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Falher Overview

Falher sits on Highway 49 in the Northwest of the Province of Alberta and not too far (by Canadian standards) from the border with British Columbia. In comparative terms it is a relative newcomer to the Alberta scene, having only been properly founded in 1912 albeit the very original pioneers out here knew it as an "Indian" route to what is now BC.

Falher was relatively late in getting the railway which effectively determined settlement in the Province as it did not arrive until 1915 yet it claims to be one of the earliest agricultural settlements in the Province.

Another claim is that it is the "Honey Capital of Canada" which undoubtedly explains the massive honeybee structure which dominates the skyline. At one stage the local area was producing 10 million pounds of honey annually.

The town of Falher (it merits town rather than hamlet or village status since only the 1950's with it's just over 1,000 residents (2011 figures) is named for a pioneer French Roman Catholic priest who was active in the area in the early 20th century.

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