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1491 Mill Run Road, Mill Run, PA, USA
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Fallingwater Mill Run Reviews

sophiabowie sophiabo…
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Falling Water Jul 23, 2010
Falling Water is one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous works. And one of the most beautiful residences I've ever seen. It's located in a town southwest of Pittsburgh. It's nestled away in beautiful nature. It looks as if it grew out of the water fall and fits perfectly with it's surrounding. It's beautiful and I know it's cliche to say, but no pictures do it justice! You just have to see it for yourself.

The basic Falling Water tour, which I went on, is $18. Make sure you book ahead of time, because it gets really busy. The hour long tour takes you and 10 others around every room of the house. The tour guides are informative and tells you everything that you need to know about the house, the people that lived there and Frank Lloyd Wright. After the tour guide takes you around the house, you're allowed to walk around outside on your own and take photos. No photos inside the house, unfortunately.

There are other more indepth tours for $60 and $110. Check out the website for more info!
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Martin_Austria Martin_A…
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Frank LLoyd Wright at his best Sep 23, 2009
Years back in school I was a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan. When I planed my USA trip i found out that I would go through Pittsburgh to Cleveland. I remembered that one of his masterpieces "Falling Waters" was close to the Steelers city. So I adapted my plan and went for a visit to Mill Run.

I rented a car and drove on to the little village of Mill Run. I went for the big guide tour (55 USD, 2 hours) but they also offer ground access for 8 USD (without seeing the inside) and a small tour for 16 USD.

Falling Water is a master pice all over, its details where blowing me apart. Its just amazing how many details the house offers and how many thoughts when into this great building. For me it was the highlight of my USA trip - I am still a fan of his amazing work!

Falling Waters is a must see for architecture fans, students or designer!
pinchora pinchora
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A house built on a water fall Mar 04, 2008
Falling Water is one of Frank Lloyd Wrights most recognized works of architecture. He was formally asked to design the house for the Kaufmann family (who owned department stores in western Pennsylvania---these stores just got bought out by Macy's) in 1935. The Kaufmann's and FL Wright were friends and hanging out together when Mrs. Kaufmann asked Wright if he'd design their dream house overlooking her favorite water fall on their land in Western, PA. He obliged and estimated the costs to be about $40,000... which at the time was a lot of money. The house ended up costing a little over $150,000... which with inflation is alot of money now... and Mrs Kaufmann almost had a heart attach... well, not literally but you get the idea, until she saw what he did. He built the house over the waterfall! Falling Water is listed among Smithsonian magazine's Life List of 28 places "to visit before ...it's too late." and was featured in Bob Vila's A&E Network production, Guide to Historic Homes of America. It is also a US National Historic National Landmark.

Like his other houses it was not built with support beams... but very well architecurally designed he was able to build the patios with no structure underneath... which it's amazing it's still standing. The house was built on 3 stories and had a guest house and servants quarters in the back... along with an inground wading pool.

This is probably the most beautiful house I have ever seen. The detail put into every aspect of it... in one part of the house he put a grand piano in the room... but put the back of the piano through the wall and even that is not being held up by any type of structure! The fire place in the house is built on the large boulder outside and alot of what he does in his houses he designs as a mockery to other architechs by boasting in their face that he can defy the odds and have a building that has never been done before!

He truly is an amazing architech who's buildings stand the test of times... In fact when I went to see his house in Oakhill, Illinois the tour guide told me that she was standing outside of the house and a resident who just moved to the area stopped and asked if she knew who the architech was. The tour guide said yes and said F.L. Wright...and the woman didn't recognize the name so she asked if the tour guide formally knew him because she was looking for a good architech to design her and her husbands house they wanted to build and that the house in Oakhill was one of the freshest designs she's ever seen... even though it was standing there for over 100 years!

If you do go to Falling Water I suggest you make reservations because it is quite busy... sort of like Disney World. Also, he has another house down the road, 40 miles away, called Kentuck Knob which is smaller and not as well known... this one you don't need to have a reservation to go see.
flammick says:
Great review. I'm definitely going to visit it on my next trip to the area.
Posted on: Mar 30, 2008

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