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Seattle, Washington

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aelder2259 aelder22…
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The Troll: Something every visitor to Seattle should see Mar 09, 2009
Anyone who has ever visited me has gone to see the Fremont Troll under the Aurora bridge. None knew of its existence before I showed it to them and all thought it was wonderful. Smaller kids love to stick their hand up the troll's nose. Others like to climb up on his arm. The troll usually looks like he's been crying (it's really moisture that seeps out of the concrete).

This is a recommended stop for any Seattle visitor.
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ChrisMcDevitt ChrisMcD…
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Jan 12, 2008
The friends I stayed with on my Seattle trip live in a neat little 'werking-class' neighborhood just north of Queen Anne's Hill, in one of the many outlying neighborhoods of "Seattle", Fremont. This area known as Fremont has many interesting sites, statues, and shops. I'm not one for shopping but if you ever wondered what an organic bodega would look like you can find it in Fremont. At least I think you can, I was pretty drunk when I did most of my exploring.

Most noteworthy is the Aurora bridge, the Secondmost Suicided Bridge in America (After the Golden Gate), and beneath that bridge the stoney heathen that has taken up residence, the Fremont Troll.

The Fremont troll isn't the only famous/odd artwork in Fremont, there's also the Giant Statue of Lenin and the People Waiting for A Bus that's not going to come. Obviously, neither of these artworks are named that, but bear with me, as I didn't really pay attention or break out the camera whilst my tour guide, Josh was filling me in on the local "color", I have a dash of A.D.D.

The troll was the only thing I saw willingly. The Bus People just happened to be across from the Burger place that I wanted to eat at (I have a rather simple palatte) and the Lenin Statue was on the way to the Burger place as well. You'll spend a lot of time gazing at artwork and into shop windows in Fremont, mostly because unlike being back east, NOBODY JAYWALKS. Nobody. The police actually enforce that archaic notion in Seattle. It's something like a $200 fine. So don't do it, just wait for the light to change whilst pondering how counter-culture and self-expressionistas have turned a Communist dictator into a symbol of freedom.

Once you have pondered it, could you explain it to me? Personally, I thought it was rather bourgeoise. Still Fremont is an excellent area to burn an hour or two, especially if you have a companion who likes to spew out factoids more frequently than the little kid in Jerry Maguire.
Creative Yet Not Entirely Appetizi…
I'm 6'2" the Troll is Considerably…
Yeah, you eat that VW Bug, Pal.
Myself (left) and my tour guide/BF…
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aelder2259 aelder22…
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Fremont Solstice Parade Jun 28, 2008
I love the Fremont Solstice Parade. The variety of costumes, puppets, floats, and music make for a great time.

Every year, the naked bike riders always ride through the parade. Most have body paint, but there are a few that are just bare-ass naked. It's such a common occurrence at the parade, that parents with children don't make a big deal of it (so then the kids don't). The police always threaten to make arrests if they show up, but never do. I think it's one of the things that draws such large crowds to the parade.

Anyone can partipate in the parade. The only stipulation is that you can't use have to convey your message through other means.
chivato chivato
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May 29, 2007
To get a true feeling for the city of seattle, one really needs to get beyond the downtown core with the Public (Pike Place) Market and Space Needle and move out into the neighborhoods. Don't get me wrong, both are worthy of a visit (although I don't recommend spending the time or the money going up the space needle) but if you have more than a day to visit the emerald city, its a good idea to get out and about a bit. One of my recommendations: Freemont and its troll.

Freemont is a lovely, arty neighborhood, just north of queen anne hill, on the north side of the aurora bridge. Under said bridge is one of seattle's most photographed, most visited, most feared residents, the freemont bridge troll. Located on Troll Ave N, the troll is difficult to miss, 18 feet tall and perpetually dining on a VW beetle (it is difficult to fathom where the troll picks up its VW snack each day, but some questions are best left unasked). On a clear day, you can almost make out it's silver eye from the bottom of the hill as you're driving up to it.

Freemont, or as its residents refer to it "the center of the universe" is a fairly unique place. I think you'd get the idea that things are a bit different here when you drive through the main street and see a giant statue of Lenin. The neighbourhood itself sports some of the best little shops and restaurants, including an authentic, although very easy to miss small english pub, the George and Dragon which has the best pub quiz in the entire city.

Beyond this, it also has the worst looking condos in the entire city (the worst looking building goes easily to the EMP, the self indulgent blight upon the seattle center dedicated to the music that Paul Allen thinks is important), has a decent octoberfest .. fest and hosts the

Summer Solstice Parade and Pagent, locally well known for the naked cyclists adorned with all kinds of interesting body paint.
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Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
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Sep 08, 2007
The motto of Fremont is "Delibertas Quirkas".

Fremont is a trendy and progressive neighbourhood in Seattle. It is a centre of Seattle counter-culture, called "the People's Republic of Fremont" or "the Artist's Republic of Fremont", and is full of public art. Notable artworks include the Fremont Troll, an 18 foot tall concrete statue under the bridge of a friendly troll crushing a Volkswagen Beetle; a statue of Lenin salvaged from Slovakia; and Waiting for the Interurban, a statue of passangers waiting for the light rail (they have been waiting since 1979 and still no light rail).

Fremont has a fair every Sunday and free outdoor movies every Saturday (during summer). It is home to the largest clothing-optional bike parade in the world on the Summer Solstice.
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