Popular Cities in French Polynesia

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Bora Bora #1 most popular location
Bora Bora is an atoll (volcanically created island surrounded by a lagoon, and protected from the ocean by an encircling coral reef). It is located in the South Pacific Ocean in the Society I…
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Moorea #2 most popular location
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Tahiti #3 most popular location
Tahiti is the largest and most heavily populated island in French Polynesia. It has a population of 150,000 out of the 220,000 in all of French Polynesia. Tahiti is essentially two islands,…
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Papeete #4 most popular location
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Huahine #5 most popular location
Huahine (pronounced "Who-a-HEE-nay") is part of French Polynesia and is located about 100 miles northwest of the far better known Tahiti. Huahine is really two islands, in this case Huahine …
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Raiatea #6 most popular location
The islands of Raiatea and Tahaa were originally one island and they are contained within the same atoll. We fell in love with charming Uturoa. It's not especially pretty but it's the poster-…
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Rangiroa #7 most popular location
Ra┬┤iroa gets its name "huge sky" from its great length. It is the largest atoll in the Tuamotu islands and the fourth largest in the world, with more than 240 motu separated by more than 100…
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Fakarava #8 most popular location
Fakarava is the second largest atoll in Polynesia. It has two small villages, Rotoava in the northeast and Teamanu, formerly the main village. This protected atoll together with six neighbori…
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Tikehau #9 most popular location
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Hiva Oa #10 most popular location
Hiva Oa - Where Gauguin and Brel rest..... It is the largest of the Southern Marquesan islands and it has a population of 1837. Hiva Oa is the master pillar or final post of the "Great Hou…
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Marquesas Islands #11 most popular location
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Ua Huka #12 most popular location
Ua Huka is part of the Northern Marquesas group and has a population of 571. It is the storage area of the "Great House" of the Gods. Ua Huka has a austere appearance due to prevalent drought…
Marokau #13 most popular location
Ua Pou #14 most popular location
Ua Pou, the artists┬┤ island, is part of the Northern Marquesas group. The population of the island is 2013. This island represents the main post of the "Great House" and the first part to be…
Anywhere #15 most popular location
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