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Fawcett Overview

When I say Fawcett is small I really mean it. With exactly 79 inhabitants living in 27 of the 30 available dwellings (2011 figures) it really only merits hamlet status as it literally is a blink and you'll miss it sort of place. It sits on a small loop road just to the West of Highway 44 in Westlock County about 30 miles North of Westlock itself.

My friend and I hunted round and there really was nothing and I mean nothing. No Church nor graveyard, no shop, no war memorial (unusual in Canada in even the tiniest places), certainly no pub. I don't think I saw a single road sign there.

Don't get me wrong, it is a charming and well kept place as seems to be standard in Alberta but there was nothing even to take an image of. We had sort of admitted defeat which is very unusual for us as we usually find something and headed back North on the 44. Not far distant we spied the Fawcett Truck Stop and associated garge which literally seems to be the only thing of particular note here.