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Gaziantep is located in the southerneast of Turkey,which is the sixth biggest city of Turkey and the biggest city in the is called "pistachio land" by local people of Turkey.One of the oldest city in the world, the history of the city goes back to 4000 BC.

In last decade,the city has lots improvements on industry, agriculture and tourism.Recently,it becomes one of the touristic spot in Turkey with its history and Cuisine.Most important touristic sights are Zeugma Ancient Site, Archeological Museum, The Fortress of the city, Old city where you can see Antepian Houses, The Glass Museum, Gaziantep Kitchen Museum ....

Gaziantep is also so famous city with its cuisine and Baklava around Turkey and the world. The kitchen of Gaziantep has more than 250 different dishes ,which mostly are composed by Turkish,Kurdish,Armenian,Assyrian and Arabian tastes. It is the native town of Baklava and the city had the patent of "Antep Baklava" By The Instutition of Turkish Patent

This is the city where you can find the history and foods are served for you..