Filipina Women Stereotypes - beware!

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Manila, Philippines

Filipina Women Stereotypes - beware! Manila Reviews

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Filipina Women Stereotypes - beware! Apr 17, 2007
Hi there kids! I'm a local Pinay girl who's out to clarify all the stereotypes placed on Filipina women and Asian women in general.



As you must've read in many a travel book, sexual equality is more pronounced in the Philippines than most other Asian countries.

And while this is true, we, Filipinas don't just go out of our homes in bikinis...waiting to dance for some foreigners with big fat wallets--since we're THAT liberated and all.




You may have heard stories about Pinays & prostitution. Maybe you've come across some blogs which have discussed it. Hey, I'm not about to dispel any of those stories. It does happen out here. But doesn't that happen in every other third world or even FIRST world country, for that matter?

Besides, people who experience that kind of red light district type of "nightlife" are the ones who explicitly scope out for it.

If you walk in the streets of Manila and Makati, you won't even notice where the red light district is, unless you ask around for it. It's not IN-YOUR-FACE. Some pimps might notice the foreigners more at night. But that happens rarely. You know these pimps--always thinking foreigners are out here for women. Oh well, one bad apple shouldn't spoil the whole bunch. In fact, I've never been to or invited to any of those places...and I've been here all my life!



It is pretty peculiar the way Filipinos treat the women population here.

Dress Codes--Not!


Generally, there are no restrictions on how women dress in this country. We're a democracy--you can pretty much wear anything you like in public places--except nothing at all. Private areas such as churches, malls and schools are another story, they require you to at least look decent and respectable...not like you just came from the beach. Religious norms are also respected. Muslim women are allowed to wear their shawls and veils if they so choose (but the less conservative ones don't usually wear them especially in the city.) Well those aren't such hard rules to follow, right? Any Western woman would fit right in--well, that is except for their towering height and white skin, that might have SOME heads turning.

Reserved and Respected


Being a predominantly Catholic country, Filipina women mostly tend to be prim and proper. And yet they are also very friendly and approachable, since no rules are placed upon them anyway.

But this is not to say that they are left to their own devices. Women are generally taken good care of and prioritized in some necessary situations. Case in point, the MRT and LRT trains tend to be full during rush hours. This has caused some Pinays to be groped or at least be paranoid about being groped.

The train management has since then taken action on this matter. The first two cabins in every train have now been reserved exclusively for women and the elderly. Women with their male companions can still ride the regular cabins, if they so choose...but usually these cabins are more cramped than the special ones.

Two women presidents


An interesting suggestion (from my dad & Jilltrekker) which I almost overlooked: Two women presidents out of 14 so far.

Two out of four presidents (in the last 25 years) were women.

Current president is you guessed it, a woman. All 4 feet 11 inches of her.

Both of their administrations may not be and have been perfect--but they took over after two of the most notoriously corrupt presidents in history. They were tasked to unite and rebuild and that just isn't an easy feat any way you look at it. 'Nuff said.

Ala Titanic


You know how the Titanic ship prioritized women, children & the elderly? Well, that's generally the system out here. They come first. Most of the time.



I may have painted a picture of the "typical" Pinay. But what the heck, we're too diverse a species to just put in a box. We're like any other woman of any random race or culture...emotional, complicated and just uniquely ourselves!

Forgive me for the slightly feminist tone.

But what the heck, you know what...I guess I'm entitled to my point of view.

And if I could change even just one traveler's impression...

Then, I'll be a happy little Filipina.

And obviously, a proud one at that.

That's it for now. Will post more later. Hope you enjoyed the entry! Message me if you like it...:)
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Amrisalem says:
well said
Posted on: Dec 15, 2011
jethanad says:
Nice subject to vent. Your observations easily apply to most large cities in India and in USA. Mumbai and Miami come to my mind almost immediately
Posted on: Aug 09, 2010
smuffygt says:
"waiting to dance for some foreigners with big fat wallets"

Really? I figured that's how most people operate anywhere in the world. :P

Great blog! And it's good to be opinionated about some things. You certainly are entitled to yours and I think you expressed it very well.
Posted on: May 02, 2010
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