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Vossiusstraat 46, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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curious_claire curious_…
78 reviews
Pretty much what i expected! Oct 08, 2014
This has been the most expensive hostel i've ever stayed at but it was Amsterdam so it was never going to be cheap! I stayed here for 3 nights in a mixed 12 bed dorm and that cost me £67.58 (one of the nights was a Friday!)

I had heard such great things about the Flying Pig hostels that i really wanted to see what they were like. I had originally wanted to stay in the Downtown hostel but as this was a last minute trip i couldn't get a bed for all 4 nights i was in Amsterdam. I then tried Uptown but that too wasn't available for all 4 nights. Because i really wanted to stay here i ended up booking 1 night at a cheaper hostel in the city centre for the first night and then 3 nights here.

Location for this is hostel is great for getting to the museums and it's not a bad walk into the city centre either. It's right next to Vondelpark which is just stunning. Perfect place for a stroll if you enjoyed your evening a little too much ;)

The staff at the hostel were super friendly. I was especially impressed with them on the day i went to the Amsterdam Arena. I was struggling to find the best way to get there so i asked for help. The girl was super helpful as she had a lot local knowledge. I had no problem getting there thanks to her.

The hostel has it's own bar and smoking room in the basement (although they are quite small). The drinks at the bar were reasonably priced and you could also get food. I did order a pizza one night but quickly realised this food should only be bought at the end of the night when you are drunk! If you want a proper meal you will be better off heading out.

The hostel had a very safe feel to it. When i checked in i was asked if i wanted to keep my passport or other valuables safe with the staff. This was a nice touch. In the rooms there were cages under the bed for locking your bags away although you need to have your own lock. These seemed like a really good idea but they downside to them is that they don't slide out easily if someone is on the bed. I got woken up one evening by a girl very stubbornly trying to get her bag in the cage.

The room is what you expect for a 12 bed dorm with as many bunk beds placed in the room as you could get in. One thing i didn't like was the fact that you only had one plug socket by the door. I prefer to have them near the beds but this is a luxury you don't always get with hostels.

My room didn't have its own bathroom but there were 4 cubicles on the floor which were kept clean. I did like the fact the cubicles had a shower curtain by the door so you could hang stuff up and keep it dry. Annoyingly though, one of them had an issue with the temperature so you couldn't stand under it for very long! And there was only 1 hair dryer on the floor.

I actually didn't use the kitchen while i stayed in this hostel so i can't really say too much about it. I did have a little sneak peak at it and it did look nice and big.

One thing that wasn't great about this hostel was the fact that there was no lift (but this is Amsterdam so it's not their fault!). I did like the signs of encouragement they had painted along the stairs

Overall i enjoyed my stay here. Like the title of the review says, it was what i expected so if you're after a quiet night you should really look at booking else where! This is definitely more of a party hostel. That's why you have to accept you will get people coming in and out of the rooms at all hours.

If you do want to stay here though i do recommend booking early. I got lucky as i went in October but over the summer months i imagine this place books up quickly!
My 12 bed dorm
View from the window
This did make me smile :P
I love that they had a cat!
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soraan soraan
5 reviews
Lovely Hostel in Amsterdam Sep 03, 2012
If you want a fun place to stay in Amsterdam and as well a quite one - flying ping uptown - in the right place for you.

Situated next to the VoldenPark and some museums I do believe is the right to be as an great accommodation.

The price is not so expensive ( ~ 18euro/night) but is very clean.

One of the best thing about this hostel is the bar downstairs. A great place to meet people and to have a lot of fun.

Breakfast is included and it's all you need in order to start a busy visiting day in Amsterdam.

Enjoy AMS!
MrD3071 MrD3071
20 reviews
Uptown girls? Feb 05, 2011
The Flying Pig hostels, so good I had to come and visit the other one! Having previously visited the downtown back in 09, I had to bring some friends back with me! Admittedly downtown was fully booked, but that’s fine, we claimed the last beds at the uptown (these places fill up very fast, so you will want to book way in advanced!)

The location of Uptown is much better; just five minutes walk from the main station, Amsterdam Schiphol. Located down a long 'back street' there are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes located within minutes walk from the hostel, as well as a few coffee shops. It is a ten to fifteen minute walk to get to the very centre of town.

The hostel itself is very accommodation, providing sturdy bunk beds (though mine was very squeaky) with large lockers on the underneath to store entire bags as well as valuables (padlock not included; bring your own, big one preferably). The bathroom is fully functional, with extra showers and toilets located as stand-alone through the hostel.

The hostel staff members are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful; with the bar team in particular are very willing to help you get smashed (responsibly?) Smoking room included, as well as a pool table. Plenty to keep you meeting new travellers!

My one gripe with the hostel was the key card system, there were quite a few faults, and I got locked out of my room a few times at unsociable hours of the night. My friend Mark couldn’t get any key card of his to work at all, which for the rest of us was hilarious, but understandably annoying for him. Reception is always happy to fix this though.

Overall, a fun and friendly place, a little over the average price per night, but well worth the stay if you’re after a good party atmosphere!
A crude example of my mate Phil op…
At the bar, just look at all those…
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christelgeralyn christel…
1 reviews
Great Amsterdam Backpacker's Hostel Jun 06, 2011
Really chilled out hostel, located right in the museum district and walking distance from nearly everything I have wanted to go for. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The ambience is amazing, one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in which has made my stay so far really wonderful.

The reception area is underground, and there is a bar right next to the reception, with AMAZING music, great people and friendly barmen. Free wifi is great and the smoking room is small, but cosy, equipped with a guitar, a nice shelf of books and sofas.

Security wise, i feel safe - free safes at the reception for valuables, but also a cage under your bed (bring your own lock of buy one for a price), and locked card-access to each room.

There are fridges in the kitchen to store your stuff if you're eating supermarket food - although you can get AMAZING 5 euro meals all over in the famours bar district so no reason why supermarkets are needed.

The only complaint I have is that there are no lifts and I have to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to my room - but thats nothing compared to all the other awesome things about this hostel. I definitely recommend it!!
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simbathelion simbathe…
3 reviews
Great Hostel May 21, 2011
The Flying Pig was brilliant, if you want an affordable, comfortable and enjoyable place to stay.

I say the service was only average because we were not often there. However, when we were the staff were friendly and helpful, if we asked where they thought was a good night out or something that we had to visit they came up with some good ideas and advice.

The beds were comfortable enough, although the only issue we had was that a fellow in a dorm had a slight snoring problem! haha.

The only issue I had with the Hostel is that you had a really strong whiff of a certain tabacco when you walked in. However, it was pretty much expected by all of us that used the hostel that this would be the case.

The communal area was great and we struck up conversations with a variety of other guests and staff. And even had the odd game of chess!

All in all a great place, good location and really fun.
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karatechopatron karatech…
3 reviews
City centre location May 08, 2011
Its amsterdam, so it's not going to be cheap! Went with 3 friends in 2010 - we had a private room so everything was clean, tidy and no bathroom disasters, really good hostel compared to some i've stayed in, friendly staff, 24 hour access and a brilliant location, we walked from straight from the train station to the hostel with no problems,if coming back to Amsterdam I would stay here again, so would definalty recommed it!
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Abigail_Ganon says:
thanks for the advice! great review!!
Posted on: Oct 02, 2011
laly0717 laly0717
3 reviews
Fun! Apr 21, 2011
I went backpacking with a friend last year and because of the great reviews we got from Flying Pig, we decided to check it out. I have to say I really liked the hostel, but it's just not for everyone. You definitely need to go with an open mind. It's not very clean and it can be messy sometimes, but the environment is great. You get to meet a lot of people and end up going out in groups every night! I think everyone should stay there at least once, because it's right in the center where everything happens and during the evenings there's always something fun going on!
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rossitony7 rossiton…
2 reviews
Great Hostels for Fun seekers Mar 14, 2011
Great hostel!

I was there with a good friend for about a week.

The place has a Pub downstairs with few couchs to relax. You are allow to spoke in that section of the hostel which is pretty fun. The bar is open very late... Can't really remember what time it was when they asked us to move, but it was because they needed to set the place for the breakfast (so pretty late lol)

Rooms are ok. We had a private room with two bunkbeds an a private bathroom so nothing to complain about.

The hostels is close to "downtown" and right next to a very nice park. Few minutes of biking to go pretty everywhere you should want to go.

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heffo555 heffo555
1 reviews
The Flying Pig Uptown, Amsterdam Feb 2011....yeeo Feb 08, 2011
Me and 3 of my best mates stayed here for our february trip to amsterdam and we were extremely satisfied that i had to buy the hostel t-shirt! :)...the atmosphere was my favorite element of this hostel. It was very chilled out, the hostel bar was cheap, and the smokin area was fantastic and also a great place to meet new people. We stayed in an 8 bed dorm on the second floor with took alot of energy to get up to but didnt really bother me. The location for me was perfect as i think the leidseplein area is much more attractive to tourists than the red light area and Previous stays in Amsterdam i had a poor opinion of the accomadation with places like the white tulip or the meeting point, but now every tip to the dam i will have no problem about accomadation, highly recommended!
me and the j man
jman n japo
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Magdxx Magdxx
3 reviews
great stay Apr 28, 2011
everything was just perfect and fun ! its a warm chilly place ! where everyone get to meet everyone ! deal location close to everything !Staff absolutely great, friendly, helpful and attentive! wld def go there again !
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juanna juanna
3 reviews
Das Hostel ist in Ordnung Apr 07, 2011
Das Hostel ist in Ordnung. Ist zwar auf den ersten Blick etwas komisch, aber auf den zweiten Blick sogar irgendwie gemütlich. Die Lage ist in Ordnung. Etwa 5 min von Leidseplein. Bis zum Stadtzentrum kann man die Tram nehmen (2,6 Euro pro Fahrt).
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newdeal24 newdeal24
4 reviews
More Expensive and Further, but Fun Aug 10, 2011
The Flying Pig is a famous chain of hostels in Amsterdam, but I suspect mostly because of the downtown location. This uptown location is next to the Vondelpark, about a 12 minute tram ride from Centraal Station (Number 2 to your far right, not the ones right in front of you when you exit the station). There's a long street to walk down to get to the place but once inside you'll have the chance to meet lots of people at the basement bar and smoking lounge that are open into the early hours. The stairs are steep, the rooms are small, the bathrooms and showers are adequate. Plusses for air conditioning (it will get too cold, tell them to shut it off), free breakfast with a protein (hard boiled eggs), and lockable cages under the bed (which may be difficult to slide out). Is a place for younger crowd, stay up until 3 and sleep til 11 type of thing. Location provides access to Vondelpark and Leidesplein area, if you want to be in the heart of town stay somewhere else. Overall a good stay.
ursa_p ursa_p
3 reviews
Definetly staying there again! Nov 05, 2010
This is a really cool hostel in a really nice area, the street on which the hostel is goes along Vondelpark, Rijksmuseum is 5 min by foot and so is the famous Iamsterdam sign, 2 min away from Hardrock cafe and famous Paradiso club and 7 min away from Lidseplein (all by foot) where clubs and bars are, there you can take the tram to the Dam Square and everything that is there, it's only few stops away. Or you can shop and eat on Leidsestraat. Also Rembrandplein with awesome clubs isn't far way.

The hostel is very cool, clean and lots of fun, you don't even have to go anywhere because the party is on every night. It's situated in a very nice and safe area in a classic town house (very narrow stairways :) the rooms are clean with standard bunkbeds. We stayed in 4 bed ensuite room with walls painted like cheese and it was really nice, the bathroom was clean, but i also saw the shared bathrooms and those were nice too. There is a bar/reception downstairs where the fun happens, they also have a smoking area where you can smoke whatever you have :) also they have a nice kitchen and place where you can watch tv (with headphones) they also lend you small laptops so you can use internet and stuff.

I would really recommed this hostel to young people that want to have really good time because it has everything party hostels downtown have it's just in a nicer place :)

You can check out the photos on their web page
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Carpediem37 Carpedie…
2 reviews
Great Hostel Nov 18, 2010
This place was fantastic! The staff was super helpful, and had great information about Amsterdam. Very laid back place, and fun. The only one downside to this place is their steps. They are the steepest steps I have ever been on. There is also no elevator, so if you want a workout this is your place.
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bangoskank99 bangoska…
1 reviews
Brillant Place to Meet New People From All Over the World Jan 12, 2010
If you are traveling alone, this is the place to go. This place has it own bar, smoking room, chillout area and everyone is very friendly.

Traveling alone can sometime be lonely and it is always good when you arrive a friendly welcome hostel, full of people looking to make friends.

Have some great nights at this place, met loads of great people.

Although i would now reccomend it for families or people looking for a quiet week away. This is all about Partying!
paulshrodder paulshro…
1 reviews
Favorite Hostel Dec 10, 2010
Was in Amsterdam not too long ago , stayed at the flying pig uptown. This hostel was awesome... clean, neat, cheap, perfectly located and had an awesome staff!!
HCSmooth66 HCSmooth…
64 reviews
Great Location, Well designed Sep 09, 2009
The Flying Pig Uptown hostel was perhaps the best hostel I stayed at on my trip. It's a toss-up between this one and St. Christopher's Village in London.

This place is located near Vondelpark and a very short walk to Museumplein and Leidseplein.

I stayed in a 12-person room, which would bring the problems you'd expect but keep the cost low. 12 different people are likely to sleep at 12 different times, causing lights and noise to come at any time of day or night. This didn't necessarily bother me, but it is something to consider.

In the lowest level of this hostel is a kitchen that didn't seem to be kept to clean. I didn't cook, but if you're planning on cooking you should expect to deal with a bit of a mess. There was a bar and lounge area where you could socialize, get on the free wifi, or just relax with a beer. Adjoining the bar/lounge area is a smoking room for those who come to Amsterdam to smoke marijuana in a public setting without any fear of prosecution.

The bathroom was separate from the shower in my room, which I thought was a great design decision.

Overall definitely a hostel I'd recommend. I prefer its location to the Flying Pig Downtown unless you're planning on spending much of your time in Amsterdam in the Red Light District.
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MattSelou MattSelou
1 reviews
The greatest hostel in the world! Jan 20, 2009
Everything and everyone is great. I could have stayed with family for free, but the people who stayed at the Flying Pig (and those who worked there) were my family.

Bunch of FREE computers with FREE internet, free breakfast. This was open 24 hours, and there was always something going on. The walls are pretty soundproof, when I went to bed, I slept like a baby.

They have so many DVD's, books, games, room to roam, room to relax, on one of those "rest" days. The people who work there are hostel lovers who were lucky to find jobs there, they're from all over the world, nothing more I can say! It was so great I didn't even bother going anywhere else.
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angel_lowri angel_lo…
1 reviews
Aug 19, 2007
A really great little hostel with a friendly bar. Had everything you would need, and was very laid back! Situated opposite the Vondelpark it was only a 15 min walk away from Cental Station, and there's so much to see you don't really mind the walk.
seangee seangee
122 reviews
Flying Pig Uptown Nov 07, 2005
The flying pig was tight. They put me in a room with two bunkbeds, so four people. It was clean and we had our own shower for the room. I was by myself,and the room didnt fill up for a few days. In the end all the people that stayed in there were cool and I ended up partying with them. The bar in the basement is a slick spot, you can stay down there till the early morning. The kitchen was very suspect, i didnt eat in there. The water closet-bathroom was really small, not ideal for a large person. The location is nice because its close enough to everything, but gives you some distance from the wild side.
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