Fushimi Inari Taisha

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68 Yabunouchicho, Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto Reviews

sgtoca sgtoca
2 reviews
MUST SEE for Japan Nov 29, 2017
To get here, its about 2 stop via JR train from Kyoto Station so its very close to the city. Just google the photos of the place and you will be clamouring to go. I hiked up to the top in less than 2 hours and it was the experience of a lifetime. And in the beginning of my hike, I walked behind a shinto priest which made my experience surreal. This is the best site to visit in Japan imo. It is free to visit this holy site and the colours around you, the serenity and the view will floor you. One tip, go early if you can (before 9 am) if you can so you can have spots for photos which is not packed with other people's heads. I started at 8 am and many moments in this famous site I was on my own. Beautiful!
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anewchapter anewchap…
62 reviews
The Famous Orange Gates Aug 15, 2014
I had planned to visit Fushimi Inari in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan but due to alcohol I had to cancel, so on my second trip I had to go.

On the day I went it was one of the hottest days I experienced in Japan and anyone who has been to Fushimi Inari knows that there's a lot of walking, so needless to say I was sweating like crazy!

The walk itself isn't necessarily steep, it just seems endless. But the Torii (gates) are beautiful and have a very special feel. The orange Torii is such a symbol of Japan and to see so many of them so close together is really a sight to see.

So did I make it to the top of the mountain?..um... I don't know. I don't think so. The map along the route of fushimi really is confusing (I wasn't the only one confused by it). I got to a place along the way that served ice cream (thankyou!) and both routes either side of the ice cream place led downwards, but I think this was only half way, so I (and others) couldn't find where the up route was. In truth though going any further up would have felt like a workout rather than a fun experience, so I'm not disappointed that I didn't reach the top.

On the way down I bought one of the many miniature orange gates that are on display, which now has pride of place on my bedroom unit.

Fushimi Inari is a great place to visit, great for photo's and its an authentic Japanese landmark. I'd highly recommend visiting. Make sure to take plenty of water with you if you visit on a warm day and enjoy the ice cream near the top ;)
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan
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anewchapter says:
Haha thanks Jen :)
Posted on: Aug 18, 2014
trippin_jen says:
funny review. and i envy you! :(
Posted on: Aug 17, 2014
killustrations killustr…
25 reviews
One of my favourites! Dec 29, 2013
This was one of my favourite places in Kyoto! it's basically just a long walk through hundreds and hundreds of torii (japanese gates). Makes it great for just a relaxing walk, and also some really nice photos!

There are a few paths that you can take based on how long you want to spend there too! In between the torii, there are a few small shrines scattered along the path. Some of them sell cute wooden signs in the shape of a fox head that you can draw faces on and leave at the shrine :)
sam33 sam33
1 reviews
Awesome! Mar 29, 2012
I was there yesterday. All I want to say is awesome! The view is overwhelming especially when the sunshine is fading out. Just like a dream. I want to travel to this dream again. I even bought a cloth there and I love it! You can find it from my profile picture :)

I started the trip from Osaka downtown - Namba Station. It takes about 1 hour to arrive Kyoto by JR line then I transferred to Kintetsu Nara Line. It's just 2 stops away from the Kyoto Station. The traffic is very convenient.

I went to Nara right after the trip and visited To-da-ji. It was awesome too! You will see deers around the temple. Then I came back by taking the Kintetsu Line heading back to Namba Station. If you are living in Osaka and have very short stay there, try my route.
philsmy philsmy
2 reviews
Amazing trip into Shinto Aug 12, 2011
Fushimi Inari might be best known in the west for the scenes in 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. It's stunning paths covered in red Tori gates are truly amazing.

The place covers a mountain, so be prepared to walk - a lot! The whole course is around 4km, some of it quite steep. It is unfortunately not a place for those who are not able bodied and somewhat fit.

At strategic locations on the mountain are areas of shrines - still in use - that you will see people worshipping at. You must remember that this is a shrine and give it the respect it deserves (as in all places in Japan).

The fox is the traditional emblem of Fushimi and you will see stone fox statues (often with red shinto 'bibs') all over the mountain.

At the entrance to the shrine are some wonderful small restaurants serving a tasty selection of soba, tempura and other traditional dishes.

Fushimi Inari is one of my favourite places in Japan and I try and go there on every visit!
Off the path, into the shrines in …
The red Tori gates covering one of…
Fox statues in a small shrine
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godsgirl1615 godsgirl…
6 reviews
Fairytale Land of Red Gates in the Japanese Forest Jul 06, 2011
I first became interested in Fushimi Inari after watching "Memoirs of a Giesha." We decided to go early in the morning hoping to beat the tour groups and it was only a short train ride from Kyoto. The fall day was rainy so we stopped at a 7-11 just outside of the gates to buy umbrellas. When you first walk onto the shrines property you notice hundreds of strings of paper cranes hanging. Then as you walk farther into the forest the first of the 1000+ red torii gates come into view. Because it was raining the day I went it added a serene midst to the pictures (although it was not so conducive to pictures). As we walked through the gates to the high shrine we were alone save for a Shinto priest who passed us on his was back down. Later we tried another torii trail that led us past stone lanterns and hundreds of small torii gates until we reached the lake. Later as we were leaving the tour buses were rolling in and the shops at the gate were opening up, but because we were there early we missed it all and it was wonderful.
Through the Torii gates
Through the torii up to the lake
binky binky
57 reviews
Fushimi Inari Mar 31, 2010
Fushimi Inari was built on the base of the mountain Inari and is located in Fushimi Ku, Kyoto. Fushimi Inari is one of Kyoto’s most popular shrines and easy to recognize by its hundreds of brightly colored orange torii gates.

Fushimi Inari was definitely one of my favorite experiences while visiting Japan. After being surrounded by large crowds, Fushimi Inari was a perfectly peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle. It does tend to be more crowded at the bottom of the mountain, but as you start to ascend up the trail you will find less people. Allot yourself about 2 hours to climb the full shrine, you won’t regret it as you will get great views of Kyoto and at the halfway point pass a beautiful still lake.

Throughout the complex you will come across many foxes with red capes. The red capes adorned by the foxes are supposed to ward off evil. The foxes themselves are the messengers of Inari and play an important role in the folklore of Japan as the also play apart in agriculture, especially rice.

If you find yourself in Kyoto, I can’t recommend Fushimi Inari enough. It truly was the highlight of my trip and if I ever find myself in Japan again, I would not hesitate to return. It really is quite special.
mikethepizzadude mikethep…
15 reviews
Torii Awesomeness! Sep 01, 2009
An amazing place to visit! Not to hard to get to either (it's about two stops south from Kyoto station). It has the fun aspects of a Japanese temple, with the addition of the hundreds (or more) torii gates going up the mountain. The seemingly never-ending gates act like a tunnel.

The climb itself isn't too difficult (though a few people were taking in deep breaths when I went), and those who make it to the top are rewarded with a spectacular view of Kyoto.

There are multiple paths up the mountain, so you can hike at your own pace. Definitely recommended! :)
View from the top
Torii gates
andreakw andreakw
7 reviews
red gates go on forever Jul 17, 2009
伏見稲荷大社: Okay, so, the shrine to the fox goddess isn't that spectacular. And you can get lost for ages in the hilly wooded switch-back paths (I did). However, the famous rows of red torii (gates) are unforgettable.

Access from Keihan Fushimi Inari Station or JR Inari Station but NOT Fushimi Station!

The main shrine is right at the top of the hill, at the back of the park, but it isn't really worth the hike. See the red corridors of torii and you're good to go.
nzanya nzanya
12 reviews
It's a long way... Apr 05, 2007
I don't know anymore why I wanted to visit the shrine so badly. All the Torii are impressive, but not more. So you walk through the forest and different cemeterys, but I don't think the way is worth a walk. On pictures the Torii look much more beautiful than in reality.

On the way we found a good place where you have a great view on Kyoto, which is not so crowded than other. I liked to see a Shrine which is not so full of people as the others sights in Kyoto, but after that I can understand why the visit wasn't part of the programme by our organisation. But somehow it was enjoyable to see a place without masses of people.

It's interesting one time, but I wouldn't do it again.

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