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Fecamp Overview

Fecamp; just over halfway from Dieppe to Le Havre, this city is a serious fishing port with an attractive seafront promenade and a waste number of fishing boats in the harbour. The city as such is not as charming as the the other small cities that I visited that day.

One compelling reason to pay a brief visit is to see the Benedictine Distillery on rue Alexandre-le-Grand, in the narrow strip of streets running parallel to the port towards the town centre. Tours lasting an hour and a half start with a visit to a small museum, set firmly in the Middle Ages with props of manuscripts, locks, testaments, lamps and religious paintings beneath a nightmarish mock-Gothic roof. The first whiff of Benedictine – a sweet herby liqueur often combined with brandy – comes in the grim rust-and-grey-coloured Salle des Abbés, and at this point the script abruptly changes – from mysterious monks to PR for an exclusive product

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