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In the part of French-German borderland where few tourists find their way to, there's the city of Forbach. Even if you somehow have this part of Europe on your itinerary, chances are higher that you are visiting neighbouring Saarbruecken or beautiful Metz. And if you are travelling between those two cities, chances are high that you have to change trains in ... Forbach!
Unfortunately, there's little to see. There is a pedestrian zone, but nothing which deserves the name "old town". The castle ruins are worth a visit in summer time and beside that, the other sights are a 13th century chapel and a larger Neogothic church. Forbach is OK for a detour or for a half day trip from Saarbrücken - but there are surely more exciting places on this planet. Some of them are even close to Forbach.

Forbach was once an important mining town, but has been victim of the demise of the coal industry in the second half of the 20th century. It's history however can be traced back to Roman times. The castle was built in the 12th century and the city flourished for around 200 years. However, the thirty years war brought an end to this era when the castle was destroyed in 1635. The following centuries saw Forbach as a subject to French-German conflicts and the frequently changing ownership of the city did not help too much either. At least in 1891 a part of the castle was reconstructed for tourists - shortly before two World Wars did further harm to the city. After the war, Saarbrücken and Forbach started cooperations on various fields as part of the new French-German friendship.

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