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These proud, little visited island communities in the North Atlantic – perched halfway between Iceland and Norway - are just a short hop from the mainland UK, but home to their own eclectic cultural influences. Technically the islands are a self-governing part of Denmark, and Vikings once roamed these craggy, wind-swept coasts. Christianity, however, retained a strong foothold, and an awestruck respect for their wave-battered surroundings is an equally stalwart part of the islanders make up.

There are 18 islands in all, and you can explore them by aging fishing boat, or climb the windswept fells through muddy marshland, before evenings round the pub fire taking in an energetic local music scene. Hilltop horse rides wind down towards the cliff edges, taking travelers through crowds of seals and puffins; the luckier visitor may even spot a whale breaching of the coast. For the locals, fishing is a major pastime, and the resulting clean-water seafood is divine. Equally, visitors can pull on their own waders and join the hardy islanders.

Canoeing and kayaking amongst the rugged coastlines is another lively pursuit, while diving in the clear (but bitter) North Atlantic offers a totally different underwater experience to the more commonly-dived tropical reefs.

Most visitors are charmed by the Faroe Islands’ teeny villages, where black tarred walls protect the houses from the elements, and a garden-like layer of grass creeps over the rooftops. Together with the fells and waterfalls that often form the village backdrop, they’re highly photogenic; the houses crowd close together, like the buildings themselves are sheltering from the weather’s onslaught. The sites are almost entirely wild, yet tranquil, like Slættaratindur, the fog-wrapped mountain peak, or Risin og Kellingin, two sturdy rock stacks off the northern coast.

To finish off your stay, a traditional Faroese evening is essential, with a seafood platter (be sure to try the stuffed puffin) and poetry readings followed by dancing and trips to the bar. The Faroes are a part of Europe that most travelers never see, and their unique mix of cultures and newfound accessibility make them a fantastic off-the-beaten-track attraction. Just don’t forget your raincoat.

Torshavn #1 most popular location
Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands. It's pretty small - one of the smallest capitals in the world - but it's very beautiful! Tórshavn is a very colourful city. Green nature and…
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Eidi #2 most popular location
2reviews 3blogs
Saksun #3 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Vagar #4 most popular location
Vagar is the name of both an island in the Færoes and the Færoes airport, which is on it. Buses connect with the capital, Torshavn, on Streymoy, passing through an undersea tunnel. It is a …
1reviews 2blogs
Kirkjubour #5 most popular location
Kirkjubour was once the principal settlement in the Faroes - unclear why as Torshavn, the current capital, has a far better anchorage, It was at Kirkjubour that the building of the Magnus Cat…
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Nolsoy #6 most popular location
Nolsoy is the name of a small island near to and accessible, by passenger ferry, from Torshavn on Streymoy. There is an old truck on Nolsoy and an ancient car which seems to be used as a tax…
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Sandur #7 most popular location
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Vestmanna #8 most popular location
Klaksvik #9 most popular location
Klaksvík is the second largest town of the Faroe Islands. The town is located on Borðoy, which is one of the northernmost islands (in Faroese: Norðoyar). Klaksvik is located between two…
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Gota #10 most popular location
Gøta is well known for their festival (G! Festival). Artists like Natasha Bedingfield, Europe, Guillemots, Young Dubliners, Lisa Ekdahl, Beth Hart and many others have played there. It's…
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Gjogv #11 most popular location
Gasagalur #12 most popular location
Mykines #13 most popular location
Sorvagur #14 most popular location
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Hvalvik #15 most popular location
Skopun #16 most popular location
Viðareiði #17 most popular location
Viðareiði is the farthest place from Torshavn, hte Færoes capital, that can be reched by car without a ferry. Across Streymoy - bridge to Eysturoy, undersea tunnel to Borðoy and causeway …
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Tvoroyri #18 most popular location
Famjin #19 most popular location
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Hosvik #20 most popular location
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Vagur #21 most popular location
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