Fogo de Chao

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645 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Fogo de Chao - Yes Please!
Fogo de Chao - Yes Please!
Fogo de Chao - Yes Please!
Fogo de Chao - Yes Please!

Fogo de Chao Minneapolis Reviews

Eboogzs Eboogzs
59 reviews
All the delicious meat you can eat Mar 30, 2012
This is the first time i've been to a Brazilian Steakhouse and i was skeptical at first because i only eat Fish and Poultry. They have a semi-vegetarian buffet that you can pay for. that buffet has salads, massive asparagus, cheeses, and some slices of meats like pastrami. You can also add the option of unlimited meat which the waiters carry around on roasters and just peel the meat onto your plate.

They way it works is you have a card that you leave on your table. The green side up means Yes, keep feeding me meat. The Red means stop, I can't take anymore. I stuck with the roasted chicken leg which was so tender and delicious. The spices were excellent! You definitely get your money worth.
Yes Please!
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petrarchanprincess petrarch…
36 reviews
Sep 07, 2007
In regard to the prices, I will say first that I did not pay, and being a lady, I did not look at the check...however in trying to figure it out online I found that it's prix fixe (under $40) so I'd be prepared for that (unless you're eating only salad bar...then it's cheaper). Also, there is no menu.

Moving on into the awesomeness of this place! It's a Brazilian Steakhouse with 15 different meats to sample...or focus on, depending on your taste. Let me say...I tried every kind they had, and though I had a couple favorites, they were all absolutely TO DIE FOR! Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...when you walk in, the interior is magnificent. From the outside you can see the fire they grill the meats on, and inside the walls are covered with wine bottles and beautiful tiles. The tables are white tablecloth (though you can dress how you see fit at lunch, you might want to throw on something nice for dinner). The tables are also spaced out REALLY nicely, where your own table seems private, not crammed next to someone else you don't know, which gives you some nice privacy. This spacing is also important because the servers actually come to you and cut the meat off a sword for you to eat at your leisure, and therefore they need space to serve everyone at the table individually.

Yes, this place is ALL about service. They pull out your chair for you (and slide it in which I'm SO not used to). They start you off with flat water, then send you off to the salad bar, which is not your average bar either. Instead, it is full of every kind of vegetable I could think of, cooked and seasoned to perfection...really...perfection. They had fresh mozzarella...FRESH...something I thought I would never experience as fully as I did in Italy, but this came dang close. After we got our salad, we came back and our agua was gone, and replaced by the drinks we ordered. There was also a fresh batch of this exquisite cheese is hard to explain. The flavor is cheesy, but not too strong and not too light...there is no melted cheese on it; it is quite unique.

As you eat your salad, or as most do, after you have finished it, there is a guy in the room watching for you to flip over your card. There is a red side and a green side. When you flip it, the meat servers come and ask you if you'd like a piece of what they have (and they clear your salad plate away and give you a fresh one). I suggest trying everything, who knows if you'll like it or not...but there are all the other kinds to fill you up if you choose to move on, though I will say that you'll probably love it all. Every meat is seasoned to perfection, and they have it well done, medium, medium rare, rare....all there for you to choose. They carve it off and you take it with your tong and put it on your plate. The neat part is that as long as you have the green side up, they will come and serve you meat. Sometimes you have to flip it to red just to have time to eat! They also have mashed potatoes, cooked plantains and another vegetable that I can't recall at the moment, on the table for you as you eat your meat.

It's "all you can eat" and the waiters have some sweet uniforms...and the atmosphere is fantastic. If you can afford a great night out, it should include Fogo de Chao.

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