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Visalia, California
GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 - offers many options
GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 - gives lots of options
GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 - Tracks lots for you
GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 - Daylight screen
GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 - Night time screen

GPS System - Garmin nuvi350 Visalia Reviews

X_Drive X_Drive
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Nov 29, 2006
I recently purchased a GPS system to carry with me when I travel. After doing extensive research for more than six months I decided on the Garmin nuvi350.  The overall size is about that of a deck of cards.

This unit has an internal battery that it can run on for 4 to 8 hours, if you wish to carry it around. It also comes with a plug and cord for your autos cigarette lighter/power outlet and one for a regular 110 outlet.  Also supplied is a USB cord to attach to your PC for downloading updates. They also supply mounting supplies for your car.

This unit is pre-loaded with maps (in my case North America) for your part of the world. It is ready to use right out of the box. No set up, loading, or anything else required.  There are several settings you may change, such as the voice and language used, the brightness of the screen and the volume.  You may also select shortest or quickest route.  You may adjust how much you see on the 3.5" screen from very close to extremely far out.

When turning on the unit, it takes a few seconds to load the maps and set itself up. Then it gives a screen to ask 1. Where to?, 2. View Map, or 3. Travel Kit.  It has a touch screen for input which you can recalibrate at any time. Also, areas for settings and adjustments. If you open the antenna on the back it will acquire satelites within about 45 seconds from a cold start, much quicker if you have been on recently. If you touch the upper left corner you can watch it acquire the satilites, find how close your accuracy is (usually under 40 feet) and even elevation. There is also a clock that remains current, once set,whether the unit is on or off.

The "Where to?" then promts to 19 areas, with six on each screen.  They are - Addresses, Food, Lodging, My Locations, Fuel, Spell Name, Intersections, Attractions, Shopping, Parking, Entertainment, Recreation, Community, Cities, Browse Map, Hospitals, Transit, Auto Services, and Coordinates.

The View Map shows your main map screen with a couple of inserts at the bottom Left lower corner shows your speed, and right lower corner shows your direction (8 point), and a (+) and (-) to allow you to adjust how much you see. Also by touching the lower left corner you get a screen which shows Overall Avg Speed, Moving Avg Speed, Max Speed, Total Time, Moving Time, Stopped, as well as distance to destination (if set) and distance traveled. There is a trip reset and Max speed reset.

The Travel Kit includes several additional features. 1. A language guide, which you can add to help with words and phrases, and bilingual dictionaries. (costs extra) 2. Travel Guide, includes Fodor's Reviews (costs extra) 3. SaversGuide, offers discounts at many locations. (costs extra) 4. MP3 Player 5. Audible Book Player. 6. Picture Viewer, 7. World Clock, 8. Currency Converter, 9. Measurement Converter, and 10. Calculator.

This unit takes a SD memory card for your pictures, and MP3s.  I bought a 2 gig card and can listen to all my music and carry many pictures to show on the viewer slide show.

If you want to have the audio come thru your cars audio system an inexpensive FM transmitter is required to plug into the earphone jack on the GPS unit.

I have had this now for a month and find it is very accurate, quick to recalculate if you miss at turn or know a better way.  I would highly recommend this unit to anyone searching for a GPS system.
offers many options
gives lots of options
Tracks lots for you
Daylight screen
highlandmist says:
we just got ours today (i see this is last year's post but i'm just finding it now!) anyway we got the garmin nuvi 260 -- budget model more or less but i see it has some of the same features, love the touch screen and text-to-speech. we will be buying the uk & ireland maps for next year's trip as well but whoa, they're so expensive! (anyone have a compatible uk map for sale?? assuming that would work...) anyway, only used it to the grocery store and back today but it was good. can't wait to put it to a real test. are you still happy with your 350?
Posted on: Dec 10, 2007
portia says:
A handheld GPS would be nice if you don't have a built-in one in the car. I have become spoiled by the GPS in my car and was thinking about getting handheld one for traveling without my car. So this review is very timely.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2006
jarichter says:
If your GPS does not work properly, do you remember the rules/lessons of science and botany etc to know N S E & W? ...)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006
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