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One moment you are traveling along the interstate enjoying the sprawling vistas offered by the desert, and the next moment you have graduated to a mountainous area covered with ponderosa pines and snow-capped peaks. This is Flagstaff, one of the more well-known cities in Arizona located near the Grand Canyon and San Francisco Peaks. A rough-and-tumble city that got its start as a lumber, railroad, and ranching town, Flagstaff has transitioned over the years into one of the premier tourist destinations in the country, largely due to the proximity of the Grand Canyon National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, and the surrounding mountains and countryside. Beyond that, Flagstaff is situated along the historic Route 66, one of the first U.S. highways to ever stretch across the country.

Flagstaff is a historic city which has traded modernity for a well-worn persona that has only helped add to the appeal of the place for travelers. This is not a fancy city like New York or Miami, resplendent with glistening metal towers rising into the sky. This is a historic town full of American history, a history that local residents are proud of. Not to mention the scenery surrounding Flagstaff is beyond comparison, giving locals yet another notch on their belt when it comes to bragging rights. You can roam through the Museum of Northern Arizona, head over to the botanical gardens at the Arboretum, or simply visit one of the many historical buildings showcasing local history. However, the best sights and sounds are definitely the ones offered in the wilderness surrounding Flagstaff, and visitors have access to phenomenal rock climbing, hiking, and biking trails, not to mention the Grand Canyon itself. All in all, one could easily lose a month or two to Flagstaff and be none the worse for wear, which is probably one of the reasons so many people come here year in and year out despite being a small town in the middle of nowhere.

Flagstaff is very cold with snow in the winter and a pleasant warm by day and cool at night in the summer. Flag is the last good place for all kind of services on the way to the Grand Canyon. I always stock up with food, gasoline, ice, and whatever supplies I may need before I head north. Car mecanical services are available there.
This area has nice ponderosa pine forests and some new high dollar suberbs in the nearby forests. Its an all around pleasant place on US hwy 66.

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