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42 Shotover Street, Queenstown, New Zealand

Fergburger Queenstown Reviews

saltycoco saltycoco
15 reviews
What's a Fergburger? Come sit with me and I'll tell you a story... Apr 04, 2013
I met this girl in Lake Taupo, a world traveler, man she makes me so jelly, I wish I could travel the world like her for a year. She told me if I head over to Queenstown, that I should check out Fergburger, a restaurant specializing in some of the best fancy gourmet hamburgers in all of New Zealand or so I was told. Well they had an assortment of burger choices, from venison, lamb, chicken, beef, and pork. And their burgers are so big, but the price were reasonable, still expensive, but reasonable. I bought the original Fergburger, and it is so big. I only ate half of it, and ate the other half later. I would go back to this restaurant 1 more time and ordered the venison burger. Was it really that great? Let's just say I wasn't disappointed, the burgers were so juicy and fresh. It's a popular restaurant and a must visit while in Queenstown. Line is a little long at times and hard to find seating because it's a small restaurant. My suggestion, order the burger, and take it out to eat at the shores of Lake Wakatipu or the nearby park for some awesome views while you're at it.
Here's a shot of the venison burger
What the inside of the restaurant …
French fries, it was huge. I dont …
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TRE69 says:
I love Fergburger!
Posted on: May 01, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Thanks for sharing, Ian!!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2014
sylviandavid says:
Sounds wonderful...
Posted on: Mar 22, 2014
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ccjbeachbum ccjbeach…
179 reviews
fergburger in ferg we trust Mar 27, 2012
well as i was doing my homework on my travels to new Zealand .i came across a couple of reviews about ferg and his burgers.i will say the place is always crowded and its probably the busiest place in queens town.people from everywhere were there and they all said everyone told us if you go to queens town go to fergs. how could i not go there. so after waiting 15 minutes we got our order in and i ordered the fergburger with cheese and a side of fries.when i got my burger it was a big hamburger roll with nice green lettuce and big tomatos and i took my first bite and you remember the commercial for wendy's (WHERE THE BEEF) lol it was there but i wasn't impressed. it was good but i think its over hyped .i had the best burger in arrowtown but didnt bring my camera .but fergs is ok not the best just ok
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skippyed skippyed
27 reviews
Amazing Burgers! Dec 18, 2012
A burger with a difference! This place is a tourist attraction in itself. Burgers are large and very tasty with a great selection of unusual fillings.

It's extremely popular and at peak eating times the queue is down the footpath. Turnaround time is pretty quick, staff work fast to get the orders out. It's small establishment with only a few tables so get in early to avoid the crowds!


If you have enough room after your enormous fill then next door is desert at the Fergbakery!
Vikram says:
LOL @ their line "open 21 hours a day because Fergs loves you a lot"!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2013
Vikram says:
Just saw their website... takes its own time to load, but those fillings look v unusual indeed. As I'm veg, I'll go for one "Holier than Thou", thank you very much! Takeaway please ;)
Posted on: Jan 26, 2013
charlie7486 charlie7…
11 reviews
Best burger in the world! Aug 19, 2011
What can I say about Fergburger apart from that they serve the best burgers I have ever eaten. It is a very small restaurant but it is probably one of the most famous things in Queenstown. The are a multitude of different burgers and I recommend trying a few. And you can be sure that the locals love it too because there is always a long queue :)
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chelc387 chelc387
3 reviews
A MUST! May 28, 2011
If you make it to Queenstown make sure to get a Fergburger. If nothing else just to say you can. Even just a regualr burger is great here. They are huge and well worth the money! One of my friends had 3 in a day and 2 the next day. YUM
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kaijin kaijin
11 reviews
Must Have Food Stop - Affordable in an expensive area! Oct 22, 2010
Excellent selection for all diets - carnivore, vegetarian, etc. Husband had the original Fergburger showcasing the NZ prime beef and I had the Little Lamby (lamb patty Fergburger) with the famous NZ lamb. Service was great--friendly and helpful. The place was always busy, in a good way. Search this place out if you're in town! An affordable option to eat at that isn't a McDonald's or Subway.
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ashley0000 ashley00…
3 reviews
Burgers that you remember Jun 18, 2010
Fergburger is the one (ok SEVERAL) meals I remember from my month in New Zealand. Located in Queenstown this place is within easy walking distance to the major hostels and right downtown on the major street with all the touristy/attraction stores!

The quality of the meat and produce is amazing, they have a variety of burgers, chicken burger, lamb burgers ect ect to choose from. I personally recommend the normal cheese burger with brie :)

I would say it is a bit more pricey than the average burger joint but it is will worth the money! YUM!
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Eric says:
Thanks for sharing your review on TravBuddy!
Posted on: Apr 06, 2011
HardcoreWally Hardcore…
3 reviews
F E R G ! ! ! Feb 03, 2010
OMG! I lived in Queenstown for almost 3 years and was never disappointed with the Ferg. Alot easier to access now it's on the main strip instead of in Cow lane. Open real late and so good for the munchies. Not cheap but always worth it! Just ask where it is if you're not sure, people with local knowledge will guide you!
Don't know if I should be left una…
Rod struggles just past the half w…
Iconic Ferg in it's current locati…
jktweed jktweed
8 reviews
Ferg Loves You! Oct 22, 2009
Smack-bang in the middle of Queenstown, Fergburger chills out on Shotover Street amongst the multiple backpackers, shops, bars and extreme sport centres.

You can't miss it - it's the place that people queue up for at 11am and just keeps getting busier throughout the day. Sure you may have to wait 10 minutes to order and then 15 more minutes for your burger to arrive, but it's all worth it! Trust me. These burgers are STUFFED with flavour and you'll walk away deeply satisfied. Besides, there's nothing more awesome than finishing a hard day skiing/bungee jumping/sky diving/parasailing and wolfing down a huge, juicy burger.

Their menu is made up of burgers with prime Kiwi beef, deer or lamb; grilled chicken tenderloins; and there's even tempered tofu for veggies and falafel patties. They have also have a blue cod burger and for those who wake up with some serious breakfast munchies you can choose between A Dawn Horn or The Morning Glory. These two burgers are filled with bacon, hash browns, egg and other breakfast tasties. All the burgers have really spiffy names - like the Southern Swine (which comes with some delicious streaky bacon for anyone who likes the swine flu connotation). If you're feeling brave then you can try the most expensive burger which has half a pound of beef, two eggs, bacon and other toppings, aptly named The Big Al.

By the way, when you're very drunk from partying all night long, Fergburger (which closes at like 4am) is brilliant for helping you to sober up! Looking beyond the burgers, their fries with aoili are totally divine and great for a big snack if you can't quite manage a burger.

Inside are a few booths to sit at and there are a couple of seats outside but space is limited and people will either nab one of the available seats or just eat their burgers along the wharf by the lake. You get your burger in a nice Fergburger brown bag regardless of where you eat and the bag really helps because eating that big-a-burger can be a very very messy business.

Ferg also sells some special merchandise like girl's underwear, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and armbands. Nice souvenir if you like.

Ferg is more expensive than just grabbing a McDonald's meal, but the size of the burgers and the quality of the beef more than make up for it. Also isn't it nice to eat something a lot less processed for once!

If you go to Queenstown is it mandatory that you go there. I'm not joking. You have to. You can't visit Q-town without experiencing the amazing Fergburger. Besides, it's a great way to get chatting to other travellers while you wait for your burger. So get chomping!
Stuffing our faces with Ferg!
Sitting down to digest our Ferg!
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JJG_90 says:
My first burgasm happened here...
Posted on: Dec 22, 2011
jktweed says:
ah thank you everyone! :) what a surprise to be featured! i feel special!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
foreveryoungatheart says:
Good job! Your blog made me very hungry.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
Dave81 Dave81
36 reviews
Going big! Feb 17, 2009
I heard from Fergburger from a travelbuddy who went there before. She said it is a must to try a Ferg when I head to Queenstown. Honestly I cannot really say if this is the best burger ever had, but it is for sure one of the top three ever (I have to admit that I love burger and that I ate a lot of them already).

Fergburger is open 24 hours and each burger is prepared on order.

Enjoy your meal :-)
lorenzo39 lorenzo39
1 reviews
Jun 13, 2007
Definitely worth the wait if there's a queue. Since I've been away my mouth waters whenever I think of Ferg's - I moving back to Queenstown next year pretty much because I can't stand to be away from Fergburger any longer! I recommend the blue cheese burger and if you do get fries (the burgers are so big you don't really need them, but sometimes you can't help yourself) be sure to get extra garlic aoili, they're a little stingy with the portions of that.
shananigans shananig…
1 reviews
Jul 09, 2007
The most amazing burger I have ever had. Period.

Was recommended to me by a friend and have told everyone I have met since who say that they are going there to have one... prices start a NZ$9.00 for a basic Fergburger, but it's worth every dollar!!!
krenu05 krenu05
5 reviews
Apr 26, 2007
Great, tasty burgers! The burgers are huge and they give you lots of fries in a bag so I'd recommend to share the fries.It's a pretty popular place with the locals and tourists so expect a queue, but worth the wait.
suziewong suziewong
3 reviews
Feb 01, 2007
this is THE backpacker restaurant for a good reason.

burgers are huge, chips/french fries are even bigger - but it tastes sooo good.

a fergburger is the best food ever after a night out in one of the queenstown bars/pubs.

go for it!
Ape says:
Warning though: life will never be the same after a Fergburger. No longer will you be satisfied by a burger from your local restaurant, fastfood chain or by the burgers your mum makes!
Posted on: Mar 21, 2008
carpefunk says:
omg, I LOVE Fernburger! I ate here 3 nights in a row when I stayed in Queenstown... each time was almost about midnight too... :D
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
MedKate MedKate
13 reviews
Jul 07, 2006
One of those places where both the locals and the tourists congregate after a certain hour. The food is extra tasty, the portions overly large and it's got that something special...

Grab a beer and slouch here after a long day on the hills.

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