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Lima, Peru

Gastronomical International Festival - Mistura Lima Reviews

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Desde el 2008 se ha venido realizando anualmente esta feria y desde el 2013 se ha instalado en las playas de Magdalena, en el circuito de la Costa Verde. Es la mayor feria gastronómica de Lima y considerada la mejor y más importante de Latinoamérica.

Después de todos estos años al fin pude visitarlo, un extenso escenario dividido en 15 "mundos" (de los dulces, del ceviche, del pan, el Gran Mercado, etc., etc.) en donde se cumplen los objetivos de APEGA, revalorando el papel del productor (800 expositores regionales), mostrando nuestra biodiversidad y cómo cuidarla y convirtiendo al cocinero en el gran motor de la integración lo cual se cumple con creces, en la cocina no hay diferencias, todos trabajan por un solo fin logrando año con año que nuestra gastronomía sea reconocida mundialmente, no sólo por su sabor y diversidad sino por su historia.

Además de los productores y de la comida, MISTURA también ofrece espectáculos artísticos como los pasacalles regionales y presentación de artistas locales que amenizan la visita. También en al Auditorio se presentan chef internacionales de gran prestigio quienes ofrecen sus ponencias a la vez que una clase magistral, a las cuales asisten decenas de aspirantes a chef.

Es obvio que un evento de tal envergadura y que recibe a diario a miles de personas también tiene sus inconvenientes como las largas hileras de gente esperando por su plato de comida, mesas insuficientes para todos los comensales, el tráfico imposible cuando los cientos de autos se retiran del recinto, pero vale la pena y espero que al ver las fotos entiendan por qué.

El ticket de entrada cuesta 25 soles, pero hay días de entrada popular bajando el precio a 15 soles, niños a 8 soles; se expenden tickets para los platos de comida a un promedio de 13 soles, habiendo también tickets de 1 sol y 5 soles, los cuales uno puede combinar para adquirir los otros alimentos ofrecidos. Hoy cierra MISTURA hasta septiembre del próximo año ...


Since 2008 have been conducting this fair annually and from 2013 has been installed on the beaches of Magdalena, in the circuit of the Costa Verde.

It is the largest food fair in Lima and considered the best and most important in Latin America.

After all these years I could finally visit it, extensive scenarie divided into 15 "worlds" (sweets, ceviche, bread, Grand Market, etc., etc.) where the APEGA objectives are met, reassessing the role of the producer/farmer (800 regional exhibitors), showing our biodiversity and how to care for and turning to kitchener in the great engine of integration which is more than met, in the kitchen there is no differences, they work year to year in order to achieving that our cuisine is renowned worldwide not only for its taste but for its diversity and its history.

In addition to producers/farmers and food, MISTURA also offers artistic performances as regional parade and presentation of local artists enliven a visit. Also in the Auditorium prestigious international chef who offer their papers at once presented a lecture, which are attended by dozens of aspiring chef.

It is obvious that an event of this magnitude and welcomes thousands of people every day has its drawbacks such as long lines of people waiting for their food dish, insufficient tables for all the guests, the impossible traffic when hundreds of cars removed from the beach, but worth it and I hope you can see the pictures and understand why.

The entrance ticket costs 25 soles, but there are days popular entry price down to 15 soles, children 8 soles; tickets for the food dishes are sold at an average of 13 soles, also having tickets 1 sol and 5 soles, which one can combine to purchase other foods offered.

Today MISTURA will close until September next year ...
Mistura, when arrived
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Nana_gincin says:
Joe, the land of the Incas still contributes to many native products to the world, and also on how to prepare our food. Thank you.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2014
Nana_gincin says:
Cicie: Hehehehehe ... well, our food is a temptation :D :D

Mr. J.: Only try to show something more about my Lima. Thanks for your words.

Jeremy: Thaaank you.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2014
Nana_gincin says:
Rhea, thank you.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2014
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yadilitta yadilitta
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Party if for everyone - Gastronomical International Festival in Lima: Mistura Sep 27, 2009
Yearly the APEGA (Peruvian Gastronomical Association) organizes an International Food Festival in Lima. Peruvian food is becoming more and more popular, nowadays you can find Peruvian restaurants in big cities and the chefs worldwide are amazed by its diversity.

This Festival takes place late September - usually last weekend - and lasts 4 days. There are conferences, contests and movies daily. Check their website for the schedule.

The Festival is for everyone, not only for chefs. Foodies would be in a paradise here. Entrance is not free, but it's so cheap, just S/.20 or US$ 6,50. Fee doesn't include anything, but the money is used to pay for the installations and bring the farmers from their towns inside the country. There's also the VIP pass valid for the whole festival US$125 and includes transport, food sample too.

Here is what you can find at the Festival:

+Food Court: last time there were 33 of the best restaurants in Lima. Delicious food at incredibly cheap prices US$2,50 and US$ 4,50

You have to exchange your money for ticket, which you will use to pay here. You'll find restaurants about Peruvian food from the coast, highlands, rainforest, fusion cuisines, upscale restaurants and also pisco places.

+Rustic Cuisines: a sample of the most simple cuisines like pachamanca (cooking underground), cylinder, etc.

+Bread and Cheese corner: there are several types of cheese and bread in Peru. Here you'll see how they bake it and get free samples.

+Market: big reunion of farmers and producers from all over the country. You can buy fresh products here, that you aren't able to find in a market in the city.

+Stalls: the most traditional flavors from our food. They are actually stalls or small restaurants. Most of them are very well known and having all together in a same place is great.

+Fish biodiversity tunnel: to learn a bit more about our sea and everything you can find there.

+Irreplaceable restaurants: restaurants, not big or fancy, but with an amazing chef.

+Conferences and contests: there are daily conferences from important national and international chefs. There are also contests about the best dishes and new recipes.


-Buy your tickets in advance in the designated points. Lines to buy them at the entrance are long and not guaranteed you'd find any.

-Offer of food is so wide, that it'd be better if you can read about what food they are offering before going to the festival, so you won't waste time.

-Don't drive. It's better to take a cab.

-Bring small bills for buying at the stands. It can be problems getting change.

-Arrive early, to avoid long lines. Specially for the most popular stands and restaurants.

-Wear comfy shoes, you'd be stood up most of the time.

-If you are interested in movies or conferences, check the schedule before buying your ticket. It's valid for 1 day.

-When you visit the market, you'd see many different and new things. Don't be afraid to try them.


-be ready to have tons and tons of fun!
restaurants at the food court
yadilitta says:
yes, it's a great one!
Posted on: Oct 05, 2009
sarahsan says:
Wow! Would love to go to this festival!
Posted on: Oct 05, 2009

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