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Fallen Stone Butterfly Farm Overview

A rollercoaster road takes you up to one of the first and most successful butterfly farms in Belize, perched on the side of a hill overlooking the Columbia Forest Reserve, beyond the Maya site of Lubaantun which inspired the farm's name.

A steep hike down the stone steps and then a jungle trail, takes you to the Farm, which has 12 breeding cages with up to 8,000 butterflies, and employs 11 local staff from the village of San Pedro Columbia. The pupae are flown each week by Tropic Air to Belize City, and then onward by international courier to the UK for worldwide distribution.

The butterfly exhibits supplied by Fallen Stones' pupae are an important tool in the education of the public not only about butterflies, but about conservation in general. 60% of insect species are dependent on the world's fast-disappearing rainforests, and during the 20th Century numerous butterfly species became extinct. When their environment is under stress, butterflies are the first to suffer and disappear, so are a highly sensitive indicator of environmental health.

Tours of the Farm are available exclusively to guests of Hickatee Cottages.

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