they don't have the weird "speedo" restriction so common in France), a pair of flip-flops (for the sauna floor, which can be dangerously hot), at least one thick towel (the sauna seats are hot too) and some guts (because nakedness in the single-sex areas is common and therefore tacitly encouraged). Don't be put off 'though - the first thing you'll see is that very few of us are genuinely beautiful!

I had a 15-min massage (pay for this at the attendants' desk in the changing roon) and it was superb, very professional and enjoyable. I had never had one before.

The baths are great. Start with some gentle exercise in the main pool, then loiter in the smaller, warm pool at one end of the same room. When you are ready head for the thermal bath section (single sex areas). Spend 5-10 mins soaking in the 36 degree pool, then the 38 degree pool, then try the sauna if you want (three rooms with increasing heat) and finally do a quick plunge in the tiny cold pool. Then get your massage and meet up with your mates back in the main area. Upstairs from here are deck chairs where you can lounge about, read and swap experiences. Most areas have clocks but not upstairs.

The attendants are professional and well used to tourists. They will show you your changing room and locker and will lock it when you leave it.

I loved this experience but didn't give myself time to do things in the right order, so ended up bathing after my massage which I don't think is as good. Enjoying the baths is vey much a matter of attitude, so do relax and if there is any problem or query speak to an attendant.

Finally (men only issue) the apron isn't compulsory but if you do wear it it's to cover the FRONT parts. Yes, it looks incredibly silly and feels like an invitation of sorts, but most of the guys are wearing them so you won't stand out (and, for those who like word play, the temperature everywhere is so hot you won't want to stand out either!) It's true that the baths are popular places for the gay community, but I got the impression it isn't really considered cool to make approaches beyond some eye contact. If you ignore people they will generally leave you alone. I was glad to have my tinted goggles on (although I was the only one wearing goggles - they are prescription ones and I couldn't cope without. Noone seemed to care).

Have fun!
Quest Quest
59 reviews
Spa in luxurious surroundings Apr 22, 2008
This Spa is the most famous one of all the spa's and thermal baths in Budapest. It lies within the Géllert Hotel and yes, the interiour are quite spectacular. Increible cieling hight, huge colomns and great decor everywhere you look.

BUT.. I have to say we got a bit dissapointed. To get to the changing earas and the one pool we were actaully allowed to use, we walked for I think almost 5-10 minutes. It was up, down and straight forward before we got there. We were shown the 2 changing rooms we had paid for, and boy were they small. It was slightly difficult when we were 2 adults in one. But of course we made it. :o)

The swimming pool water was COLD! But the smaller pool at the one end had the hot water I was there for. It felt great. Although since this was it, we wondered why w had paid that much for so little? And while there, we all agreed that had we known it would be like this, we would rather have gone back to the Zschéhenyi Bath at the Pest side.

We didn't stay there for that long. Think we were there only 45 mins, before we said enough is enough. But we decided to see if we could get some foot massage, so after showering and getting dressed, we headed upstairs nd found the Thai Foot Massage. Turns out it was 6500 HUF for 30 minutes each. And being 2+2, we couldn't afford it.

All in all I feel that the building and interior of this Hotel and Spa is awesome... what you get for your money is NOT and quite disapointing.
James1985 James1985
57 reviews
Revive and rejuvenate! May 27, 2008
When we got to Gellert thermal baths we wanted to relax for a few hours,because of the last few stressful days we had in bosnia and getting to Budapest.And to get rid of some of the travel grime that had built up over the past couple of weeks.

And being in Hungary i thought we should go to a thermal baths.The baths themselves are worth going to just for the architecture of the hotel alone.

When we got into the changing rooms you get shown to your own both and then make your way to the different sex thermal pools.They were SOOOO relaxing even though the temp outside was 38 degrees.I could see the grime and dead skin falling off me.Then i struggled to find the main indoor pool and saunas.Then i went in the steam room which im sure my skin almost peeled off it was so hot.

The i made my way to the outdoor pool and sundeck and relaxed for a while.For £10 i dont think it was too expensive,not seeing as you could easily spend a whole day there!

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