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Bynum, Montana

... For Purple Mountains Majesty .... Bynum Reviews

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Sep 27, 2007
All you red-blooded Americans out there, do you know the words to the song, "America the Beautiful"?? I have been singing this song since I was a littl girl, which is for a loooooog time. And now, at the age of 55 years, I finally understand the lyrics.

If you will read my profile, you see that my husband and I have been traveling across this country of ours on two wheels. For over ten years now. In those ten years, I have learned to pack light, very light. I have also discovered the beauty, the magnificence, the sheer unadorned loveliness that this country, America, holds in her possession. I want to share some of these experiences with you, my new friends.

Glacier National Park. Incredible. But I don't want to tell you about the Park. I want to tell you about something that is outside the Park. Something that you simply have to see for yourself. Purple mountains majesty. That's right. They are actually purple. How, you wonder, can mountains be purple? I don't know, but they are.

It had been snowing in Glacier this particular day. We had stopped at the St. Mary Visitor Center to buy dry socks and eat lunch. You know, how is it possible to pick a day in August when it is snowing? Planning our trip to Glacier National Park was a year-long process. Carefully checking all the travel books and the maps. But SNOW wasn't in the equation.

After warming up, filling our stomachs and our gas tanks, we took Hiway 89 South towards Great Falls. The clouds were low and visibility was poor. Mile after mile clicked by for about an hour on Hiway 89. We had been to California and were heading home to Alabama. Our road trip had been simply wonderful and we felt blessed.

Highways can be categorized into three groups. Good, bad, or indifferent. Highway 89 is one of those "good" roads. Better than good. Actually, GREAT!! Here is where the purple mountains come into play.

When the sun burned off the clouds, we were happy to see a clear blue sky over us and a good road ahead of us. No traffic. No people. Just two bikes, four friends, and God. We had to pull over and take it in. The Rocky Mountains in all her glory. Now I understood.

Yes, they are purple. We were standing on a high plateau, miles and miles away from the mountains. But there they were, just like a postcard advertising "Come to Montana." A green pasture full of buffalo was between us and the mountains. Also, a good fence and at least 50 miles.

An image forever burned into my memory. If you get the opportunity, travel this road. Those of you lucky enough to live in the area, do you take it for granted? I wonder. Actually, all of us take much for granted. We Americans are free. We can travel at our will. Take a plane, train, automobile, or whatever, and move freely from one state to another. This freedom comes at a high price, doesn't it?

I plan on writing blogs about every line in the song, "America the Beautiful" and then maybe some of you can investigate these places for yourself. Montana has the "spacious skies" and the "purple mountains majesty." That's for sure.
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