Flight of the Gibbons

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Flight of the Gibbons Chiang Mai Reviews

LASportsNut LASports…
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Fun and Safe Zip-Lining Sep 01, 2014
The Flight of the Gibbon in Chiang Mai, Thailand was amazing. The staff is very tentative and safety is their priority.

After being picked up at the hotel it is about a 30-40 min van ride up to the mountains. After arrival there is a short check in, and putting on the safety harness, a short drive to the waterfalls. You cannot get wet so leave the bathing suits at the hotel.

Then another short van ride to the 1st Zip Line station. About 2-3 hours, and 32 stations later, it was time for food. A great thai meal before the ride back the the hotel.

I highly recommend this adventure. I will go back on my next visit.
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christineliaw16 christin…
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7 ribs broken & 2 spines damage at Sep 11, 2012
On 2012/07/27, I joined “Flight of the Gibbon” ziplining with my husband and 2 kids. We chose Gibbon is because they showed “Your safety is 100% guaranteed” on the web, even their price is higher.

There were 2 sky rangers and 6 guests in the team. The first ranger flight to another side first. Then, the guest flight there 1 by 1. After all guest reached the platform, the 2nd ranger flight at the end. My husband is the last guest in the team.


Since the 1st ranger did not control well, my husband cannot reach the other side successfully. He slid back to the middle of zipline. Then, the terrible thing happened. Gibbon’s 2nd ranger came with full speed to crash my husband. This caused him with serious injury of 7 ribs broken and 2 spines damage. Doctor said he needs at least 1 month on the bed, 3 months with Jewett Brace & 1 year to recover to normal life. That means hospital fee and unemployee loss for months.

My husband is strong man with 70+kgs weight. Can you image if this crash happened to me or to my kids? We may not survive. I spend weeks in Thailand to take care my husband and 2 kids back to Taiwan by themselves. They are still in the fear of this crash and almost lost their father.

Gibbon’s CEO said Gibbon is a small company and no insurance. I feel helpless from his irresponsibility. How can you trust they will maint their facility well by such leadship?

This is really a dangerous activity and don’t let your wife or kids join it. If you really want to, please buy insurance before join any Gibbon’s activity.
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Tiffany462 Tiffany4…
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A thrill seekers dream Jul 07, 2011
Flight of the Gibbons is about an hour from Chiang Mai. They have increased the length of the course to almost double the stations. It is a zipline experience that tops what I've seen anywhere else. The newest run of over 800 meters was amazing. The entire course is in the rain forest and high above the canopy. If you're in Thailand and near Chiang Mai which just abounds in adventure day trips, Flight of the Gibbons is a must!
Rokerij Rokerij
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Flight of the Gibbons Dec 31, 2010
The first thing to mention is that there are a lot of fakes to the original Flight of the Gibbons. So make sure you book the real one. I had to call the number on the ad and speak to them specifically to realize I booked the wrong one through my hotel - or should I say my hotel booked the wrong one for me. I fixed it before it was a problem, so that was good.

Next we were delayed almost 2 full hours but were given a very sincere apology from a very angry owner (at least I assumed it was the owner). The delay was caused by a group of 16 Israeli's who decided to change their pick-up locations without letting the tour operator know. This caused taxi's to be delayed for about two hours. Unfortunately they were busy and there wasn't enough guides to just leave the Israeli's behind until they arrived. So we were stuck waiting on them.

It didn't get much better. The pushed me off the first platform to butt in front of me on the zip-line. I pushed back and one of the girls in the group was almost in tears because she didn't want her group split up.

Then as we are rushing from zip-line to zip-line to beat the sunset and zip-lining in the pitch black, the same girl who was whining began screaming at the guides to "photo me". She wanted them to take a picture of her while they were trying to setup the next zip-line. They refused, but that didn't stop her from continuing to harass them in an overly whiny voice.

The zip-lining itself was amazing. Very fun, but because of the delay the Israeli's caused we were unfortunately zip-lining our last one in the pitch black.

We arrived back at the main area to a once again apologetic owner who offered us free beers for dinner. There were 6 of us screwed over by the inconsiderate Israeli group. We ate our dinner and within 5 minutes of sitting down one of the girls who was screwed over was asked to leave because the Israeli's weren't eating and wanted to leave. Unfortunately she HAD to go in that van because it was the only one left with room.

Knowing that, she decided to sit there for another hour and a half drinking beers with us. Every 3-4 minutes one of the Israeli group would come down and tell her to leave, but she didn't. She waited for everyone else to leave before she got in her van.

It was very annoying to have to deal with inconsiderate people like that, but it gave the 6 of us something to bond over. It was the perfect ice breaker - "how annoying were those people on our tour"..

The tour itself was very worth it. Our situation was a one in a million problem, I wouldn't expect it to be a common thing. Even with that problem it was still one of the highlights of my trip and I highly recommend it.

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