Find the Best Seat on your Plane Before you Leave

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Find the Best Seat on your Plane Before you Leave Jul 11, 2008
Wow, if I had a dollar for every time saved me, I would be a rich man. Well, not quite, but it has certainly helped me avoid a number of 'horror movie' type seat issues especially on long hault flights. One example was that I was assigned to sit in what I thought was a great seat (a window seat so I could lean against the window towards the front of the plane to get some rest). As I do with all flights, I checked and put in the airline and the equipment (found on my ticket or by calling the airline). The Seat Guru told me that that particular row had no window and so you did not have as much room and it had a tendency to get very cold because you are right next to metal and it is a VERY BAD seat. Luckily for me there were other seats available in some of the more recommended areas of the plane, so I made the change online and all was well. There are countless other examples I could give you, but for sure, check out your flight ahead of time on the Seat Guru, and you will be thanking yourself again and again (or just proving to your ego how smart you are!) After your trip, come to Houston and we can talk some seatguru or just have a pint! Happy Seating (Travelling!) --Jeremy
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