Gateway to the White Cliffs

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Dover, England
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Gateway to the White Cliffs Dover Reviews

ken2010 ken2010
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Dover Castle - the white cliffs Jun 06, 2010
The site for Dover Castle has for more than 2.000 years protected the English coast. Henry the 2nd built the present castle around 1180.

The most spectacular to visit is definetly the Secret Wartime Tunnels.

On the premises there are also traces from the Roman period.

The defences of the medieval castle were constructed during the 12th and 13th centurary.

The castle improved to meet new threats under the 20th centurary. The secret Wartime Tunnels were hosting the Second World War Command Centre and a hospital. But also in the first World War here was the Admirality Look-out still reminding of the significance of the site.

From the Command Centre in the tunnels admiral Bertram Ramsey organised and implemented 'operation Dynamo' evacuating plus 340.000 British soldiers in six days who were trapped in by the Germans in Dunkerque,France.
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danny291 danny291
9 reviews
Dover Castle May 06, 2008
One of the best attractions in my town is the beautiful Castle. Its been described as 'the key to England' due to its defensive significance throughout history. The Castle began to take on its grandeur scale during the reign of King Henry II (1133 - 1189). Louis VIII tried to take over the English Crown in 1216 but was unable to take the Castle. King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) built up the Castle to protect it from any invader, he was known to spend a lot of time at the Castle as was his first wife the Spanish Queen Katharine of Aragon where their marital bed still remains!. In the Eighteenth century with Dover becoming a garrison town, there was a need for barracks and storerooms for the additional troops and their equipment. The solution adopted by Twiss and the Royal Engineers was to create a complex of barracks tunnels about 15 metres below the cliff top and the first troops were accommodated in 1803. At the height of the Napoleonic Wars, the tunnels housed more than 2000 men and to date are the only underground barracks ever built in Britain. With the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the tunnels were converted into air raid shelters and then into an underground hospital. In May 1940, Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey directed the evacuation of French and British soldiers from Dunkirk, code-named Operation Dynamo, from his headquarters in the cliff tunnels. The tunnels are one of the major draws of the Castle, a guide takes you on a tour through the cliffs, its very dark, musty smelling and damp but is very interesting, a lot of stuff has been left as it was during the war and some stuff has been added. The Castle stands right at the top of Connaught Hill and overlooks Dover, its structure and history is very impressive. During World War II the spitfires would engage in 'dog fights' over the strait of Dover, with occupied France only a mere 21 miles away, England bravely fought back and resisted the German attempts. Dover was heavily bombed in the World Wars and over 200 people were killed. The old street we used to live at near Dover Castle was one of the most bombed streets in all of Dover due to its proximity to the Castle. The first bomb to be dropped on England fell near Dover Castle on Christmas Eve 1914 during the first World War. In World War I it was, with Folkestone, one of the main troop embarkation ports for France and thus many troops passed through on their way to Battle, the last thing many of them saw was the White Cliffs of Dover in the distance. The Castle today is owned by English Heritage and is one of the most historically important Castles in England. The castle has 'played' the Tower of London in films such as ' To Kill a King', 'Lady Jane', 'The Other Boleyn Girl', and the initial scene of 'Kevin & Perry Go Large'. The Castle is also reported to be very haunted! Every morning as I walk to work, all i can see towering of Dover is the Castle and it is so beautiful and even more so at night time when it is all lit up, it really is a sight!
a ward in the underground hospital
King Henry VIII and Queen Katharin…
pooterbug pooterbug
5 reviews
Wonderful day visiting Dover Castle Apr 15, 2008
n the recent past, we spent a day at Dover Castle in Dover, England. The first glimpse that I had of it was arriving by ferry boat from Calais, France. It looks very impressive sitting atop the white cliffs of Dover. So, my interest was piqued.

Little did we know how vast the site is and what all is included there. Firstly, it is not a standard castle that has belonged to families for eons. No, it was a military keep. Thus, it is rather spartan with its interior. You get a real feel of what soldiers felt while living inside there.

Sadly, you do not get to see a great deal of The Keep, but the multimedia show is educational. Just surrounding the Keep are shops, cafes, museums that were once small houses or workshops.

Then, just outside the innerwalls surrounding the Keep, are even older ruins and tunnels. The medieval tunnels are a must see. Let your mind wander what it was like for a soldier to sit there with it's dark and musty interior.

Besides the medieval tunnels, you can visit the WWI tunnels. This truly is a must see. Everything is as it was then. Vital decisions of WWII were made in these dark tunnels. Many people lived there and it also housed the local hospital. The tour is both educational and amusing.

Had enough? There's still more. View the Roman fire tower, or the old chapel. Perhpas you want to visit the armaments exhibit? They are all options.

The site itself is rather expansive and hilly. Still, don't be put off by the possibility of hiking everywhere. While that is an option, there is easy transportation available that comes around every 15 minutes or so. You hop on or off as you please. It is all very well done and makes it easy to visit.

Dover Castle is both impressive and vast with incredible views and scenery. See how it has been home to the military for centuries.
view of Dover Castle

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