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~Freetown The Capital Of Sierra Leone hosted the first Afro ~American Slaves,hence the name,it was considered Land of the Freed Slaves!~Freetown is Divided in Three Geograpical Regions,The East End Central & West End!

~At The East End Of F~Town,There are Lots Of Clusterd Houses, Noisy mostly from heavy traffic,street Vendors/Traders,The Clock Tower,The EastEnd Police Station,DoveCot Market popular for low prices on food stuff,Kissy Rd,ClineTown,Kissy,Wellington,Calabar Town,are all Towns in the East End of F~Town.

~The Central Part of F~Town Is Home to the State House,The Law Court Building,The Cotton tree,The Centre Of The City,Banks,Post Office,The UN Building,Kissy Street Trading/Market,Pademba Rd. Prison,Special Court,King Memorial Church

~The West End Was Up until The War Broke Out Considered to be the"Posh" End Of F~town,Big Beautiful Houses,Resturants, Supermarket~The most popular Roads on the Western area in f~town are Wilkinson Rd,Spur Rd,there are ofcourse many other suburbs in the west End,Brookfields,Juba Hill,Hill Station,Lumley,Aberdeen & Wilberforce which is home to Several Foreign Embassies & Army Barracks~Living in the West End comes with its own Special price tag as everything is sold at a different price compared to how its sold in Town{city}One is spoilt for choice on Night life at the west end,lots of Night Clubs & Entertainment complexes,Breathtaking Exotic Beaches at Lakka,Godrich,Sussex,River No2,BawBaw,Hamilton Tokey York,Kent,Bureh Town