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Oddervej 19-21 DK-8000 , Aarhus, Denmark

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Best presented desserts ever Sep 20, 2014
The small inn is located a bit outside the city of Aarhus so you need car or taxi to get here the later is the preferred transport if you intend to enjoy the wine menu which accompanies the meal. The area is quite nice with lots of green parks right next to Marselies Borg which is the queen’s residence when she is coming to this part of the country.

The restaurant is quite famous as one of the best restaurants in Denmark outside Copenhagen. It was actually voted the best restaurant in Denmark in 2012 which was the year when Noma was voted the best restaurant in the world for the second year running – hence that year Noma was only the best restaurant in the world outside Denmark. Unlike some of the other top restaurants in Denmark Frederikshøj Kro doesn’t place much significance to whether the ingredients have a large local content. Instead the focus of the restaurant is to get the top quality of ingredients to make the best possible meal for the guest with no unnecessary restrictions in what to buy.

In the restaurant we are quickly met at the front desk and taken to our table which has a bit of garden view – unfortunately it is getting dark so we can’t really enjoy the view of the garden. Hence we focus on the food – since we will probably never get back to this place we decide to go for the full ten course prestige menu and enjoy what it is. Unfortunately I made the mistake of driving so I have to skip the wine menu and stick to the not so interesting mineral water.

The waiter is very attentive and they have a certain class carrying the plate wearing white gloves so their fingers will leave no mark on the plates. The only little minus in the service was the fact that they didn’t actually change the napkins when guest were going to the bathroom instead they just folded them up neatly and placed them at the guests seats.

We start the meal with some snacks which are well presented and delicious making a great start to the meal. We started out with a serving of crayfish and dill followed by sea urchin which looked a bit small in the huge shell it was served in. this was kind of a theme for the restaurant the individual dishes were quite small compared to the bowls they were served in on several occasions.

The following dishes were amongst other lobster, foie grass and pigeon but the real highlight came at the end of the meal.

We got two unique versions of two different traditional Danish desserts æblekage and rødgrød med fløde – the first is an apple cake and the second is the ultimate Danish languages test – it is virtually impossible for a none native to pronounce rødgrød med fløde correctly. The meaning of this is sort of pudding/jelly of red berries with cream though there isn’t really any parallel dessert in the English menu to my knowledge. The interpretation of these two classic desserts at this restaurant was amazing they came out as small art pieces where the rødgrød med fløde was small dots making the shape of a new moon and a small moon made out of chocolate with filling. The apple pie was served in a round ball made out of caramel filled with apples pie and a few others ingredients. The presentation of these two desserts are the most impressive looking desserts I have had anywhere and the taste was good as well – though the apple pie was a bit big coming at the end of a big meal so it could be a challenge to finish it.

After the meal you would go to the couches next door and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a selection of chocolate as and accompaniment it was hard to choose between the different chocolates so I ended up with a large selection just to make sure I got the best – and they were great chocolates.
The building
The bowl with the initials of the …
snack amagermad
snack - potatoes chips
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cotton_foam says:
I agree with Ils! :)) Bummer, for the less attractive mineral water! lol!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2015
rsvpme says:
Congrats...Nice feature....You are indeed a foodie..:)
Posted on: Feb 19, 2015
Meshal says:
Congrats on the featured review, Mickey!
I wouldn't know which part is for eating and which one is for decoration only, all looks edible and delicious to me even the stones :O
Posted on: Feb 19, 2015
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gingerbatik gingerba…
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The best dessert ever Sep 24, 2014
Location of this restaurant is not the best, it is a bit away from the center of town and need car to go there or taxi, and if you plan to have a wine matching menu with your dinner, better have a driver handy than drive your own vehicle.

The restaurant has 4 different menu with different price card on each menu:

• Frederikshøj Favourites - 3 courses

• Frederikshøj Favourites - 6 courses

• Frederikshøj de Luxe

• Lobster menu

• Frederikshøj´s Signature Dishes – which can add in to your menu

We decided to have the Fredeikshøj de Luxe menu which consist of 10 courses dinner - since this is our gourmet holiday and we will dine until we die.

The snack come quickly after we were sited and even before we choose the menu. We love the snack – the presentation and the taste was delicious and we have high expectation of the food.

The first course of Crayfish Dill was delicious – very tasty. The minus point was the portion, it was very tiny and wish I could have more of this.

The second course was Caviar Sea urchins – unfortunately the sea urchins was so tiny and we could not taste much of it, but presentation was very good. I do not usually like sea urchins since I had that many times since I was a kid and it was one of my father favourite food. But at this restaurant, they cook it differently.

Third course come Chicken egg with a nest on it. I was not really impress with this food, I found the food was very dry and a bit chewy, but thumb of for the presentation. The egg shell made from potatoes and the nest made from fried white noodles.

Next come the Snowcrab Sweetbreaf of veal and cucumber soap. The food was good but the soup was so so and it presented with a huge bowl on it which makes us laugh, since the food inside it was so small.

The fifth course was Norway lobster with half quail egg and onions. Taste delicious and I could eat more of this.

Walleye Pear Clams is the sixth course. Unfortunately the portion of the dishes was really tiny at this place, even the restaurant serve bread with it – I found the bread was not the best – it was a bit hard and chewy.

The seventh course was not my favourite – it is pata negra foie gras and raspberries. I found it has a strong smell and I am not found of this but they presented beautifully.

The main course (eight) was a pigeon. Taste very tender and delicious – once again, for a main course it was really small and not much on it. If you are a big eater – you probably still hungry after the main meal.

Finally we get our dessert which is berries porridge with cream which presented artistically with a huge black round board and painted with half moon berries and cream, taste very delicious and love it.

The apple caramel vanilla dessert is to die for. To beautiful to eat and taste like heaven. Once you crack the ball, inside has a frozen apple puree with cream and apple sorbet, very yummy and refreshing.

Finish the meal with tea or coffee and petit four which consist of a 12 selection of different kind of chocolates and berry ice cream. Love it – such a beautiful closing. I would highly recommend the restaurant and this used to be the best restaurant in Denmark in 2012.
the front of the restaurant
the snacks
snack - fried thin fish with cream…
snack - crab meat with pancake lik…
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cicie says:
Congrats Yuni
Posted on: Sep 27, 2014
rsvpme says:
Congratulations on an interesting feature....!
Posted on: Sep 27, 2014
gingerbatik says:
@rsvpme - thank you for many smiles and comments Jim, it was an interesting place and the serving was very tinny.

@cotton_foam - agree May, the food was very tinny (even for myself) and I wish I could have more of the food. It seems most European gourmet restaurants serve very tiny food - thats what makes it different probably, he...he..

@zagnut66 - you should try Bill, taste and presentation was really beautiful and different with normal restaurant but serving was very tiny.
Posted on: Sep 23, 2014

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