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Freyburg Overview

Freyburg is a town in the Burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is situated on the river Unstrut, 9 km northwest of Hanseatic Naumburg, 63 km from Leipzig and 231 km from Berlin.

Freyburg is well known for its excellent and delicious wines. It's one of the oldest winegrowing areas in Europe and also the northernmost. Since more than 1,000 years wine is growing here. Freyburg is nicknamed 'Tuscany of the North'. The famous sparkling wine factory, the "Rotk├Ąppchen Sektkellerei" is located there. It belongs to the 5 largest wine producers in the world, along with Freixenet (Spain)and Moet (France).

The history of the town is inextricably linked to its massive hilltop fortifications - the Castle Neuenburg. The castle was built around 1090 by the Thuringian count Ludwig der Springer, securing his territory in the east, as did its sister castle Wartburg in the west. The Neuenburg is five times larger than Castle Wartburg and was built in the same style - the latter is known as the most quintessential German castle due to its associations with Martin Luther and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and its role in the origination of the modern German flag. The Neuenburg has also played a significant role over the centuries, hosting historical figures like King Henry I, Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and the poet Heinrich von Veldeke. Later in the 13th the Neuenburg came under control of house of Wettin (nowadays the royal family of England).

Between 1825-1852, Freyburg was the home in exile to 18th century gymnastics educator Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. He was widely regarded as the founder of modern gymnastics and left behind the world's first gymnasium in Freyburg. He is buried in Freyburg.

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