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247 North Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA, USA

Gaffey Street Diner San Pedro Reviews

Eric Eric
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Local flavor, gigantic portions Sep 17, 2008
Came here with Lisa on Sunday around noon. Lisa had been wanting to try this place out for a long time after seeing it on the Food Network. It's located in a pretty non-descript place right off the 110 South freeway, basically right where the freeway ends. You'll probably notice it because there will be a dozen people waiting outside the restaurant.

The atmosphere inside is friendly, loud, but also cozy in a local diner sort of way. There are great photos of the peninsula and San Pedro area posted on the walls, giving the place a more local feel.

Food is good, but also pretty standard breakfast fare. Bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, waffles...I ordered the John Wayne special, which consisted of eggs, cheese, sausage, and spanish sauce stacked over homefries and a tortilla. It was pretty good but by the end of the dish there was just a pound of homefries left, so the flavor got a bit repetitive. The sausages also tasted a little bit different from what I am used to. I think if I came here again I'd order something that had more variety, or something lighter.

The special was served with a gigantic biscuit, covered with gravy. I've heard a lot about the biscuits here so I think I was expecting something ridiculously soft and buttery, but it was actually not too buttery or greasy at all. Instead, it was kind of soft and light, and the gravy seemed to give it most of the flavor. Again, this was good but the portions were so huge that I could only finish half of the biscuit! I might just be a light eater.

Overall, a great place to check out, and lots of local flavor. Especially if you are really really hungry, love eggs, starch, and sausage!

If you are from out of country and just want to get a taste of gigantic American portions, or take photos to show your friends back home, this would be a good place to check out too..
yadilitta says:
yes, that Biscuit would be a yummy idea!
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
Africancrab says:
Sounds like a place I would stop by to eat - If I'm ever there . . .
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
shirlan says:
Congratulations on having this review featured!
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
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Food So Good, I Left My Plate Clean... Mar 30, 2008
The Gaffey Street Diner is a local favorite mom and pop joint in San Pedro. Mellemel8 and I ate brunch here with our moms and Mel's best friend Lees. For Sunday brunch the diner was packed...we were lucky that we carpooled in one car down there because the parking lot too was packed.

With so many yummy choices on the menu, it took us...well mainly me and my mom...a good while to figure what to order. Mel's mom got the french toast supreme with fresh berries, Mel ordered chorizo scrambled eggs, Lees got the Gaffey Street Special which was a chorizo and cheese omelete topped with guacamole and tomato, my mom ordered the country fried steak and eggs with biscuits and country gravy on the side, and I got the Eggs Florentine which was grilled english muffin with spinach, tomato and bacon, two poached eggs, covered with hollandaise sauce and a short stack of blueberry pancakes. much food...the portion were gigantic...our eyes were definitely hungrier than our bellies were. Practically every inch of our table was occupied by a plate...what a feast. The food was classic and simple diner food prepared well...very delicious.

I really like the bacon in my Eggs Florentine it gave the eggs a yummy smokiness while the hollandaise gave a hint of lemony tartness. The blueberry pancakes were the best...heck the pancakes were the size of the plate and they were purple with all the luscious blueberries in them.

I would definitely return to Gaffey Street Diner...but I gotta be EXTREMELY famished!
The Huge Short Stack of Blueberry …
The Gaffey Street Special
Chorizo Scrambled Eggs
Africancrab says:
Since I have lieve in the USA, I have never left my plate clean, I'm yet to do that. That will be the day. :)
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
Eric says:
Haha, yea, i agree with you. The portions were ridiculous. I think I would have to skip dinner the night before if I want to eat here again for breakfast ;)
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
A GEM IN SAN PEDRO Nov 04, 2007
If you like watching the "food network" like me. this diner was featured on a show called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri.

Boasting "Best home cooking in the harbor", Gaffey Street Diner really does home cooking. They make their own everything, nothing much coming out of a can, from salsa, green beans, home fries, and chorizo.

That's right, folks. Home made chorizo made fresh daily!

We drooled excessively during the section and being only a few bridges away, we finally went over to check it out.

And boy oh boy was it good!!

The Diner isn't hard to find but you can surely missed it if you're not paying attention. Coming off of the Vincent Thomas bridge, you take a left at Gaffey. Now, get over to your right. A few streets down, you'll spot their mural. Can't miss it if you're looking for it. Inside the diner is nothing spectacular. Just clean and spacious diner with vinyl seated booths. All locals in there, it looks like. A good sign, indeed!

Knowing about the fresh chorizo, I went for it. I ordered the mushroom, spinach, and jack cheese omelette. WOW it was the size of rhode island. my mum ordered a side of biscuits with country gravy and eggs benedict. WOW the slice ham was quarter of an inch thick.

Did I mention that the portions are huge? And it's cheap? They do charge $1.50 for split plate though. Rightfully so. I mean, the portions are HUGE!

The chorizo was flavorful. It has just enough spices to keep you eating. (And better yet, unlike chorizo at some other place, it didn't do a number on my stomach!) The best part? It didn't have a pool of grease anywhere.

The home fries was just out of this world good! Delicious enough on its own, I would have ordered the home fries with bacon and be done with it. I mean, the best home fries I had around this part of town. Tasty, crispy at parts and tender the rest.

i would love to come back to try the gaffey street diner special, chorizo and cheese omelette the size of Rhode Island. this place was a wonderful experience. it is open 5am - 3pm

*********2ND VISIT 3/30/08**********

i came back here with my mum, my best friend, lees; tracy(TRE69) and her mum. my mum has been dying to try their house special "french toast supreme" with stawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries and whip cream.

tracy ordered an awesome side of blueberry pancakes it was a size of a plate.

we also took pics with the one of the owners. she cut her hair since the show aired.
mushroom, spinach, and jack cheese…
side order of chorizo
eggs benedict
food network pics with the owners
TRE69 says:
Hahahaha...isn't this the second time this review has been featured? Hahahahaha...anyways congrats!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
Africancrab says:
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
mellemel8 says:
thanks alice, i shall try that one as well. well, was your first mistake....eating in mimi's eeeeeeeeeeeeeew :P
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008

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