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1018 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA, USA

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amarie26 amarie26
3 reviews
Amazing Food Mar 27, 2011
Amazing food, great atmosphere, but get there early! It gets pretty crowded on Friday or Saturday nights and you may not be able to find a seat, so be weary of that. It can get frustrating when your food is ready to be eaten but you still don't have a seat.

Aside from the crowd, its a tiny place, with great food and drinks. Staff can be a little demanding, I guess there a bit irritated due to the madness but nonetheless it doesn't excuse them for being impatient. Once you've gotten past the the fight for a table and ordering your experience is bound to be great. :)
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alicegourmet alicegou…
4 reviews
Wanna drink in the OFFICE? Where? Father's Office? Mar 27, 2010
I was really thrilled that Father's Office opens a new location at Culver City. That means I don't have to drive all the way up to Santa Monica. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had her art exhibitions at Culver City, just a couple blocks from Father's Office. Vic, Vinny and I decided to go there after we left the art gallery.

It is located at the Helms Bakery complex which is much bigger, probably twice bigger than the one at Santa Monica! It is acclaimed that their Gastropub and the "Office Burger". They focus on the craft beer and its pairing with food.

I ordered a glass of Riesling and the boys had beers. We ordered The Office Burger (Dry Aged Beef) with caramelized onion, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, matag blue cheese and arugula; shared an Organic Beet Salad; and Basket of Sweet Potato Frites "A La Cart" with roasted garlic, cabrales, blue cheese aioli.

The beef is full of flavor and juicy...the peppery taste of the arugula goes perfectly with the caramelized onion. The blue cheese and gruyere were not over power the taste of the beef. They just like compliment each other! The sweet cooked beet goes great with the mixed greens, walnuts and blue cheese. The Sweet Potatoes Frites wasn't greasy at all...the aioli was a perfect match with the frites. That's why you can't find any Ketcup on the table!

I have to say that this restaurant pack with people most of the time, especially during Friday and weekend evening. You will see a line in front of the entrance and security staffs will check everyone's I.D. They have a big patio out front. You have to order your food and drinks at the bar. I really like the smart causal environment!

This is the place for beer and burger lovers! Two thumbs up!
At the bar
The Office Burger
The burger made with dry aged sirl…
Organic Beet Salad
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TRE69 says:
I concur with the others...Alice is awesome...and the burger at F.O is fantastic!
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
alicegourmet says:
Thanks so much for the comments! I had a great time with you guys! =)
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
poohstanggt says:
Hanging with Alice definitely has its privileges! :D
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
poohstanggt poohstan…
133 reviews
Beer Pairing!?!? Wine on tap???? And Heaven on a bun! Oct 24, 2008
My last trip to LA involved a lot of tv watching while taking care of my Mom after her surgery. While surfing HGTV and Food Network channels, I ran across a show on Beer Pairing on Fine Living. One of the featured spots was Father's Office. The owner, Sang Yoon, is credited with bringing gourmet beer pairing to the United States. The show featured a number of restaurants where you could get some of the best beers in the world paired with excellent gourmet meals. In addition to his beer pairings, Father's Office has been touted as serving the second best burger in the world by Esquire magazine as well as several other sources. I was bound and determined to check this place out but ran out of time that particular trip. In the meantime, several other TB's visited and wrote reviews so I was really dying to check it out by this point.

There are two locations now. The other reviews written by TB Founder Eric, and Mark (Koticphreak) were for the Santa Monica location. Alice (Alicegourmet) was the only one who went to the new, bigger Culver City location. I invited the Father's Office fans to hang out and have dinner since I was driving into town for a couple days! Alice, Mark, Eric, and another F.O. newbie like me, Tracy (Tre69), met up at the Culver City location for a late dinner and beer.

Be wary, just because the Culver City location is bigger, it still gets packed and tables are hard to come by. Tracy and I got very lucky and managed to be at the right place at the right time as two guys were finishing off their last beer & saw we were table hunting so they told us we could have theirs. Tracy and I actually sat down and chatted with them a bit before Alice, Mark, and Eric arrived. HA HA.

While we were waiting, I was perusing the numerous tap handles behind the bar and saw something interesting....wine on tap! WHAT? No, I read it correctly, wine on tap! WOW. But since I had seen the beer pairing show, I was definitely there for the burger and beer.

After everyone arrived, we checked out the menu and the pretty extensive beer list. There is even the rare/exotic list where you can pay more for a bottle of beer ($72) than I pay for wine sometimes! LOL. A lot of Belgium beers obviously and quite a number of local Northern California breweries featured.

We all ordered the Office Burger of course and an order of their Sweet Potato fries and Shoestring Garlic fries and we were set! I trusted the bartender to advise of the proper beer pairing (per the show, all their bartenders are trained in which beers pair with which menu items) and he recommended two depending on how bold I like my beer. I like strong beers so he recommended a particular IPA which turned out to be excellent! Bear Republic, Razor 5, which was a Northern California Brewery in Healdsburg (must check them out at the next beerfest!)

My burger arrives and it looked like heaven on a bun! The beef is dry-aged and I asked for it medium rare and oh that it was! It was perfectly cooked and had deeply caramelized onions and fresh arugula on top. Melted Maytag blue cheese and Gruyere provided a sharp bite to compliment the sweet and peppery caramelized onions and beef. Served on a french roll, it is one of the best burgers that has graced my palate!

And don't forget to try their fries. I am incredibly picky on fries and could've ended up eating a whole basket of both the garlic and the sweet potato ones. Super crisp and not greasy in the least. One note - F.O. does not have ketchup for those who use it. I've always used dipping sauces, mustard, etc for my fries so I didn't even notice but have since read that some people have complained due to their lack of the favorite stand by (sorry Heinz!) :-) What they do serve is like a blue cheese aioli which I devoured.

I have nothing to compare this to as I have not been to the SM location but this is new, rather hip, and had a number of "pretty people" cycling in and out all night. There is an outdoor patio area that is cute but was packed upon our arrival obviously. Seems like the later you go the better - after 10pm, the place began to empty out and parking freed up quite a bit as well. One of the neat things about this location is it is part of the old historic Helms Bakery district that has been renovated. Helms Bakery was infamous years ago in Los Angeles culture starting in 1931, and known for their fresh baked "delivered at your door" bread for over 40 years!

I can't wait to come back again and thanks to all the Father's Office fans on TB. We had a great time and can't wait to go back and try different beers and perhaps check out the wine on tap!
Welcome to Father's Office (F.O.)
TB Founder Eric, Tracy (Tre69), me…
Sweet Potato Fries
Shoestring Garlic Fries
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poohstanggt says:
Yes we must Mel!!! You will probably go without me next week!! HA HA
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
mellemel8 says:
*drool* must go here :)
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
alicegourmet says:
Definitely the Culver City one is way bigger than the Santa Monica one. BTW, the parking over SM is pretty suck!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2008
89 reviews
Cool Gastropub Oct 22, 2008
The Culver City Father's Office is a gastropub located within the Helms Bakery District on Venice Blvd and Helms Ave.

I got an invite to dinner from Erin (poohstanggt) to try the world's second best burger at Father's Office, so how could I refuse. Besides it is located less than 15 minutes away from my work so I was definitely down!

Father's Office has a bouncer to check the IDs of its patrons...I guess that's the way it works for gastropubs! Anyways, the decor is minimalist in my opinion with maple stained wood furnishings and wall decor, halogen track lighting, and faux leather bar stools along the bar which is the focal point of the restaurant space. The bar had practically an entire wall dedicated to beers on tap with a few wines on tap as well. Hanging above the bar are chalkboards listing the the beers and wines available.

At Father's Office, you order your food at the bar and they give you a number so that the server can deliver your food to where ever you can find a seat and believe me...seating is a prime and much sought after commodity. There is seating along the bar, several high bar stools with matching tables across from the bar, lower tables and chairs along the side walls and the small back room, and longer picnic table style seating in the heated outdoor patio.

While waiting for Mark (koticphreak), Alice (alicegourmet), and Eric to arrive, Erin and I snack on baskets of sweet potato fries and pomme frites both served with an aioli dipping sauce. These fries were so yummy...hot, crispy, and salty...loved them and the aioli!

When the rest arrived we all ordered pièce de résistance...the Office Burger. This burger was so good! Medium rare deliciousness! The carmelized onions, arugala, and the melted Maytag blue cheese and Gruyere cheese gave the burger such a burst of flavor...WOW! I am salivating right now as I type this!

They carry a small selection of sodas all in bottles like Boylan's Cane Cola, Coca Cola made with cane sugar from Mexico, Abita Root Beer and they have a lemon-lime and and orange soda but I forget the brands.

My favorite alcoholic beverage is the Belgium lambic which I think they rotate flavors...because I have had the peche (peach) and the framboise (raspberry) there.

Since this initial visit, I have returned to Father's Office several times and have tried other food offerings including the marinated sauteed mushrooms, the beet salad, and one of their daily specials which was a rabbit dish. I loved the mushrooms and the beet salad. The rabbit dish was interesting and definitely something out of the ordinary for pub food. But I wouldn't order it again. However, the Office Burger will keep me coming back for more!
The Office Burger
Sweet potato fries
Diet cola
Erin, Alice, and Mark
alicegourmet says:
It was really great to hang out with you at FO. How can I resist the temptation of their Office Burger and sweet potato fries. Love the lambic too! Let's go again next time. =)
Posted on: Mar 27, 2010
koticphreak koticphr…
13 reviews
Delicious Burgers! Sep 21, 2008
This place is pretty famous in LA, particularly West LA. It's often said to have the best burger in town. They only have one burger, they only make it ONE way, no customization! But trust me, it's the best combination of stuff! When you read what's on it, you're kinda iffy about it, but after the first bite, you'll be SOLD! They have a WIDE selection of beers on tap, most of which you'll probably never have heard, I always ask the bartender to recommend me something (received 1 bad recommendation out of 4 times). They also serve wine and probably other stuff too. This place gets pretty packed on weekends, often a line out the door! You order at the bar and tables are hard to get, so snatch one up as soon as you see one!

Remember, this IS a bar, so its 21+!
poohstanggt says:
Gee, thanks for waiting to go there with me!!! LOL. I actually just saw this place and the owner featured on a Beer Pairing show on Fine Living recently and he is coined as creating the high end beer pairing in America. His burger has been rated #2 in the world by Esquire Magazine, among other accolades. Apparently he's traveled the world in search of his beers on tap which represent only the most perfect compliment to his culinary creations! I have to go next time I am down in LA!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2008
dlazzaro dlazzaro
47 reviews
May 24, 2006
Father's Office is one of the best bars in the Los Angeles area.It has dozens of beers on tap, many of them micro brews that you can only get at Father's Office. (My favorite is the Prohibition Lager).But beer aside, the best thing about FO are their unique and amazing hamburgers. I won't ruin the suprise -- and aways it's impossible to describe exactly how good these burgers are -- but let's just say they have a secret recipe with blu cheese, aged beef, and arugela. Normally, I order burgers from most joints "plain" but even I LOVE these unique and special burgers.The only "negative" about FO is that it is always packed -- I have arrived several times between 7pm and 9pm and it can be almost impossible to get a seat. This isn't a problem except that their burgers are best enjoyed while sitting with a beer and some fries... However, even when I can't get a seat, I just put my plate and glass down on a sideboard and it's still an enjoyable experience!This is a must see whether you are in the Los Angeles area for a year or a day.
Will says:
Next time, try "The Counter" for burgers.
Posted on: Oct 01, 2006
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Oct 01, 2006
Great burgers, fries and a perfect place to relax and hang out with friends. Only problem, as Derek mentioned, is that it is a really small place, and quickly fills up with people at nights. It can be a long wait outside to get a seat, but still highly worth checking out at least once.Tip: Even if you have a table, you have to go up and order your food at the bar. You pay at the bar, and they'll give you a number to take back to your table. Make sure that you have someone sit back at the table and guard your seats while you are ordering, or you might find them stolen by hamburglars...

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