In front of Airport terminal, Keflavik, Iceland

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Last view of old town and a big pain
It was raining, now, as we travel on. We enter town and make a path along Tjornin for a fantastic evening view of old town. We dropped off all staying downtown and continued through the quaint street…Keflavik Airport as I had a 7:45 am flight to Amsterdam. I called FlyBus - the main transport to and from…
15.04.2009 Leaving Germany!
This morning I left sunshine - Germany at 10:10 am. As you can imagine I was happy to tare of the last day of my calender ;-) My  luggage was 1 Backpack and one Suitcase (Oldschool) without whee…Flybus" , beeing taken from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik! A good busride and the first time I was able to see the endless…
The Blue Lagoon, Bláa Lónið
Albeit touristy, possibly the coolest part of Iceland, I will admit!Many tours run daily trips to the Blue Lagoon, but James and Hanna drove me out there. It's a little pricey - at 1800 krona (about …Keflavik, you can take the FlyBus stop over to the Blue Lagoon for no additional price. The Blue Lagoon is located…

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photo by: Vikram