From Rotterdam to Amsterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Den Haag
The Hague is the seat of government and the 'old capital' of The Netherlands. Also it is the home of our Queen Beatrix who lives and works in The Hague. All foreign embassies and government ministrie…Amsterdam and Rotterdam , with a population of about 490,000 inhabitants and an area of approximately 100 km². Suburb…
Africancrab spends 3 days in Holland
The Netherlands/ Holland is a land of fascination. Even though Holland is actually the western region of the Netherlands, the name Holland is commonly used to refer to the whole country. It is the on…Amsterdam, Rotterdam (home to Europe's largest port), and The Hague (the seat of the International Court of Justice…
The Perks....
There are definite upsides to exchange in The Netherlands, for example, being very close to so many forms of public transport (excellent train networks throughout The Lowlands, Germany and France), b…Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindoven in the Netherlands, and Cologne in Germany. I'm sure there are others but those…

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