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#1 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
sarahelaine says: "Hotel Grand Cru is a hotel in Gdansk, a short distance away from the old city an..."
#2 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
Deftones says: "I can highly recommend this hotel in the beautiful old town of Gdansk. All the h..."
Average Rate
#3 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
shavy says: "Gdansk is another touristy city of Poland, we were looking a place to stay with ..."
#4 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
cottonfoam says: "Give my husband and I a free breakfast, and we will be the happiest couple in th..."
#5 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
ApurvaN says: "This is a nice option not just for its location - between the railway station an..."
#6 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
nightsky says: "We stayed at the Kamienica Zacisze, a small apartment hotel right in the heart o..."
#7 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
DrSeuss says: "Hotel located close to train station,and bus station beside it, which as we plan..."
Average Rate
#8 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
Located in the centre of Gdansk, the Grand Hostel Gdansk is within a five minute walk from Baltic Sea Culture Centre, Amber Muse...
#9 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
Discover all that Gdansk has to offer with Happy Seven Hostel as a base. The Happy Seven Hostel boasts a convenient location wit...
#10 of 245 hotels in Gdansk
The Justhostel is located in Gdansk making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. The Justhostel boasts a convenien...
Average Rate
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