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Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Fantasia  - Outside, Entrance
Fantasia  - Little Guest to Visit us on arrival
Fantasia  - Nice water fountain
Fantasia  - The Court Yard
Fantasia  - Steven trying to chear me up!
Fantasia  - Purdy Light Shade

Fantasia Sharm El Sheikh Reviews

S-Jay S-Jay
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Typical Tourist Trap - Waste of Money Apr 19, 2009
Dont Do IT!

During our stay at Sharm, we as all tourists are approached by staff/sellers on the beaches promoting shows; adventures, diving etc.

We didnt mind being approached, at our hotel the people where polite & respectful so in turn, you would listen to what they had to say & offer.We where told about various boat trips that we could take - Opted to go on one & enjoyed it++ We where told about quad biking in the sand dunes - Opted to go & had the most fun out! And so on & so on!

We where then told about a night show @ a hotel/tourist attraction called Fantasia on the high street strip in the New Town of sharm.

The cost total was £35 each (£70) in English pounds, and yes it was a little steep but as it was my birthday holiday, we thought why not lets do it! This price also included a meal & drinks - Or so we was told.

The hotel guests - Collected in tiny mini buses and all squashed up so it was er cosey. The journey there was relatively short taking all of 20 minuites. Once we arrived, we where taken to the hotel, allowed to wander the grounds for 10 minuites & then shown into the dining room.

The food that came out was all traditional eygptian food; that my partner did not like one bit, He see's any veg on his plate he goes a darker shade of green. We had been informed there was an English selection & when we asked if this was so; the waiter laughed at us & walked off. Next the portions was a childs size, fine for me as I was on a diet however many other guests complained it wasnt enough.

During the "pudding course" being handed out, my waiter who had laughed in our faces, then went and tipped/poured a bowel of rice pudding? All over me, over my hair, down my dress.

:@ Needless to say, well I didnt say anything at first I was speachless, as all the guests on the table just looked at me, and my partner didnt know if he should laugh or remain serious (If he laughed I would have killed him) And as he knows me so well, remained silent. After what seemed like an age, the waiter just walked off without saying a word. Minuites passed and nothing, in the end I excused my self from the table & took my self off to the ladies room. By this point all I wanted to do was go home, my hair was knotty and my dress ruined.

I came back to the table, to find that all the drinks we had during our meal (By all I mean 2 glasses of water & 2 cokes) had not been included in our ticket & was charged, totaling £20. Now I really did want to go home.

My partner insisted we stayed, once the meal was finished we where led into a court yard and was informed to take a seat.

The courtyard included a ring as is where that horses would run around and seats around that, We took our seats near the front to get a good view; next minuite we are being grabbed by the arms and ushered away from the area and pushed and shoved into what could only be described as a "Shed" with windows on it for the "English" to sit in. We asked for an explanation, and again ignorance was high on the list of the staff.

We waited 30 minuites for something to happen, and then the lights went down, finally we get something! Noooo We dont! We then had to waite another 20 minuites for a story to be told first in a language the suited all the people who sat out side, who where not English and then we had the story through speakers in our shead that whistled and crackled.

The only nice thing of the evening followed, which was stunt men on horses that lasted for 15 minuites & then the night was over & time to go home.

On our departure over 5 differnt English couples and families complained about the quality of the show and our treatment and the Fantasia Manager politley replied "Its over now, we have your money, you can go".

I WOULD NOT recommened this to anyone. This was an evening ruined of our holiday, a waste of money and the complete lack of respect was horrific.
Outside, Entrance
Little Guest to Visit us on arriva…
Nice water fountain
The Court Yard
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