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Penang, Malaysia

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What local foods that you must try in Penang! (non halal) May 06, 2007
Eating in Penang is pretty cheap. Unlike the big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, food prices here are really affordable.

Char Koay Teow - USD1

- Flat rice noodles with a dash of soy, fried with prawns, chinese sausage, beansprouts and egg.

Wanton Noodles - USD1

- Noodles with thick soy sauce with dumplings and bbq pork.

Chicken Rice - USD1

- Chicken rice with roast chicken or steam/boiled chicken with cucumber garnish and chili sauce.

Koay Teow Th'ng - USD1

- Flat rice noodles in soup with chicken strips and fishballs.

Loh Bak - USD2 and above

- Loh Bak means seasoned pork rolled in a soyabean skin ala spring roll but it is also a collective of all the other assorted things sold by the vendor which includes prawn fritters, yam slices, beancurd, fish fillet etc. Pick and choose the items, which will then be fried and cut into bite size pieces. Eaten with the sauces given. Must try!

Popiah - USD1

- Popiah is spring roll which has vegetables with shredded egg, crab meat and sauces.

O'chien - USD2 and up

- Fried oysters in an egg batter served up with dipping sauce. Really superb.

Sar Hor Fan - USD1 and up

- Broad flat rice noodles are first fried then covered with a thick soup containing seafood, pork and vegetables.

Hopefully you can get to try these few items that I have suggested. It is sold virtually in most coffee shops.

Have fun trying!
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tvillingmarit says:
Hope to visit Phenang Island next time I`m in Malaysia
Posted on: May 15, 2008
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penangkia penangkia
9 reviews
More food to try! May 06, 2007
Here's a checklist of food that you don't want to miss when you're here in Penang. Sorted according to adventure level!

Scaredy cat Level. :)

- Nasi Lemak which is rice cooked in coconut milk with spices and fragrant screwpine leaf (we don't eat the leaves). You put either thick curry or a type of chilli sauce on it accompanied by acnhovies, boiled egg, cucumber and/or fried turmeric chicken.

- Chicken Rice is rice cooked in flavoured chicken broth. Served up with boiled or steamed chicken on a base of bean sprouts or roast chicken!

- Roti Canai is akin to pancake made of wheat floor. The dough is pulverize to form a skin thin texture and folded into a circle then fried. It is served with Dhal Curry or sugar. You'll need a glass of "pulled tea" to wash that down with.

- Pulled tea, what the heck? It's milk tea which is "pulled" between two giant cups making it froth. It's a crowd favourite.

Let me know if you enjoy this culinary list. I will be back with more.
penangkia penangkia
9 reviews
Jul 31, 2007
Penang is widely regarded as a haven for the best food in Malaysia! It'll be a shame to have a bite in the hotel or McD when you are, where the food is.

Curry Mee or Curry noodles or also spelt Kari Mee is a local favourite. It is prepared by first blanching beansprouts and the local yellow type of noodles then garnished with slivers of squid, cockles, mint leaves, fried crunchy soya puff with a white soup made from coconut milk and spices poured over. The spicyness depends on how much of the chilli paste you mix in. It is served on your spoon.

One word. Yummy.

Location : Chulia Street, Most food courts and morning markets

Price : About 1USD will get you a good serving.

note: Ask them to leave out the "pork blood cubes".
A bowl of Curry Mee or curry noodl…

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