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Friedrichsruh Overview

Probably not among the most popular destinations in the Hamburg Area, this little place should be considered as a daytrip destination for people interested in German history or for families with kids. Friedrichsruh, roughly translated as „Friedrich's rest“, developed out of a former hunting lodge of Count Friedrich Carl August who had it built in 1763. The hunting lodge developed into a small castle but was pulled down in 1853 when a guest house was built on the site. Otto von Bismarck, Germany's famous „iron chancellor“ received Friedrichsruh in gratitude of his services to Emperor Wilhelm I. Bismarck transformed the guesthouse back into a castle and Friedrichsruh through other building projects into a respectable estate. The castle was used as a hostpital by the Nazis during WWII but destroyed by the Royal Air Force as it was believed that Heinrich Himmler was hiding in there.

Today, Friedrichsruh is still inhabited by the Bismarck family. The Otto von Bismarck – Foundation of the German Federation has its seat in the former train station building of Friedrichruh and runs a museum in a half-timbered house as well as a permanent exhibition in their own premises. The Bismarck family has a butterfly zoo which is popular with kids. Together with the Foundation, they take care of the chapel which contains the Bismarck-Mausoleum. Friedrichsruh is located in the Sachsenwald (Saxon Forst) which has numerous hiking routes. A small railway museum is located on the path between Friedrichsruh and Aumühle train stations.

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